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How to Choose Best Mac for App Development in 2019

Are you looking for a reliable laptop for app development? Apple’s Mac lineup is the best. However, how do you choose the best Mac for app development from this group of laptops? What should you consider to get the best?

iOS app development requires the best Mac for developers in 2019. So if you are planning to venture into programming and become an app developer, you need to prepare and select the best iMac and MacBook for iOS development. This field entails a lot of coding, which needs great processors, RAM and speed. These are some of the factors to consider for the best selection.

Consider this article as a Mac purchasing guide for iOS app development in 2019, since you cannot afford to make mistakes when choosing. It will guide you on how to make the best Mac choice.

Best Mac for App Development in 2019

If you want to become an iOS app developer, you can only use Mac desktops and laptops. So, you should disregard any other ideas you may have. There are so many Macs that can be used for programming. However, some are better for app development than others. The tough task is how to choose the best Mac for app development.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Mac for App Development

Finding the best Mac for developing apps involves considering various factors. The Mac matching the majority of the factors should be considered the best Mac for developers in 2019. These factors include;

  • Provision of the best coding environment- it is important to acquire a Mac that favors coding. For instance, you should be able to code at any suitable environment. This means that the best Mac for developers in 2019 should be easily portable.
  • It should be future proof- the best Mac for app development should be long lasting.
  • Its costs, if you are working with a budget- what is your budget? This dictates which Mac you will choose. If you have no money restrictions, then acquiring the best will not be challenging.
  • Its specs- specs are the characteristics enabling easy app development. Such include RAM, battery life, CPU and storage among others.
  • Power needed- how much power do you need? This is dependent on the type of applications you are developing.
  • Ports- as you choose the best Mac for app development, you better consider the ports. They really determine if you can plug into peripherals.

MacBook Air

If you have some cash restrictions, the 13 inch MacBook Air seems to be the best Mac for developers in 2019. It can build an iOS or Mac app. If you purchase the 256 GB version and add 16GB RAM at sale point, the total cost will be 1,579 euros. These specs are highly recommended to get the most power and retina display.

According to the factors above, this Mac is the best because;

  • It is slimmer and lighter, which enhances its portability. So your coding environment can be anywhere you fill comfortable. Remember that app developers need good space where they can focus on the codes
  • It is the cheapest Mac laptop and so it will work with your budget.
  • The battery life is about 12 hours, giving you enough time to code away from power sources. If you will be dealing with Xcode, which consumes a lot of battery, the 2018 MacBook Air becomes even more appealing.
  • It comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports and hence enables you to plug into external storage and external display.
  • Has adequate storage and lacks a hard drive. Coding doesn’t normally take a lot of storage. However, if you use Xcode, you need a Mac with an SSD and 256 and above GB like MacBook Air.
  • The i3 in the entry-level processor will also fit casual App development.


If you must get a more powerful machine and have no budget, 13 inch MacBook Pro will suit you.

Best PDF Editor for Mac in 2019

PDFelement for Mac is an all in one solution that has all the tools that PDF management requires to ensure users get the best documents. It is capable of creating PDFs and changing them whenever required to and ensures the end results satisfy the users’ requirements. With this editor, you will acquire nothing less than professional looking PDFs.

best Mac for app development

Creation of PDF through PDF files combination is among the many activities that PDFelement for Mac can do for your Mac. This type of speedy PDF creation requires you to choose the files you need and they are put in a single document.

In the process, PDFelement for Mac can delete, extract or insert pages to rearrange, so that you can have the right order of pages in your new PDF file.

So, PDFelement for Mac benefits you by helping you create a single file as fast as possible. It ensures that your work is orderly and thus presentable and readable. While this takes place, you can advance your packages since the program keeps on advancing as technology grows.

These advancements come at pocket friendly prices as well, meaning that PDFelement for Mac is an affordable program that serves you well and excellently.

best Mac for app development

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