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How to Fix Keynote Not Working Issues on macOS 10.14

The issue of keynote Mac not working on macOS 10.14 means that it cannot open. This is a problem that may spell doom, especially if you are intending to conduct a slide show presentation in a certain type of digital campaign. The not working issues arise after trying to open the keynote files from the newer versions of keynote Mac using the older keynote apps. Other reasons can cause the problems after you download keynote for Mac. This article is here to enlighten you on how to fix the working issues using some techniques and thus proceed with your business.

how to save a webpage as a pdf on mac

Fixing of the Keynote Not Working Issues on macOS 10.14

What is Keynote on Mac?

Keynote on Mac is responsible for the storing of documents in iCloud and enabling their accessibility by the Mac users at any time. Unfortunately, the stored files may face some issues such as alteration or get lost due to the mix-up of some cloud processes. These problems cause the Keynote Mac not working issues, which are often displayed through error messages.

Therefore, if your MacBook Keynote has working problems, you will experience some challenges while trying to access the keynote file backup copy. The following are fixing solutions for Keynote Mac not working issues, according to their causes.

1. Unknown Bugs

As a MacBook Keynote user, there is a possibility that you will be unable to send Keynote files through email after you download Keynote for Mac free. This issue is caused by unknown bugs and here is how to fix;

  • Email the compressed (zipped) file copy


  • Export the file to the previous version;

Highlight the file

Click “File Option”

Select “Export To”

Choose the respective older version

Save file and email this exported file


  • Convert the file with a problem to Word or PDF

Then email it.

2. Syncing Errors

Error messages claiming that a document cannot open on macOS 10.14 are a result of syncing errors. Solve this working issue by;

  • Press Command + Q to quit Keynote templates for Mac completely
  • Using another Mac device, open the Keynote file through iCloud. Make a word change and sync the changes on iCloud
  • Using your first device, open the document. It should not have a problem

3. File Corruption or Faulty Extensions

The error messages displaying on your Keynote for Mac free could be due to file extension alterations. Resolving this problem is easy since all that is required is restoration of the file extension to the original form. On the other hand, if the file is corrupt, the backup is corrupt too. Therefore, to recover the file, utilize the iWork recovery software.

4. Basic Keynote Mac Troubleshooting

There is a possibility that all the above may fail to fix the Keynote Mac working problems. If this happens, carry out the following troubleshooting techniques, which include updating, downloading and reinstalling Keynote.

  • Keynote update-for you have the Keynote updates, do the following;
    • On your Mac, open App store
    • Go to the toolbar and tap updates
    • Click “Updates” button.
    • This directly download Keynote for Mac free

It is important to check back to download subsequent updates, since some updates may appear after the installation of others.

  • Download Keynote for Mac and reinstall for macOS 10.14 using these;
    • Run “Activity Monitor” to quit the Keynote app.
    • Open the Launchpad, search “Apple Keynote”
    • Click and hold the Keynote icon until “X” button appears (left upper corner), tap it,
    • In the dialog box; Click on delete button and uninstall the app
    • Access Apple store
    • Search Keynote; follow download prompts.
    • The app will automatically download and reinstall itself in macOS 10.14

Best Free All-In-One macOS 10.14 PDF Editor

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PDFelement for Mac has other amazing key features that include;

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  • With its extended compatibility support feature, PDFelement for Mac supports multiple other file formats.

fix keynote on mac

fix keynote on mac
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