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How to Fix Bluetooth Not Available on macOS 10.14

Features and technologies like file share, Handoff and iBeacons rely on the functionality of Bluetooth. Therefore, it plays a significant role in your Mac. If you start experiencing issues suggesting Bluetooth not available on macOS 10.14, then you must get concerned since you may need it now and then. This article has information on fixing a “Bluetooth not available” error on macOS 10.14, so you can put your worries to rest. It is no secret that Bluetooth makes working easier with your Mac and so let this article help you in resolving the Bluetooth not available on macOS 10.14 problems.

Overview of “Bluetooth Not Available” Error on macOS 10.14

Upon upgrading to macOS 10.14, you may experience problems with the Bluetooth capacity, whereby it randomly disappears. The first sign that indicates that there is an issue is the unresponsiveness of the hardware such as headset, mouse and keyboard, among others. On your Mac’s screen, Bluetooth not available on macOS 10.14 problem is displayed by a wave like sign across the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar items. As you dig into the problem, you will access the “Apple System Profiler”, go to “” Hardware and lastly “Bluetooth,” which will indicate “No information found.” At this time, it becomes clear that there is more to the problem, and not just a Bluetooth device continuously and randomly disconnecting from a Mac. If that was the only issue, you can easily fix ‘Bluetooth not available’ mac 10.14 problem by toggling the functionality off and on or device battery replacing. Now that the issue is deeper you need to fix ‘Bluetooth not available’ error on macOS 10.14, through methods that are meant for the situation.

Bluetooth not available on macOS 10.14 is an issue that causes a lot of inconvenience. Since the hardware devices fail to work, you focus has to shift from working to correcting the situation. It is time wasting as you try to figure out the problem and implement the necessary measures to correct the situation. it also causes frustration because your work or activities dependent on Bluetooth could have deadlines. What happens when you go past the deadlines? More time is wasted when you have no clue about how to correct it.

One of the quick fixes that you can try is trashing the Bluetooth preferences and pairing your Mac again. If that fails in fixing a “Bluetooth not available” error on macOS 10.14, you need better solutions, such as performing a hardware specific SMC reset.

Fixing the Bluetooth Issues on macOS 10.14

1. Restart the Mac

Many of the Mac problems are resolved by restarting the device and so you can begin with this simple method to fix ‘Bluetooth not available’ error on macOS 10.14.

  • Click the Bluetooth icon; select “Turn Bluetooth Off”
  • Restart Mac by accessing Apple menu
  • Select restart computer and confirm
  • After restarting; turn Bluetooth back on.

If no response Bluetooth not available on macOS 10.14 could be a bigger issue.

2. Delete Downloads

Past and recent downloads could corrupt your Bluetooth, thus causing Bluetooth not available on macOS 10.14. A malware could be causing the issue. Removing these files could help fix the problem.

  • Access Finder
  • Hold “Cmd+Shift+G”
  • Then type in “~/”
  • Choose “Downloads” folder
  • Delete the files you do not require

If this does not fix the Bluetooth issues, try the next method.

3. Get Rid of the Bluetooth Preferences; Shut Down Your Mac

To fix ‘Bluetooth not available’ mac 10.14 problem, you may have to delete the Bluetooth plist file so that Mac can automatically create a new and fresh one. Follow the following steps.

  • Close the “System Preferences” and any others app trying to work with Bluetooth.
  • Access Finder; press the buttons “Command+Shift+G” so as to open "Go To Folder"
  • Input /Library/Preferences/
  • Search for "com.apple.Bluetooth.plist"or “com.apple.Bluetooth.plist.lockfile”; delete it
  • Access Apple Menu; hit "Shut Down" button
  • Wait for a minute
  • Boot the Mac again
  • Re-sync your hardware in the System Preferences panel.

If this does not fix ‘Bluetooth not available’ error on macOS 10.14, try the next solution.

4. Reboot SMC

Rebooting the System Management Controller (SMC) may help in fixing a “Bluetooth not available” error on macOS 10.14. For the Mac devices with detachable batteries, use thus procedure to reboot SMC;

  • Shut down Mac and remove its battery
  • Power adapter should not be connected
  • Hold the power button on the top right for about 10 seconds.
  • Return the battery as you plug the power adapter.
  • Switch on the Mac and reboot.

For Mac devices with non-detachable batteries;

  • Shut down the Mac
  • Plug the power adapter
  • Hold the buttons “Control+Shift+Option+Power”; press at once for several seconds
  • Reboot Mac

5. Remove All USB Devices

Bluetooth not available on macOS 10.14 is often signaled by USB devices not working. Fix ‘Bluetooth not available’ mac 10.14 problem by;

  • Disconnecting all the USB devices, from mouse and keyboard to external drives.
  • Rebooting your Mac.
  • Before reconnecting, wait for some minutes.

This should restore the Bluetooth connection.

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fix bleutooth not available error on mac

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fix bleutooth not available error on mac

fix bleutooth not available error on mac
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