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How to Fix OneDrive Can't Work on macOS 10.14

Technology has made numerous tasks easier to perform for many individuals and businesses. However, it is not always perfect. There are moments when technology just fails. Not even the great OneDrive is devoid of a few occasional errors that make it unable to function optimally. The good news is you can find solutions that make your OneDrive for business Mac to work properly again. In this article, we will delve into the common problems that face OneDrive for business OSX, the solutions and more. Therefore, get ready for a wonderful ride that will make you more knowledgeable on OneDrive for business Mac OS.

The Common Problems of OneDrive on macOS 10.14

Below are some of the most common problems affecting OneDrive for business Mac:

1) Syncing Issues (OneDrive for Business Sync and OneDrive for SharePoint Sync Issues)

There are moments when the synchronization occurs slowly. Syncing issues are the main problems affecting OneDrive for business OSX, especially on gadgets running on MacOS 10.14. As this happens, you will notice that the delays affect the installation of updates, which could then leave you with a tool that operates at half capacity.

2) Access Denied to External Users

Login issues are also a normal or common problem affecting MacOS 10.14 and OneDrive for business Mac client. Often, this problem occurs when external users are trying to log in probably to access the shared files. The problem may be common but isn’t too difficult to solve, as you might imagine.

3) Can’t Download Files after Update Issues

It’s possible to update your version of macOS to the latest one, which is 10.14. You can do that by downloading and installing the latest version from the App Store for Mac. However, as good as updating the OS might be, it could present a few problems. It could affect how OneDrive works on your gadget.

4) Out-storage Issues

OneDrive for business Mac client can run out of storage space. Arguably, this remains the easiest problem to solve. All that is required is for you to delete all the unnecessary files and folders that take up all the space. Take time to go through the files carefully to avoid deleting what you may need.

5) Login issues

At times, valid account holders may experience difficulties trying to sign into the freshly installed app despite having valid credentials. Login issues are a bit serious, as they can prevent users from adding business accounts to OneDrive for business Mac SharePoint sync. Once again, it is also easy to solve, as you will see later.

How to Fix OneDrive Not Working on macOS 10.14

So, how do you fix the common problems listed above?

1) Troubleshooting the Error Message

It would be great to know and understand the error message you’re receiving showing that OneDrive can’t work! The error message simply indicates the presence of a problem. It’s up to you to troubleshoot the issue. Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel since all the information is already out there and here too! In fact, simply restarting, deleting, uninstalling, downloading or reinstalling OneDrive can fix the issue.

2) Creating Enough Storage Space

Does the issue of lack of storage space cause your OneDrive for business Mac OS to stop working? If so, then you shouldn’t panic. Instead, start creating as much storage space as you can. OneDrive needs sufficient space to function optimally. Check its system requirements. Compare these requirements with what is available on your macOS 10.14 device. Moving and deleting some unwanted files could help solve this problem effectively.

3) Uninstalling OneDrive

It’s incredible how something as basic as uninstalling OneDrive for business Mac can rectify some of the common problems listed above. Obviously, you would have to reinstall the software after uninstalling it. For this step to be as effective as you desire, you may have to work with a third party uninstaller app. A good uninstaller app will completely dislodge OneDrive and all its associate files before you can download and reinstall it afresh.

4) Terminating Its Processes

This measure is not as drastic as deleting or uninstalling the app. It only focuses on stopping some of the processes that are going on. Again, you will need a third party app to help you undertake this step effectively. One of the best apps for this is Activity Monitor. In addition to all that, it’s important to emphasize the fact that you should only continue terminating these processes if you don’t intend to delete or uninstall OneDrive for business Mac SharePoint sync.

5) Uploading Files from the OneDrive Site

A different sort of problem that many users experience with OneDrive is the inability to upload files from the software’s website. The website may stop cooperating with your request thus making it impossible to get the files you need into your device. Nevertheless, you need not panic. Instead, simply upload all the large files that you need from the desktop app that’s in your Mac PC. The app is great for anyone who would like to upload numerous files.

6) Incorrect Login Details

Do not worry yourself sick if the login details you entered to access information that is on OneDrive appears to be wrong. Panicking will not help you at all here. Instead, simply take your time to re-enter the correct details. Do it slowly. Check where you saved these details to confirm that you’re entering the correct information. If this doesn’t work, you would have to enter your PIN Number of your OneDrive for business Mac OS.

With this information, you now have solutions for fixing OneDrive for business Mac problems.

The Shortcomings of OneDrive for Business Mac

For all the benefits that you derive from OneDrive for business Mac, it’s worth mentioning that you’re also likely to encounter some not-so-pleasant experiences with it. All forms of technology have their pros and cons.

OneDrive for business sync client Mac has its fair share of flaws that should make users consider a better alternative. One of the best alternatives is PDFelement for Mac. However, it’s good to look at the OneDrive flaws that could make you opt for PDFelement.

1) Document Management

OneDrive works wonders for small businesses. It becomes harder to use in situations where – for example – large groups of people need to share files. In this regard, OneDrive for business Mac SharePoint sync is not a good option for project management.

2) Privacy Issues

Privacy issues are valid concerns where OneDrive is concerned. Why? Microsoft scans all files saved in OneDrive while searching for “objectionable content” thus making it harder for businesses to keep their sensitive data away from third parties.

3) Encryption

While still on the issue of security, it’s worth mentioning that OneDrive doesn’t encrypt data at all stages. Encryption only exists at the transit stage. In all the other stages, it doesn’t exist. That said, the level of encryption in OneDrive for business Mac client is much better.

4) Syncing

As you may have noted in the previous sections of this article, syncing is a common problem with OneDrive for business Mac. Some files are altered during syncing or when being uploaded to OneDrive.

PDFelement for Mac - Best Alternative to OneDrive

PDFelement for Mac is great in so many ways. Once again, it has its own shortcomings too. However, for anyone looking for a worthy alternative to OneDrive, PDFelement would be an excellent choice for many reasons, as you will soon learn.

pdf editing on mac

The most common drawback cited with it include massive toolbar buttons. Other common issues cited with PDFelement are that it can be occasionally slow and the fact that it lacks a number of advanced layout options.

Nevertheless, PDFelement for Mac stands out based on several factors, which include:

  • Looks
  • Functionality
  • Features

pdf editor mac

What is more, it is a powerful OCR option in addition to being effective at creating, converting and editing PDFs. As you may have noticed, the shortcomings cited have nothing to do with security issues, syncing, or encryption that were mentioned with regard to OneDrive.

On top of all that, PDFelement is wonderfully efficient at sharing large files with groups, thus making it the best option for project management. For this reason, PDFelement comes highly recommended for anyone uninspired by OneDrive for business Mac.

pdf editing on mac
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