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10 Best Free macOS 10.14 Apps in 2019

Apple keeps releasing new products into the market almost all the time. One of its latest products is macOS 10.14, which isn’t only about the new features. It seems to be favorable platform for some of the best Mac 10.14 apps anyone would like to use. In this review, we will look at some of the best Mac apps 2019. The review will focus on the features and advantages that make each of these apps exceptionally suitable for any device that runs on macOS 10.14.

Top 10 Free Apps for macOS 10.14

1) PDFelement for Mac

Anybody who is familiar with PDFelement for Mac understands the critical role this app plays in viewing, editing, and reading PDF files. It’s the perfect tool for changing texts as well as securing and storing information. This best app macOS 10.14 solves several problems, such as filling out PDF forms, which is difficult to perform with other similar software.

pdf editing on mac

On top of the best macOS 10.14 apps 2018 and 2019, PDFelement for Mac is highly effective at sharing files, putting the user’s stamp on PDF files, as well as splitting and merging pages. It also inserts pictures with relative ease. You can do all this in a single click thus saving yourself plenty of time while avoiding the hassle associated with tackling each task separately.

pdf editor mac

You only need to start using PDFelement for Mac to appreciate why it remains one of the best OS 10.14apps. The app will leave you impressed with its catalogue of simple yet highly effective solutions. Furthermore, it allows you to save all the forms you have filled online too thus creating a backup that you can access at your convenience.

Nevertheless, check if your device meets the following requirements before downloading it:

  • 512MB of RAM
  • 500MB of available hard drive space
  • Processor of not less than 1Ghz
  • MacOSX10.12 or later

You will also need Internet connectivity for updates and activation of premium features.

pdf editing on mac

2) Unarchiver

While using any device that has MacOS 10.14, you will often discover the need for compressing and uncompressing various files. You need a good tool for this sort of work and none is better at this than Unarchiver. As one of the best free apps for macOS 10.14, this app has several advantages. For example, it is capable of handling more formats. In addition to that, it also offers users more control.

The fact that the app is free is an added attraction considering the strong urge to save money that prevails among users. However, the fact that it is free works against the app by denying users all the help and support they should have been receiving from the developers. For this reason, users have to be ready to tackle most problems on their own.


Unarchiver excels as one of the best Mac OS apps for its features, which include:

  • Fast to install and use
  • Handles multiple types of files and formats
  • Free to use
  • Has no problem reading foreign characters

Learn more about Unarchiver >>

3) VLC Media Player

What is the use of a device that runs on macOS 10.14 if you can’t use it to play videos and audios? In this regard, you should download and install VLC Media Player, which is one of the best applications for macOS 10.14 for playing videos and audios. It plays videos and audios in BluRay and HD. It also plays them in various other formats that include RMBV, AVI, MP4, FLV, and MPEG.

Furthermore, VLC Media Player is unlike other apps that are unable to play files for whatever reason. In relation to this, many media players are unable to play files that are in odd formats without other applications. VLD Media Player is different in that it plays everything thus saving you the hassle of looking for additional software to install in your Mac device.

vlc media player

Its key features include:

  • Hotkey for assigning tasks to specific keys
  • Hotkey that enables users to use shortcuts and avoid using the mouse
  • Allows users to add subtitles to their videos
  • User-friendly interface
  • Controls that don’t interfere with the content you are watching or listening to

Learn more about VLC Media Player>>

4) Alfred

Time is essential to any person who desires to be productive. Therefore, any app that helps you to save time would be quite welcome. Alfred is one such app. It falls in the category of the best Mac OS apps because of the timesaving attributes and benefits that users derive from it. For example, it helps users to open their emails and files fast.

Alfred also enables users to carry out calculations quickly. However, you have to allow it to learn your preferences before it can function efficiently. How does it achieve this? By permitting easy and powerful shortcuts that are necessary for launching any application the user might need.


It has multiple features that include:

  • Default results
  • Web and file search
  • Contacts
  • Dictionary
  • 1Password
  • System commands
  • Terminal/shell
  • Calculator
  • Web bookmarks
  • Clipboard history
  • Snippets and text expansion
  • iTunes mini player

Learn more about Alfred >>

5) AppCleaner

The disk space on your macOS 10.14 can disappear faster than you can imagine. Why? It all has everything to do with the many applications you install on the device. Eventually, they eat up too much space thus interfering with your device’s performance. Fortunately, in AppCleaner, a solution to this problem exists.

AppCleaner removes all the small files the device doesn’t need to function. It locates these files right where they are hiding. It drags and drops all these files in one location where you can find them easily and delete them if you so desire. In this day and age, you need such an app to make your MacOS 10.14 device more efficient.


