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How to Fix macOS 10.14 Keeps Logging You Out Issue

Many users that installed the macOS Mojave expected the best experience. Unfortunately, this experience came with some imperfections such us automatic system log outs. So if you have been complaining that “my mac keeps logging me out in macOS 10.14” a lot of times, you may not be alone in this. This issue is quite serious due to multiple inconveniences caused and so cannot be ignored at all. There are some solutions that include simple troubleshooting techniques, which can help clear the problem and so you will soon stop wondering “why does my mac keep logging me out.” You can find these solutions below.

Fixing macOS 10.14 Keeps Logging You Out Issue

You may be constantly thinking “MacBook pro OSX 10.14 keeps logging me out,” and you still do not understand the issue at hand. There could be various reasons behind the sudden logging out of your Mac. The obvious one could be due to the automatic log-out functionality, a feature on macOS Mojave. This feature is meant to log out your Mac automatically, where there is a certain period of inactivity. So upon making an update, you may activate this automatic log out function unknowingly. This feature is for security reasons. Another cause could be that you have corrupted extension or files in the system.

Inconveniences Caused

The logging out issue really causes inconveniences and so the complaint “macOS 10.14 keeps logging me out” is very understandable. You are definitely thrown back when you come to find windows of important running apps shutting automatically. It is even more annoying that the shutdown logs out the user account of the Mac system in the fraction of a second. The real problems set in when files in progress are lost since your control over all these proceeding are zero. Information lost in this process could be crucial and getting it again may be impossible or time consuming. Automatic logging out thus wastes ones time, not just in getting the information back, but also in the process of logging in again. You have to wait for the log in process to complete, then open the apps again and wait for everything to be settled. This is too much inconvenience especially when working.


The good news is that you can quit complaining that “my mac keeps logging me out in macOS 10.14” because there are great solutions that can fix this problem. However, you must know that some solutions involving troubleshooting techniques may fail to solve and keep you asking “why does my mac keep logging me out” just after trying to fix it. Such techniques that fall short include deleting preference files, booting in safe mode and resetting NVRAM. Since the issue is more connected to the automatic log out settings, you can fix this problem by adjusting these settings in your Mac. Follow the following steps to fix macOS 10.14 that keeps logging you out.

  • Access "System Preferences" menu; choose "Security and Privacy"
  • Below the page, go to the lower left; click on the lock icon; click the "Advanced" button
  • The advanced button reveals a menu that has two options;
  • The first- "Log out after (X) minutes of inactivity". This will help you answer “why does my mac keep logging me out” in this option, dictate the behaviors you want from the automatic log out function.
  • The second- "Require an administrator password to access system-wide preferences" may not be very relevant at this stage and issue.

The persistence of this issue means that there are corrupted files. If this is the case, here are the solutions:

  • Reinstall the OS Update
  • Check the peripheral devices
  • Check if there are faulty system add-on
  • Roll out general system maintenance

All these solutions should handle the logging out problem.

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fix macOS keeps logging out on mac

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fix macOS keeps logging out on mac

fix macOS keeps logging out on mac
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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