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Top 2 Ways to Free Up Storage Space in macOS 10.14

If you need macOS 10.14 to run smoothly in your Mac device then you need to have 10 percent of storage space free at all times. However, majority of users will need to free up disc space on macOS 10.14 as many, if not all, of Mac devices’ storage space get full within a couple of months or years. There is luckily a number of options that will help you optimize storage space in macOS 10.14. In this article, we will guide you through three ways that will help free storage space on macOS 10.14.

Best 2 Ways to Free Up Storage Space in macOS 10.14

Use the Newly Introduced Purgeable File Storage.

For users who have had the privilege of using both High Sierra and Mojave operating systems, and are informed on every part and functionality of both versions, then you may have probably seen that there was nothing like purgeable files storage in High Sierra. This feature was introduced to help clear cache in macOS 10.14. Users will not undergo any loss after clearing such files and this step will play a huge role in helping them clear the storage space in their Personal Computer and hence being able to continue performing tasks without much distractions.

Clearing unwanted data to free space on macOS 10.14 Mojave is especially easy. Below is a detailed guide to help you carry on very swiftly;

  • *Open the “Apple menu” and click on “About This Mac”
  • *Open the “Storage tab”
  • *A strip with variety of colors each showing the amount of storage space consumed by different file types like Documents, Videos, etc. when the cursor is moved on top it will appear.
  • *Check on the right side for a tab named “Purgeable”, click on it then click on “Manage Tab”.
  • *From there, four choices will appear. The very first will be to help you store your data to iCloud with the recently used files being an exception.
  • *The next three options after that will be for automatically erasing all movies and videos viewed via iTunes in every 30 days.
  • *You can then opt to store files on iClouds or delete unwanted files.

Use the Following Apps:


It is surprising to learn that the things that are not really useful makes us go up and down trying to find ways to free disc space on macOS 0.14. Files stored seems to multiply over and again consuming our precious disc space that could have otherwise have been used for other meaningful purposes. But thanks to OmniDiskSweeper app, you can now have all of your files arranged in a descending manners depending on space consumed to help you figure out the amount of SSD or Hard Drive space used and for what purpose. You should be however be very keen when using this application because when you delete a file on it including a crucial one that you are not ready to use, it would do so promptly and you may end up losing crucial data from your Personal Computer.


If you want to clear out all the old data, your Mac device, applications, and old cache then here is the perfect app that will handle that all at once. This app can also do other more functions in your device such as checking the status of the hard drive, journal disabling, removing drives, journal enabling and disabling, and much more. The app as everything you will require to enable your application run on smoothly as it should. It is also available going for only $19 with the account being able to be shared for up to 10 devices.

CleanMyMac X.

No matter the Mac device you are using, there is definitely a huge amount of applications, ache, and logs unnecessarily consuming huge amount of the disc space. This applications thus comes in handy in clearing all junk files in every corner of your device. An added bonus with this application is that users can easily be able to choose the kind of material they find undesirable from their computer, be it outdated old downloads, useless photos, and many more. The whole procedure of doing this is also very easy. You will only need to open the application then click on “Smart Scan” from where you will be provided with folders to clear junk files from.

Best All-in-One PDF Editor for macOS 10.14

As a macOS 10.14 user, you require a PDF management tool that is not only powerful but also affordable, secure and simple. PDFelement for Mac is the best choice for you. It is an all-in-one PDF editor that helps you create limitless PDFs that are great looking and thus perfect for your professional and academic work. There are numerous activities that the PDFelement for Mac can do for your macOS 10.14.

free storage space on macOS 10.14

Through its editing feature, this tool is able to handle smarter editing, whereby it lets you control your office and school documents. Therefore, you can adjust or change the font size, style or type without interfering with the font itself or format. Additionally, with smarter editing, you can conduct single line or intuitive paragraph editing so as to reflow text and continue maintaining document style.

free storage space on macOS 10.14

All the above abilities of the PDFelement for Mac make it beneficial to macOS 10.14 users since it enables you to acquire PDFs that are of high quality in the easiest way possible. It is also beneficial because as you edit your documents, you can protect them from any unwanted editing from other people using strong passwords and encryption. PDFelement for Mac is the best editor for your macOS 10.14.

free storage space on macOS 10.14
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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