It has an array of powerful features that include:

  • A button for viewing all Applications, Widgets and Others
  • SmartDelete that allows users to bypass the app’s window
  • Fast and efficient cleaning and maintenance
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Renowned for creating a backup copy of all the Registry
  • Beautifully designed interface
  • Interface divided into Cleaner, Tools and Options

Learn more about AppCleaner >>

6) Audacity

Would you like to edit the audio files in your macOS 10.14 device? Few apps can give you the quality you need. Audacity is one of the best mac 10.14 apps in this regard. You would better get and install it immediately. The open-source app is perfect for editing, splitting, and merging audio files on your Mac gadget.

Audacity’s appeal is down to numerous reasons. For starters, it’s the perfect app for recording and playing audio tracks. Apart from that, it allows users to save their audio files in multiple formats or extensions. As one of the best Mac apps 2017(2018), Audacity also records and edits samples in 16bit, 24bit, and 32bit.


Its most impressive features include:

  • 4-user selectable themes
  • Ability to record and play back sounds
  • Editing capabilities
  • Cross-platform operation
  • Wide-ranging digital effects including plugins
  • Multitrack mixing
  • Audio spectrum analysis
  • Detecting dropout errors
  • Fully downloadable manual

Learn more about Audacity >>

7) Lightworks

Are you a video geek? Do you love editing videos? Then you need a very good app to help you with all that. In fact, you need Lightworks, which is one of the best free apps for Mac you can download and use for editing videos. It has an intuitive interface, which is also user-friendly. It comes with multiple features and tools that make your task much easier too.

What can you do with Lightworks? First, you have to install it on your device. Once that’s done, you can proceed to use it for editing your video recordings. The app also does an outstanding job for anybody interested in mixing tracks. Additionally, it can apply effects on your videos thus making them sound and look as if they are straight from Hollywood.


What are the app’s most impressive features?

  • Works with all leading operating systems
  • Its format support is unmatched
  • Users are guaranteed dedicated web support
  • It is highly optimized for speed
  • Perfect for fast precision editing courtesy of its excellent trimming
  • Multicam editing
  • Ideal for project sharing
  • Customizable interface
  • Hardware I/O support

Leanr more about Lightworks >>

8) OmniDiskSweeper

It can be challenging to arrange or organize all the files and folders in your MacOS 10.14 gadget. That shouldn’t fill you with worries though. Download OmniDiskSweeper to organize all your files and folders right where they should be. In fact, this app allows you to organize them in descending order.

More crucially, the app gives you the power to determine if some files and folders aren’t worth keeping in your device since they eat up too much space for nothing. However, exercise a bit of caution since you cannot restore the files and folders you deleted. With the help of this app, you will never spend an eternity trying to locate any of your files and folders.


The features that make this app to stand out from the rest include:

  • Easy to install
  • Works fast and efficiently
  • Reports errors encountered in trying to send unused, unnecessary files and folders to trash
  • Now has a trash button
  • Folder drop
  • App icon
  • macOS compatibility
  • Package listing
  • 6.06mb in size
  • It is free

Learn more about OmniDiskSweeper >>

9) Simplenote

Assuming that you use your macOS 10.14 device for taking notes, it follows that you will need a way of organizing them all properly. Fortunately, you can do all that with Simplenote, which is one of the best mac apps in the market today. The app boasts of a powerful organizational system that ensures all your notes are where they need to be.

More than that, this app is also great at enabling users to share lists and jot their thoughts down. It also enables users to create backup notes thereby guaranteeing that none of these shall be lost. What is more, Simplenote synchronizes your notes to all devices you use and the cloud too. The fact that the app offers users all these benefits at no cost is quite remarkable.


Its most remarkable features include:

  • It is usable everywhere and anywhere
  • Keeps you organized where your notes are concerned
  • It enables the sharing of files, which is crucial for teams that need to work together
  • Comes with markdown support
  • Backs up all the notes even when you change them

Learn more about Simplenot >>

10) Wunderlist

Preparing lists is a powerful way of ensuring that you are constantly aware of what you’re supposed to be doing at any given moment. To this end, Wunderlist remains one of the best applications for mac that you can use for preparing lists and getting reminders concerning what is next on your list.

Wunderlist does more than prepare lists, though. For example, it also sets dates when specific tasks should be completed. This way, it keeps you on the loop so that nothing passes you. The beauty of this app is you can use it even when offline. Significantly, it synchronizes the moment you are back online. The app keeps you operating at a highly efficient level.


Wunderlist has a list of notable features that include:

  • Groups related folders
  • Enables list sharing
  • Creates to-dos
  • Adds hashtags
  • Boasts of a comment feature

Learn more about Wunderlist >>

Therefore, you now know all the best mac OS 10.14 apps worth installing in your macOS 10.14 operated device. The most remarkable factor here is they cost you nothing so you don’t have to worry about the impact on your pocket. Download the best mac apps for your gadget today and transform yourself into a highly organized individual.

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