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Apps Freeze or Quit Unexpectedly on macOS 10.14? How to Fix

As a Mac user that uses the hassle free UX, you must be among the most productive since your special toll hardly flounders. Unfortunately, there could come a day when apps crash and unexpectedly quit on macOS 10.14 especially after installing the OS update. It could be a nightmare for you when apps crash on macOS 10.14 because of the multiple inconveniences caused and the onset of new setbacks. Luckily, there are solutions if an app freezes or quits unexpectedly on macOS 10.14. This article will enlighten you on the issues causing the crashing of apps and how to fix.

Reasons Why Apps Crash and Unexpectedly Quit on macOS 10.14

MacBook on macOS 10.14 apps crashing is among the multiple symptoms of dysfunction that may manifest, together with failure to launch. It is rare for the Mac devices apps to crash. However, if an app freezes or quits unexpectedly on macOS 10.14, it could be as a result of the macOS update. The issue arises due to the incompatibility issues between the apps and the new MacOS update. Therefore, there are two instances that could lead to MacBook on macOS 10.14 apps crashing; either the apps creators have not yet releases app updates to recalibrate apps thus making them compatible with requirements of the new OS or you have not yet installed the apps updates that have been released. Normally, crashing takes place when an app has some compatibility issues with the OS. Apps that you access from Apple store hardly crash or quit unexpectedly. On the other hand, the third party apps, which you download from other stores, are susceptible to compatibility issues after making an OS update. When apps crash and unexpectedly quit on macOS 10.14, the apps processes tend to proceed until when they become unresponsive and fail to complete. This explains why the app remains open and running, but hardly responds to any key press. On the other hand, freezing does not apply. Instead they apps suddenly crash by shutting down. When apps stop working like this, most of the actions done or information goes down too. Therefore, if an app freezes or quits unexpectedly on macOS 10.14, it is likely to cause severe inconveniences. You may lose important data that you were working on such as pages of research that you were yet to save. Consequently, you may become frustrated because you have lost important work on your Mac, and still do not understand that behavior.

Fixing Apps Crashing on macOS 10.14

You can fix an app crash on your mac for macOS 10.14 in multiple ways, as described below;

1. Check for Updates

The bugs and compatibility issues causing MacBook on macOS 10.14 apps crashing can be solved through app updates. Therefore, you need to check for apps’ updates downloaded from the app store.

  • Go to App Store app
  • Click on “Updates”; search of the faulty app’s updates
  • In case the app came from a third party vendor, you still need these updates, so visit this vendor’s website to check for their availability.

2. Declutter the CPU

At times, MacBook on macOS 10.14 apps crashing is a result of an inhibiting environment, which takes place when the OS runs short of memory and power from the CPU. You must resolve this problem by decluttering the CPU.

  • Access utilities to see the apps drawing much of the CPU power and taking much of its space.
  • Quit and go ahead to uninstall them.

If that does not resolve MacBook on macOS 10.14 apps crashing, try the next solution.

3. Disconnect the Peripheral Devices

Peripheral devices with some faults spread the problem to the macOS apps’ operation through some rippling effects. To resolve this problem and confirm that the negative influences are from the peripheral devices, you simply need to disconnect these peripheral devices. After doing so, rerun the app to its behavior again. If the problem is unsolved, you need to try the next solution to fix an app crash on your mac for macOS 10.14.

4. Force Quit, then Re-launch the App

If the problem causing the crashing is not related to disk permission or compatibility issues, you can fix the unresponsive or frozen app by forcing it to quit. To force quit the respective app, access “Apple Menu,” select and explore the option “Force Quit.” Unfortunately, you may not get the chance to save file changes. Restart the app. The image below is a guide:

5. Restart Your Mac in Safe Mode

Booting your Mac in Safe Mode is a great step towards diagnosing and resolving any pending Mac issues. Follow these steps;

  • Go to Apple Menu; select “Shut Down.”
  • After shutting down your Mac, press the power button and do the same for the “Shift” key as your Mac starts.
  • When the gray Apple logo and indicator of progress appear, release the “Shift” key.
  • After some minutes, launch the app and verify that the MacBook on macOS 10.14 apps crashing problem has been solved.

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app freezes or quits unexpectedly

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app freezes or quits unexpectedly

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