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How to Fix WiFi Problems for mac OS 10.14

Wi-Fi Problems for MacOS 10.14 interrupt a lot of internet things, including instantaneous email communication, steady presence in social media and streaming of films and shows on movies apps. Since Wi-Fi is currently indispensable in the recent times, you need to fix Wi-Fi problems in MacOS 10.14 before they begin overwhelming you. To resolve Wi-Fi issues in MacOS 10.14, you need to understand the exact causes first, then begin the procedures to fix Wi-Fi not working problems on MacOS 10.14. Technical hitches are bound to happen once in a while, so do not worry and use the following information to sort things out.

Fixing Wi-Fi Problems on MacOS 10.14

There are various issues that cause Wi-Fi problems in MacOS 10.14. They are as follows and are accompanied by how to fix them.

1. Appliances’ Interference

You may experience Wi-Fi connection problems as soon as a new appliance or equipment is placed in a close by location. The interference takes place because appliances like microwaves emit electronic waves that collide with those emitted by your router.

Fix Wi-Fi connection problems such as these by changing the pre-calibrated router frequency settings, so as to enable your router to pick the most suitable channel, as per the current circumstance. You can do this manually, which involves changing the router’s channel, through the following steps;

  • On the router’s casing get the router’s IP address or
  • Go to “System Preferences”; open "Network"; choose "Advanced"; select "TCP/IP"; click on "Router"
  • Copy the IP address into the browser address bar; click on "Enter", thus access to the router’s settings.
  • Put the new channel away, probably five to seven places away, from the original when changing the channels to prevent overlaps between them.
  • Put the new channel away, probably five to seven places away, from the original when changing the channels to prevent overlaps between them.

2. Router Electronic Waves’ Physical Obstruction

Wi-Fi won’t turn on MacOS 10.14 or may be slow if you relocate your working station. This may happen because your router is close by but physical objects like stacks of inventory or walls are obstructing the waves from the router to your device.

To resolve Wi-Fi issues in MacOS 10.14 like these:

  • Make rearrangements, so that the router can escape the closed out space and move to an open place. Enclosed places include file cabinets or closet.
  • If the re-arranging and relocation idea is more disrupting, use a wireless range extender
  • If these are not options, move closer to the router.

These should fix Wi-Fi connection problems.

3. Router Problems

Router problems arise due to many issues and they cause poor wireless connection or Wi-Fi won’t turn on MacOS 10.14. If these issues are related to heavy downpour, it could be damage to the router cables is the cause for no connection. However, at times it is because it is not well installed.

If your Wi-Fi won’t turn on MacOS 10.14 because of the former, you need to replace the router cables;

If your Wi-Fi won’t turn on MacOS 10.14 because of the latter cause you may have to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity;

  • Go to the menu bar at the Mac’s screen top and turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn off router completely;
  • (Replace the router cables if rain damaged them)
  • Restart Mac
  • Turn on router; wait for it to light up and send signals
  • Turn on Mac’s Wi-Fi connection

4. Wi-Fi Speed Continuous Sluggishness

Experiencing Wi-Fi connection speed that is sluggish can occur and may be unrelated to none of the above mentioned issues. In this case, other multiple issues might be the cause including too much activity in your Mac through other open apps or overused bandwidth, among others.

To resolve Wi-Fi issues in MacOS 10.14 such as these:

  • Try the above mentioned troubleshooting techniques to solve network connection problems; if they fail, 
  • Utilize Wi-Fi explorer or Advanced Network Centre to make diagnosis and thus troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity problems.
  • solve network connection problems related to overdrawn bandwidth by first checking the app that is receiving and sending the significant data amount; terminate such apps
  • you can also purchase more bandwidth to fix Wi-Fi not working problems on MacOS 10.14
  • request other users sharing the bandwidth to make limitations of their use, thus fix Wi-Fi connection problems  

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fix wi-fi problems in macos 10.14
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