How to Fix Word Not Working Issues on macOS 10.14

On some days, do not be surprised when Microsoft word for Mac presents some working issues. This is a problem that is likely to occur occasionally due to several factors, such as interference by the update download of other applications. However, there is nothing much to worry about because there is always a solution when word for Mac behaves like that. With this article, you have the means to solve the working issues for Microsoft word for Mac. If your Mac has never had any loading issues, it is still important that you learn troubleshooting techniques just in case a problem arises.

Fixing Word Can’t Work Issues on macOS 10.14

The reason why Microsoft word for Mac is not working could be that it has some loading problems. The symptoms that it will present include crashing when you try to open, closing abruptly or sending off flashes. Mac word processor issues such as these may persist despite reloading the app, rebuilding the application and restarting the device. It is very frustrating if word for Mac student behaves like this because it could jeopardize multiple pages of assignment or projects.

There are multiple ways that you can fix the word Mac issues mentioned above. They are such as;

1. Auto Recovery Folder Clearing

Clearing out of the auto recovery folder requires following a procedure as follows;

  • Access Menu and click Home
  • Open Document
  • Choose Microsoft User Data
  • Choose the folder named “Office Auto Recovery Folder”
  • Transfer all folder files to another location such as desktop.

If this does not resolve the word for Mac issues, try the next solution

2. Getting the Latest Word for Mac Free Updates

You should access the Word app to check for update notifications. If there are impending Microsoft Word for Mac free updates, download them as soon as you can.

This solution should solve the issues you face. If not, try the next solution.

3. Removing the File Names Invalid Characters

The invalid characters and symbols in a file name may cause Word for Mac to fail in loading that file. You can simply remove some unnecessary symbols. If you downloaded the file from a certain website, try downloading from another site to avoid having the inserted invalid symbols.

4. Opening in Safe Mode

Opening in safe mode may resolve the Word for Mac working issues.

  • Shut down your Mac device
  • Reboot it in Safe Mode
  • Open the Microsoft Word for Mac in the Safe Mode

This process should give positive results. If not, try the next technique.

5. Changing Third-Party Fonts

It is possible that a document’s font is only readable on a PC. This explains why Word for Mac crashes, the incompatibility with third-party fronts. Resolve the issue by changing the incompatible font to original Word for Mac formats.

6. Downloading and Reinstalling Microsoft Word for Mac

If all the above solutions fail to work, you are left with downloading and reinstalling Word for Mac. To download Microsoft Word for Mac, you need to first use CleanMyMac so that you uninstall office. Then on your Mac device, visit and do the following to download Word for Mac.

  • Sign in the Office account
  • On the home page, tap on the “Install Office” option; you must follow the prompts; office download happens automatically.
  • Open Finder
  • Chose Downloads
  • Then double click on Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg
  • Click “continue” on the next page
  • Another page appears; Choose continue again
  • Another page will appear again; select “Install” as you enter your Mac password when required; installation ensues
  • After installation is done, click “Close”
  • Go to the Launchpad icon and launch the Microsoft Word for Mac app
  • On the next page, choose “Get started”; this will activate the app.

Converting Word to PDF or PDF to Word

PDFelement for Mac is all you need to edit your PDFs smoothly. It contains multiple tools that allow you to make the changes you desire in your PDF files. These changes not only include editing various things in the files like texts, images and headers and footers, but also converting the PDF files into other formats like Word. PDFelement for Mac is a great converter because it has different kinds of demographics that can carry out these functions, including OCR technology and batch conversion feature.

pdf editing on mac

Step for Converting Word to PDF

1) Import the Word file

  • Launch PDFelement for Mac, the free Word to PDF converter on Windows.
  • Choose “Create PDF”
  • webpage to pdf mac

  • Pick the Word file that you would like to convert
  • Click the button “Open”, which at the bottom, on the screen’s right side.

2) Save your Document as PDF file

The PDF file you have created will be directly opened in PDFelement for Mac.

  • To save it on you Mac, got to “File” tab
  • Click “Save as”

It is important that you note that PDFelement for Mac works with multiple Word versions, form 2006 to 2016.

Steps for converting PDF to Word

a) Open the PDFelement for Mac main window

b) Open the file on this PDFelement for Mac window by dragging and dropping the PDF file that you want to convert

c) Choose the button “Convert”

d) On the list that pops up afterwards; Choose “To Word”

e) Choose the pages that you need converted ; click “All pages” option in the “Options” tab

f) In the “Options” tab, you are also free to choose other customization options that you desire

g) Select “Convert”; the conversion process gets executed within the shortest time possible.

With PDFelement for Mac, conversion of Word to PDF and vice versa is easy.

pdf editing on mac
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