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mac OS 10.14 Mojava: Everything You May Not Know!

The new mac os launched on 24th, September 2018 was described by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as an operating system developed out of inspiration of pro users but also contusive for everyone. He termed the launch as a big step forward. And indeed, macos 10.14 has proved to be a huge step forward judging from the new features it comes along with such as latest screenshot capability, Desktop Stacks, new Mac App Store, Dynamic Desktop and Dark Mode. Below is a detailed description on crucial areas you may not have known about macos 10.14.

macOS 10.14 Release Date

The launch of mac os 10.14 was first announced, and its detailed features given, at Worldwide Developer Conference at the start of this year. The newest operating system is fifteenth of the biggest launch by Apple Inc’s mac OS. The name Mojave in this operating system was borrowed from Mojave Desert in California, making it the latest California-named-after operating system immediately after OS X Mavericks. OS X 10.14 will be the last mac OS that supports 32 bit apps.

Mojave Features

1. Dark Mode

It appears that more and more applications are getting dark mode nowadays and mac os 10.14 is not left out. Through dark mode, osx 10.14 users can opt for dark mode where the screen will be darkened putting more highlight on the content used by the user while the interfaces and controls applications will be on the background. Also, through dynamic desktop, new macos user can now have their screens changing brightness depending the time of the day.

2. Desktop Stacks

The new majove stack feature is definitely going to be a turnaround in the industry when it comes to organizing files. The feature groups your cluttered files in the desktop into groups (stacks) of the same file types. Let’s take an example of when you’ve been transferred a couple of music videos and now it’s dispersed all over your desktop. The new mac os desktop stack feature will tidy up the mess by quickly putting all these videos in a folder called videos based on similarity like the date it was last opened, file type, last date updated, the date it was created, and names.

3. Face time feature

How does chatting with 32 people at once by either video or audio sound to you? Well, the new updated feature in macos 10.14.1 released on October 30, 2018 lets you do so from an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch audio, or Mac with participant able to join in the middle of conversation! This chat feature has also got 70 new emojis.

4. Update and System Requirements

Unlike the previous macos models (macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra 10.13) which accommodated majority of models, the new released Mojave versions does not support models made before the year 2012.

Installing the new mac os 10.14 is easy. You need an internet access to download for free from the Mac App Store then have it installed. The operating system is compatible with the following Apple-made devices;

  • iMac (latest 2012)
  • Mac Mini (Latest 2012)
  • MacBook Pro (latest Mid-2012)
  • MacBook Air (latest Mid-2012 or new)
  • MacBook (latest Early-2015)
  • iMac (2017)
  • Mac Pro (latest 2013, also mid-2012 models that meets the recommended GPU) Users with earlier models will just have to stick with their present operating system, or upgrade devices that are compatible with Mojave in order to enjoy this new features.

5. Should I upgrade to macos 10.14? Reasons you should

  • Install to get new emojis
  • Install to access group facetime
  • Install to access Mac Apps
  • Install because of Mojave dark modes

6. Reasons you should not install mac OS 10.14 Mojave

There are reported software issues with the earlier released osx 10.14, though this should not be a bigger issue when planning to upgrade to mac os because of the upcoming upgraded versions. Issues that got attention are;

  • Crashes; there are reports of some Macs crashing when on sleep mode forcing it to be restarted by users whenever it goes to sleep
  • Some vulnerabilities in security; there is also issues with privacy permission in that some applications can be able to access users data

Best All-in-One PDF Editor for macOS 10.14

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Once a document is in pdf format, it can run and look the same in a Windows OS, Android OS, iOS, or mac OS. It may seem worth it to go through all the process to create a pdf but you don’t have to now thanks to the new mac OS 10.14 quick tool - PDFelement for Mac. Users can now put signatures in pdf, cut videos, and many other edits. To enjoy this tool users will have to select the file to be edited in finder then press the Space button in order to open Quick Tool.

macos 10,14

new mac os

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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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