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How to Fix Mac Won’t Wake from Sleep Issue

The MacOS 10.14 won’t turn on issue is one Mac problem that will leave you wondering what you should do if your mac won’t turn on. The sleep-wake functionality of Mac does fail sometimes and may get you off guard as a Mac user. This issue has plagued the previous versions and so it is normal to think or assume that the Apple team figured out how to fix MacBook won’t turn on on MacOS 10.14 without you putting any effort. No need to worry because you can still fix your mac not waking from sleep on MacOS 10.14 through various solutions.

Fix a Mac That Won’t up on MacOS 10.14

After the installation of the MacOS 10.14 updates, the Mac sleep and wake functions are likely to begin having issues whereby, the Mac does not respond to wake functions or takes extremely long to wake up. As expected, Mac should just wake and the OS should launch after the sleeping mode is deactivated, either by the keyboard buttons or power button or multiple clicks of the mouse. However, if the button refuses to respond to any of these actions, then you will begin wondering what you should do if your mac won’t turn on.

Mac’s sleep and wake activities are under the regulation of the app activities, user settings, networks and connected devices. As a result, most users conclude that how to fix MacBook won’t turn on on MacOS 10.14 is all related to technically intricate tasks. The truth is certain settings can trigger the failure of sleep and wake functions.

There are various easy ways to fix a mac that won’t up on MacOS 10.14; they include

  • Check if some settings are causing the development
  • Confirm how turned down Mac’s screen brightness is
  • Check if the external display is turned off
  • Check if Mac is turned off or in safe sleep

If all the options still do not fix your mac not waking from sleep on MacOS 10.14, then it is time to incorporate other solutions of how to fix a mac that won’t up on MacOS 10.14. These solutions are as follows;

1. Clearing out of the Hibernation Files

The system may come to discover that a hibernation file is missing and so it will automatically recreate the file. The hibernation file is among other files that are normally written by the hibernation function on the hard disk. While recreating it, the occurrence of an error causes damage to the file and further hinders the reading from the system during the waking up process. This must be fixed, by forcing the system to recreate these files all over again. The following command should handle it;

“sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage”

Automatically, this will fix a mac that won’t up on macos 10.14 because it clears out all the files with errors and the damaged and create new files without issues. From there, nothing will hinder the system from reading the hibernation file during the wake up process.

2. Disabling of the System Hibernation

You may have to fix your mac not waking from sleep on MacOS 10.14 by disabling the system hibernation. The hibernation mode is a preventive measure, which is like a defensive mechanism that prevents your Mac from losing data upon the loss of power. Therefore, it is possible to do without it intervening, especially if it deactivation can help fix a mac that won’t up on macos 10.14.

These OS X Terminal commands are capable of turning off the hibernation mode;

  • “sudo pmset autopoweroff 0”
  • “sudo pmset standby 0”

With these commands, you disable hardware settings that coordinate the hibernation mode. These hardware settings include the main standby mode option for Apple and also a functionality that is installed to adhere to the regulations of the European energy. When all is done and a time comes that you require the system hibernation, you can always revert the settings by either or doing one of the following;

  • Reset the Mac’s system management controller OR
  • Run the commands again; replace the “O” with “1”

If you still cannot fix screen flickers after upgrade to MacOS 10.14 with this method, try the next.

3. FileVault Resetting

If a glitch happens, it is likely to impede the storage as well as file content retrieval on the hard disk during hibernation. As a result, conflicts may happen between the full disk encryption protocols like FileVault. These conflicts hinder the authentication as well as loading of hibernation files causing the crashing of the system as it tries to wake up. This whole issue can be resolved so that you can fix your mac not waking from sleep on macos 10.14. All you have to do is;

  • Conduct the disabling of the full-disk encryption protocols
  • If the full decryption of the disk causes the normal working of the hibernation,
  • Re-enable the full disk encryption protocols

This process should reset SMC in the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air instantly. Then later;

  • Boot the Mac by pressing the power button
  • Plug back the display you unplugged once your Mac is booted.

This is the process of how to fix macbook won’t turn on on macos 10.14 through the resetting of the FileVault.

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fix MacBook won’t turn on on macos

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fix MacBook won’t turn on on macos

fix MacBook won’t turn on on macos
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