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Best 5 VPN App to Set Up VPN on macOS 10.14

There are multiple cordial reasons why genuine site users prefer to use VPN to access sites. Unfortunately, they get blocked because websites too have various reasons for blocking this access. At some point you may become hard-pressed to use VPN due to reasons like security or nostalgic refreshers. If you are oblivious about it, you need to learn how to setup a VPN on macOS 10.14. When you happen to visit places where access to iTunes or Netflix catalogs is limited, you know how to use VPN on your macOS 10.14 to get what you want. This article is your guide.

Top 5 VPN App for macOS 10.14

There are multiple VPN apps for macOS 10.14, which are reliable to set up macOS 10.14 VPN service. As soon as you learn how to setup a VPN on macOS 10.14, you will not have a hard time determining how to use VPN on your macOS 10.14. The five that are described below are the best and so you should feel free to choose the best for you. Acknowledge the pros and cons because every VPN app has its strengths and weaknesses. So choose a VPN app that you can use and work with regardless of the cons.

1. Hide Me

Hide Me is a powerful VPN provider that you can use to set up macOS 10.14 VPN service. As it provides you with free proxies, it can also facilitate private browsing. Additionally, the VPN app client provides a host of features giving you control over secure network connection. Some of the features you will encounter as you set up a VPN on mac OS 10.14 with Hide Me include auto-connection upon startup settings, a kill switch to automatically block any outgoing network connections and one-click connection functions.

free vpn


  • Hosts functionalities that make user experience seamless
  • Easy installation and configuration thus making it great for you just after you learn how to use VPN on your macOS 10.14.
  • Control over possible IP leak through a killer switch


  • Is time consuming and tedious due to multiple connections
  • Quite unimpressive VPN protocols supported.

You can get Hide Me for free if you download it at Wondershare.com. Its system support includes Android, iOS and MacOS. 

Learn more about Hide Me >>

2. Open VPN

Open VPN is not only widely used but is also highly versatile. The source model is accompanied by configuration files that you can easily export to a wide range of commercial and open source VPN protocols. Therefore, it is ideal for you as you learn how to setup a VPN on macOS 10.14. Additionally, it is accompanied by multiple router firmware packages that are integrated.

free vpn


  • Easy configuration after setting up. Therefore, you will be good to go after you master how to use VPN on your macOS 10.14.
  • It is reliable, fast and versatile
  • Incorporation of multiple router firmware packages


  • The incessant bugs that plague it make user experience terrible.
  • The configuration settings are not applicable to various widely used commercial services of VPN.

Learn more about Open VPN >>

3. ProXPN

This widely used VPN service, ProXPN, is famous for its fast loading speeds and easy configuration. It has a “VPN Guard,” which is automated task stopper that allows you to have more control the network protocols for security. You can get ProXPN for free. If you would like the paid version, the service allows you to try it for free for at least seven days, before making the purchase.

free vpn


  • It is highly reliable since its operations are glitch-free
  • The loading speeds cannot be compared to any other
  • The paid version enables you to have multiple simultaneous connections. 


  • Customer support is poor at giving response
  • The free version has a lot of limitations to feature
  • The privacy protection offered by the free version is inadequate, especially for torrenting and Skyping activities.

Learn more about ProXPN >>

4. Shimo

The most versatile macOS 10.14 VPN client, Shimo, is known to provide Mac users with a robust privacy protection and secure network. Shimo seems to support quite a VPN protocol number and hardly compares to other VPN apps. It is easy to use and install as it automates executing secure network connection functions for multiple protocols like AnyConnct and PPTP/L2TP among others.

free vpn


  • Installation and configuration is pretty easy
  • Supports a wide range of VPN protocols


  • The customer support is not responsive enough

Shimo goes for free and you can download it at Wondershare.com, especially if your system support is OS X 10.9 and above. Set up a VPN on mac OS 10.14 with Shimo and enjoy the service.

Learn more about Shimo >>

5. Viscosity

Viscosity, a popular VPN service provides you with highly secure and fast private networks through its intuitive user interface. If you are learning how to setup a VPN on macOS 10.14, this is the VPN for you because is it cross- compatible with multiple platforms. Additionally, how to use VPN on your macOS 10.14 through Viscosity comes easily too.

free vpn


  • You have the capability to monitor connection stats
  • You can set up custom DNS servers since it integrates the advanced DNS system for MacOS 10.14. 


  • It seems to have bugs

Viscosity goes for about $14 as you download it at Wondershare.com. As you set up macOS 10.14 VPN service via Viscosity ensure your system support is either Windows or Mac.

Learn more about Viscosity >>

Best PDF App for macOS 10.14

VPNs are good at allowing you to have access to web contents in restricted sites. Unfortunately, they lack file management solutions, which are important in streamlining user experience. PDFelement for Mac comes in handy as a file management tool, which assists you in making the best use of files you obtain from the VPN connections. It provides you with converter and multifunctional tools that you can use in the conversion into various formats and manipulation of files for various reasons. PDFelement for Mac is accompanied by OCR functionality, provides your files with password protection and supports digital signatures, among other solution tools. PDFelement key features include the following;

  • It has an impressive range of editing and annotations tools
  • These tools include easy tools for insertion of images and texts to files, for streamlined file modification
  • It has a powerful file converter that converts text and image files, into various formats
  • The OCR function comes in handy since it allows you to extract data from scanned files as well as manipulation of that data.
  • PDFelement for Mac ensures you have peace of mind through the availability of protection of files through password and redaction.

Therefore, when you download files from the various sites, use PDFelement for Mac.   

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