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How to Fix Black Screen after macOS 10.14 Update

With macOS 10.14, you are set to receive individual and corporate computing solutions that will last for a long-term. Unfortunately, some challenges here and there can cause you to doubt this, especially if you do experience sporadic streaks of black screen after 10.14 update. This issue can occur due to occasional booting problems. Luckily, to fix a black screen on macOS 10.14 is definitely possible with simple troubleshooting procedures, just like other common macOS 10.14 problems. This article is a great guide and so you can solve black screen after upgrade to macOS 10.14 on your own and be proud of it.

Fixing a Black Screen on macOS 10.14

After making the macOS 10.14 update unsuccessfully, you may have been among the many users who have noticed a prolonged black screen display. This black screen after 10.14 update gone wrong may have continued to recur unexpectedly now and then and even if the update became successful later on, the issue still manifested. This caused you to worry wondering, “How to fix my MacBook pro booting to a black screen on macOS 10.14.” You are not the only one with this problem because even the users who were successful in updating to macOS 10.14 in the first trial complain of the same.

The black screen after 10.14 update problem happens when least expected and mostly when your mac is waking up from sleep mode. As soon as you close your mac lid, you hardly know what is coming until it is time to open it up again, and all you can see is a persistent black screen. The Mac is full-blown awake regardless of this because you can see the white cursor moving around, hear the alert sounds of the system and also see lights of the keyboard on as it is also responds to pressing. Use the following steps for the mac black screen fix on macOS 10.14.

1. Enter Your Password

As the black screen after 10.14 update still holds, you can try to enter your login password, after which you should press “Enter/Return key.” The many users that have tried this solution to solve black screen after upgrade to macOS 10.14 have reported a positive response, whereby the screen display comes back to life as if nothing happened. It is not a guarantee that it will work, so in case your screen does not respond positively to this solution, try the next procedure.

2. Keypress Protocol

You can fix a black screen on macOS 10.14 by trying the key press protocol. Here is how to go about it.

  • Press the power button just once; press the “S” key- this is the shortest path to sleep mode.
  • Continue to press the power button to force the Mac to shut down.
  • You can for about 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Press the power button and turn your Mac back on

This procedure should definitely fix a black screen on macOS 10.14. If it does not effectively do so, then you still have the following procedures to try and thus solve black screen after upgrade to macOS 10.14.

3. NVRAM Settings Reset

NVRAM settings refer to the Non-Volatile RAM settings, which are all responsible and related to Mac’s memory settings for speakers, display, primary startup disks and all that is related to the booting process. If you solve the solve black screen after upgrade to macOS 10.14 by resetting the NVRAM, you will be restoring the factory settings so that you can revert any inadvertent changes that may have taken place to power related settings thus giving rise to the black screen display issue.

To reset the NVRAM settings;

  • Reboot the Mac
  • When you hear the boot chime; Press “Command” and “Option” and “P” and “R” keys in a simultaneous motion
  • When you hear boot chime again, quit pressing the buttons at the same time since the second boot chime is indication that the NVRAM is resetting.
  • Reboot Mac later as usual.  

4. System Management Controller Reset

By resetting of the System Management Controller (SMC), you may resolve the black screen after 10.14 update since this issue happens in booting and waking, which are both power related issues. SMC reset will reset all settings related to power management including sleep, sound and heat problems.

The reset of SMC for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that have in-built batteries is as follows;

  • Shut down the Mac
  • Ensure that the power plug is well connected to the MagSafe adapter that is on the wall outlet
  • Later on, press “Shift” and “Control” and “Option” and “Power” in a simultaneous manner for some seconds.
  • Release the buttons all together
  • Boot your Mac as usual

By resetting all the power management settings, you should be able to fix a black screen on macOS 10.14.

In case any of the above procedures fail to perform the mac black screen fix on macOS 10.14, try the next one.

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fix a black screen on mac

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fix a black screen on mac

fix a black screen on mac
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