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How to Fix Battery Issue on macOS 10.14

The work interruption that you can get as a Mac user is the low battery warning message. If you do not have access to a power source, your focus changes from working to looking for power. The stress is worse when you experience battery draining fast after upgrading to macOS 10.14. Upgrading is never a mistake because there are multiple ways diagnose and fix MacBook battery problems on macOS 10.14. The battery problems have nothing to do with technical mysticism or bugs. Trust this article as it guides you on how to fix MacBook pro battery life problems on macOS 10.14.

Top Common Battery Issues and their Fixes

MacBook on macOS 10.14 apps crashing is among the multiple symptoms of dysfunction that may manifest, together with failure to launch. It is rare for the Mac devices apps to crash. However, if an app freezes or quits unexpectedly on macOS 10.14, it could be as a result of the macOS update. The issue arises due to the incompatibility issues between the apps and the new macOS update. Therefore, there are two instances that could lead to MacBook on macOS 10.14 apps crashing; either the apps creators have not yet releases app updates to recalibrate apps thus making them compatible with requirements of the new OS or you have not yet installed the apps updates that have been released. Normally, crashing takes place when an app has some compatibility issues with the OS. Apps that you access from Apple store hardly crash or quit unexpectedly. On the other hand, the third party apps, which you download from other stores, are susceptible to compatibility issues after making an OS update. When apps crash and unexpectedly quit on macOS 10.14, the apps processes tend to proceed until when they become unresponsive and fail to complete. This explains why the app remains open and running, but hardly responds to any key press. On the other hand, freezing does not apply. Instead they apps suddenly crash by shutting down. When apps stop working like this, most of the actions done or information goes down too. Therefore, if an app freezes or quits unexpectedly on macOS 10.14, it is likely to cause severe inconveniences. You may lose important data that you were working on such as pages of research that you were yet to save. Consequently, you may become frustrated because you have lost important work on your Mac, and still do not understand that behavior.

1. Battery alerts like, “replace now”

This problem could be due to physical damage or shelf-life expiration. To fix, check battery’s health status;

  • Access “Apple Menu”; “Option”; "System Information"; select "Power"
  • If battery condition is "Check battery", it’s a write off.

Find an Apple outlet and change your battery.

2. Fast draining of battery while working

Too many apps running at a time while working can cause MacBook battery running out quickly on macOS 10.14. To fix, run the Mac without any apps and functionalities on to understand the battery life. Then access activity monitor app when working to see the apps consuming much power. This helps you manage your battery power according to the apps you need while working.  

3. Lack of charging

This is a problem that’s directly affecting the charger or power source and not battery. Fix MacBook battery running out quickly on macOS 10.14 by;

  • Using another wall adapter
  • Properly setting MagSafe connector pins
  • Confirming your Mac’s compatibility with the adapter’s wattage
  • Cleaning up the MagSafe connector and charging port

4. Lack of full capacity charging

This problem means the charging stalls at 93% to 98% due to bona fide macOS 10.14 features protecting wearing of the battery. Stalls below 93% are due to indicator or battery charge calibration. Fix MacBook pro battery life problems on macOS 10.14 like these by resetting SMC.

  • Turn off Mac
  • Press "Shift" + "Control" + "Option"+ Power button for several seconds.
  • Release together
  • Boot your Mac

5. No display of low battery warning

This problem is due to battery status display user setting. Fix MacBook pro battery life problems on macOS 10.14;

  • In Apple Menu, Open "System Preference"
  • Select "Energy Saver"
  • Tick on "Show battery status in menu bar" box option

6.Non-Recognition of the battery

Mac’s battery’s charge shuts itself away when completely depleted, thus causing this issue. Fix MacBook pro battery life problems on macOS 10.14 by letting it charge. If its unresponsive, reset the SMC (see issue #4)

7. Poor battery life

This issue could be due to physical damage or the battery is near shelf-life expiration. Diagnose and fix MacBook battery problems on macOS 10.14;

  • Access “Apple Menu”; “Option”; "System Information"; select "Power"
  • If battery condition is "Poor", it’s a write off.

Find an Apple outlet and change your battery.

8. Draining of battery after Mac OS Mojave Update

This issue means some apps are using up your power. Diagnose and fix MacBook battery problems on macOS 10.14;

  • Access Finder; open “Applications” then “Utilities”
  • Access “Activity Monitor”
  • Select “Energy”; check programs; uninstall the unnecessary apps.

9. Fast battery draining in sleep mode

Rogue apps continue running use up battery power, as well as functionalities like Dark Mode. To fix; use issue #8 procedure to confirm. Change dark mode to light mode. Untick stocks news and home in system Preferences’ iCloud. 

10. Slow battery charging

This issue could be due to adapter problems. Fix MacBook pro battery life problems on macOS 10.14 using procedure in issue #3. If it does not resolve, find an Apple outlet and get a new adapter.

Tips to Improve MacBook Battery Life

MacBook battery running out quickly on macOS 10.14 is unpleasant, considering that it causes multiple inconveniences. However, you do not have to reach this point if you know how to improve the battery life of your MacBook. The configurations of your Mac device and how you use it are the key drivers to the battery behaviors. The following tips can be helpful in avoiding battery issues.

1. Activation of the Energy Saver

It is wise to preserve your battery life through activating the energy saver. The energy Server Window enable you to activate certain settings in your Mac, which include automatic backlight deactivation after an automatic graphic switching and idleness period. 

2. Minimization of the Keyboard Lighting and Display Brightness

The keyboard and display tend to use up a significant amount of power, thus contribute to MacBook battery running out quickly on macOS 10.14. To minimize this, carry out the following procedure.

  • Go to Apple Menu; access “System Preferences” ; choose “Keyboard”
  • Activate the option “Adjust keyboard brightness in low light” so that you can allow the system to automatically regulate keyboard brightness.
  • For the automatic regulation of display brightness, go back to the Apple Menu
  • Access “System Preferences,” choose “Displays” so as to activate “Automatically adjust brightness”

3. Minimization of the Usage of High Power Demanding Apps

Quite a number of the unused functionalities and apps that run in the background high attribute to the quick loss of MacBook battery power. So be alert to disable functionalities such as External USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Additionally, leaving DVDs and CDs idling in the SuperDrive causes more loss of MacBook battery power because they spin periodically, thus use the power for no reason.

These three tips will save your battery power and thus improve the MacBook battery life. They will save you from lots of frustration.

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fix battery issue on mac


It is obvious that the PDFelement for Mac is beneficial in multiple ways. It comes at an extremely cheap price and still gives you the best services. It gives you privacy through the password protection and is a trust worthy PDF editor. Its reliability is beyond all others.

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fix battery issue on mac
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