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How to Fix Numbers File Can’t Be Open

Number crunching is alive in macOS 10.14 just as it is in other operating systems. It’s essential in the lives of professionals whose jobs involve making calculations. However, the tool you use for Numbers Mac may fail to work. In fact, the message you are most likely to see is “Numbers File Can’t be Open.”

In such cases, you should rest safe in the knowledge that you have several options for solving the problem. The error messages are not irreparable or immovable. The error message is a glitch that often appears when after you download Numbers for Mac free updates. The glitch ensures that none of your old files can load on the new app.

In this article, you will learn how to fix this issue so that you’re able to use your Numbers app.

What to Do If Numbers Documents Won't Open

As previously stated, the main issue causing the Numbers to stop functioning is the updates. In fact, the issue happens but not too commonly hence the lack of information regarding it in the Mac Numbers tutorial. As stated earlier, the error stops you from accessing any old file that you might be interested in.

How to Fix This Issue (Reinstall? Check for Update?)

So, how do you fix such an issue? The main goal of any solution offered here is to help recover any Numbers Mac spreadsheet that you may have lost. It’s good to understand that the files are still around even though they appear lost. For this reason, you don’t have to give up on learning how to use Numbers on Mac.

1. Reboot your macOS 10.14 Device in Safe Mode

This way, you will determine if your system has a newly installed app. More importantly, this step will also help you to discover any login item that might be causing the issues. Once you have finished rebooting in Safe Mode, you would also need to uninstall Mac Numbers to Excel.

However, do not stop at uninstalling the app. Instead, remember to reinstall Mac OS Numbers too. While reinstalling, be careful not to accept any fresh updates considering the damage they already caused in the first place. Therefore, set your macOS 10.14 system to avoid anything named Numbers Mac updates.

2. How to Open Numbers Correctly

The next stage involves learning how to use Numbers on Mac in correct way. The main focus here should be to learn how to open Numbers. Again, you may need to revisit the Mac Numbers tutorial to familiarize yourself with this step. For this to take place smoothly, though, you would need to pay special emphasis on the option called “browse all versions.”

Under “browse all options” you will be able to access all versions of Numbers for Mac free files that are on iCloud. This option should be able to restore your files from Mac Numbers vs. Excel. Nevertheless, there are moments when this solution doesn’t produce the desired results. In such cases, you can still pursue a different option or solution.

3. Update into the Latest Version of Mac Numbers

Which is that last solution? Exporting all your spreadsheets to the latest version of Mac Numbers Excel. Transfer the spreadsheets from iCloud to your hard drive. Afterward, export each one to the new version. Go through the Numbers Mac tutorial to learn how to export files. The tutorial will also educate you on how to download Numbers for Mac free.

Despite putting all these solutions to practice, you also need to remember to back up all your files on the cloud or in a USB device. This way, you retain the files’ original format, which could prove hugely beneficial in case you have to undertake any troubleshooting. Losing such files could affect your productivity more than you imagine.

Best Free PDF Converter for macOS 10.14

When evaluating the question is Mac Numbers compatible with Excel, you may have to consider finding a good converter. This is because you may need to do this as a way of ensuring that file and business management proceed without a hitch. Before you download Numbers for Mac, make sure that you also download and install PDFelement for Mac.

numbers mac

PDFelement for Mac supports collaboration and teamwork at the workplace. It is the preferred choice of many professionals around the world too. The software offers incredible solutions to non-profit and educational organizations. Additionally, it offers remarkable solutions to users who are yet to choose their sides on the Mac Numbers vs. Excel debate.

numbers mac

What features make PDFelement for Mac the best converter for macOS 10.14?

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Converts wide-ranging formats
  • Supports editing of PDF files
  • Features enhanced security

Lastly, you now have a clear understanding of the debate regarding Excel vs. Numbers for Mac. In this article, you also learned how to open Numbers vs. Excel Mac files that proved problematic in the past. On top of that, you now have the knowledge that should help you to use Numbers Mac happily and more productively too!

numbers mac
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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