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How to Fix If Adobe Reader for macOS 10.14 Can't Work

Anybody who is familiar with macOS 10.14 will tell you that compatibility issues are not limited to Adobe Reader alone. For this reason, it is important to read widely so that you only install software that macOS 10.14 will not struggle running.

However, there are moments when the software you installed suddenly stops running. In such a case, it would be good to learn how to fix the issue that’s stopping the software from running. Adobe Reader too can stop functioning like you’re accustomed to for a number of reasons.

In this article, you will learn not only to download Adobe Reader for Mac but also to fix any problem arising thereof. Before fixing the issue, the first step should be to understand why it occurred in the first place.

What Causes This Problem

First, you may have downloaded and installed several versions of Adobe Reader or Acrobat on your macOS device. If true, then you would be asking for a miracle in expecting the Reader to work smoothly on your device. Install and use only one version of Adobe Reader mac OS.

Any user with macOS 10.14 device should download Adobe Reader version 2018.011.20040. These two will go together without giving you much headache. You will enjoy using them both seamlessly too. Anything else would just give you unending nightmares.

What Solutions Can Fix This Annoying Problem

a) Downloading and Reinstalling Adobe Reader

Nothing works better than downloading and installing your version of Adobe Reader for Mac free download. You can apply this solution whether you’re using Firefox, Safari or Google as your browser of choice.

To download and install Adobe Reader update Mac, all you have to do is to go to its download page on the software’s official website. Once there, follow the prompts from start to finish. The entire procedure is quite straightforward too.

Remember to enter your macOS login details, which are mainly your username and password, when prompted to do so. When all looks good, complete the entire process by clicking Finish. The software would be ready to use to open, view and read all your PDF files.

b) Updating Adobe Reader

Downloading and installing the software afresh should solve this problem. However, you may also take a different path to fix Adobe Reader 8 mac that can’t work. Here, your option mostly revolves around looking for Adobe Reader update Mac.

Update the software and it will start functioning as if nothing is wrong. Lack of compatibility will disappear thus leaving you with a peace of mind simply by updating the software. What is more, the updated Reader guarantees you more security and stability.

How Can You Update? There are three ways of going about this. First, you can update automatically. Two, you can update from the Internet/web too. Three, you can always opt to conduct all the updates manually.

Let’s Examine Each Option More Critically.

Automatic update is readily available from the Adobe Reader itself. For that to happen, you will have to start by launching the software. Thereafter, look for the notifications or links with updates. The entire process involves:

  • Launching the software
  • Selecting “Help”
  • Selecting “Check for Updates”
  • Following the prompts to download and install latest updates

The next area of focus is using the web to update and download Adobe Reader for Mac. The first step here is to know the version that you are using. In this case, you must remember that your version is macOS 10.14. Once you know this piece of information, your next steps involve:

  • Launching Adobe Reader and selecting “Help”
  • Selecting “About Adobe Reader” then noting down the version of your product
  • Visiting the downloads page on the Adobe Reader page, which will detect the version of OS and Reader that you are using automatically
  • Selecting “Install Now” if you find a newer version of the Reader on the web page
  • Opening the download file
  • Following the prompts to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac

Are you ready to learn about manual updates? The process is quite simple and slightly similar to the ones indicated above. You will find the installers ready for updating right on the download page. Install the updates manually by:

  • Launching the product
  • Selecting “Help”
  • Selecting “About Adobe”
  • Noting the version
  • Clicking to install the updates

Best Alternative to Adobe Reader for macOS 10.14

Do you know that you can get a good alternative for Adobe Read macOS? The alternative is worth pursuing and installing in case you are unable to access or use all the features on your Adobe PDF Reader for Mac.

In this regard, the best alternative to Adobe Reader for macOS 10.14 remains PDFelement for Mac. This alternative is great for various reasons, as you will see. First, it helps in filling forms you need for printing. Two, it saves everything online so that you can share and send easily.

download adobe reader for mac

What are the key features of PDFelement for Mac

  • Converting PDF files into Word documents
  • Merging various file formats into one PDF file
  • Splitting a single PDF file into multiple files
  • Compressing PDF files into smaller sizes while retaining their quality
  • Applying bookmarks as well as hyperlinks into any PDF file
  • Its Automatic Form Recognition allows users to convert non-fillable forms they made using other software into PDF files that can be edited and filled easily

adobe pdf reader for mac

download adobe reader for mac

a Worthy or Better Alternative to Adobe Reader

First, it offers users more functions and features compared to Adobe Reader for Mac free. What is more, these additional features are either affordable or free thus helping you to save more money.

You can use this alternative to view PDF files on numerous Mac products. The software doesn’t just limit you to viewing PDF files. It also allows users to edit or manipulate pages. Additionally, you can use it to change texts on your PDF files.

The other benefit that makes it a worthy replacement to Adobe Reader is the fact that it opens PDF files than you could ever experience with the Adobe product. For this reason, PDFelement 6 is worth downloading and installing on your Mac device.

Does that convince you to get PDFelement 6? If not, then these additional benefits should.

  • Editing files easily
  • Putting personal stamps on PDF files
  • Sharing files without any hitch
  • Splitting and merging pages
  • Insert pictures, merge/split pages, edit text and extract pages all with a single click

In conclusion, you have all the information you need for fixing Adobe Reader for macOS 10.14 that won’t or can’t work. On top of that, you also have information regarding the best alternative to Adobe Reader in the market today.

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