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Top 5 Antivirus for macOS 10.14

Apple has an impressively solid reputation regarding malware attacks on its products. Despite that, Macs have witnessed an increase in malware attacks in recent times. However, that shouldn’t scare you in any way. Why? You can find some powerful antivirus that effectively eliminate malware and protect your macOS 10.14 device against further attacks.

In this article, we will look at five of the best antivirus for macOS 10.14 2018.

A few of the most recent malware attacks on Macs have included Mac Auto Fixer, CookieMiner, Mshelper, Crossrider, and OSX. Others included Meltdown 7 Spectre, X-Agent, and MacDownloader to mention a few. The presence of all these different malware justifies the need for investing in the best macOS 10.14 antivirus 2018.

Best 5 Antivirus for macOS 10.14

1) Intego Mac Internet Security x9

Intego’s place as one of the best antivirus for macOS 10.14 2018 is not in doubt. It rightfully fits here because of many reasons. First, the software works fast and efficiently. Intego comes with a tutorial that is easy to follow. The tutorial serves several purposes. One, it shows you how to install Intego. Two, it offers permissions for the relevant kernel module.

best antivirus for macos 10.14

Key Features:

  • Supremely airtight antivirus scanner
  • Real-time settings
  • Scheduled protection settings
  • Flags Mac and non-Mac malware alike

Price: Intego costs $39.99.

Learn more about Intego Mac Internet Security x9 >>

2) Kaspersky Internet Security

For years, customers have recognized Kaspersky as one of the best antivirus software for Windows. What they may not realize is its effectiveness as one of the best macOS 10.14 antivirus software 2018 too! The software ranks highly because of the maximum protection that it offers on Macs.

best antivirus for macos 10.14

Key Features:

  • Uses minimal CPU space
  • Requires minimal energy
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Offers maximum parental control
  • Offers effective protection all financial transactions
  • Capable of protecting multiple Macs
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use

Price: Kaspersky Internet Security costs $39.99.

Learn more about Kaspersky >>

3) Sophos Antivirus for Mac

For anybody who would like to get free antivirus for Mac, none comes anywhere near Sophos Antivirus for Mac. The software ranks highly as one of the best for many reasons. With an airtight antivirus scanner coupled with simple user-interface, you are likely to find an antivirus that meets and exceeds all your needs for protection without costing you a cent.

best antivirus for macos 10.14

Key Features:

  • Real-time as well as scheduled protection
  • Parents control or monitor what their children watch on the Internet
  • Protects the system from malicious sites
  • Users can operate it remotely

Price: How much does it cost? Nothing!

Learn more about Sophos >>!

4) McAfee

McAfee has been around for years. In the past, it has been popular with users of Windows OS. Lately, it has also emerged as one of the best antivirus for macOS 10.14 2018. The software finds its way here because of the wide-ranging security features and functionalities that it provides. These days, it offers Mac users improved protection.

best antivirus for macos 10.14

Key Features:

  • Protects against malicious emails
  • Protects against malicious webpages
  • Remote backup for files (both system and personal)
  • Enhanced protection for all online transactions
  • Improved parental control
  • Provides actionable forensics on threats
  • Anti-spam protection

Price: The software will cost you $39.99.

Learn more about McAfee >>!

5) Avira Antivirus

Avira offers one of the best mac OS 10.14 antivirus protection of 2018. In fact, users who would like to download free antivirus for macOS 10.14 should look no further than Avira. You only have to download, install and begin using Avira to enjoy the services of one of the best free antivirus for Mac in 2018.

best antivirus for macos 10.14

Key Features:

  • Its parental control feature is more multi-functional
  • Offers excellent protection from malicious sites and pages
  • USB device scanner

Price: Anyone who wishes to get free antivirus for Mac will pay nothing for this software.

Learn more about Avira Antivirus >>!

Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.14 - PDFelement for Mac

As any person who has ever used macOS 10.14 would have discovered, file management could be a troubling task. Nevertheless, the PDF Editor for macOS 10.14 offers these users a powerful and most effective tool for managing PDF files. With this all-in-one editor, you have everything you need to edit, create and view PDF files.

In this regard, PDFelement for Mac ranks highly in the list of the best PDF editors. What is more, it contains some amazing features that should make your task much easier. The software has several features that give users the ability to perform many different tasks.

antivirus for macOS 10.14

antivirus for macOS 10.14

Some of these features and benefits include:

  • Data extraction
  • Batch operation
  • Security lock
  • OCR
  • Improved file management
  • Its cutting edge PDF solutions are not only intuitive but also multifunctional
  • Converts PDF into various formats that include HTML, EPUB, and Word among others
  • Password protection for all your PDF files
  • Redacts sensitive and confidential information to protect its access to unauthorized parties
  • User-friendly interface

Therefore, embrace the incredibly amazing world of PDFelement for Mac. It will help you to edit, read, create and view all your PDF files without much difficulty. You will enjoy using this software on your macOS 10.14 device with its superb features and the mindboggling benefits it presents to users.

antivirus for macOS 10.14
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