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Top Common Issues and Fixes of Office for macOS 10.14

Office for macOS 10.14 is a powerful tool that many professionals rely on to do their work. It is a powerful mechanism for creating and editing documents in various types of formats. Despite all that, it is common for Office for Mac to develop a few hitches. This article will examine these issues and point the solutions worth putting in place to fix these problems.

As you will realize here, there is no need to panic when you encounter these issues. Instead, take solace in the fact that you will learn different ways of fixing Microsoft Office for Mac so that it functions optimally and makes you more productive. In some cases, as you will see below, you may have to reinstall Mac Office or perform some fixes to resolve the problems.

The Common Problems of Microsoft Office for macOS 10.14

What are the most common problems facing Mac Office? In this article, we will look at common problems that affect various Office products such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote, and Outlook. As you will learn, each app has its own unique problems. However, they also share a few similar issues.

It’s important to understand these issues first, before you attempt any solution. Understand what causes the problem in the first place. Thereafter, you would be in a much better position to deliver the appropriate fix. Otherwise, you would be groping in the dark not knowing where to start or what to do, which could then lead to further problems.

The issues listed below aren’t the only ones, though. This information is important since you may encounter something totally different from what is covered here. As the title says, the list below contains the most common problems. On average, these problems are likely to affect anyone who uses Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac.

Let’s examine the common problems in:


  • Displaying the format for date as two rather than four digits
  • Crashing during start up
  • Slow performances
  • Numbered list doesn’t work
  • Issues to do with printing
  • Inability to save files in server


  • Crashes while moving spreadsheets from one workbook to the next
  • Displaying format for date in two rather than four digits
  • Cursor seemingly misaligned in function bar
  • Taking too long to format cell borders


  • Crashed error appearing whenever you try to open files
  • Every time you hit the command/tab key it crashes
  • Requires users to save their presentations whenever they want to switch windows
  • Any attempt to quit Slide Show in full screen causes the app or the window to grow unstable
  • Font-related errors


  • Crashing at start up
  • Inability to import contacts

How to Troubleshoot macOS 10.14 Office Issues

Now that you know the most common problems of Office for Mac, it’s important to also familiarize yourself with their solutions. The knowledge you obtain here would be critical the moment you decide to download Microsoft Office for Mac. As you will discover below, some of the solutions require no experience or training. The solutions are straightforward.

1) Repair Disk Permissions

One way of fixing the issues with your Microsoft Office for Mac Student is by repairing disk permissions. There is a very simple process for doing that. The first step is to go to the “Go” menu and select “Utilities.” Next, launch the “Disk Utility.” While at it, don’t forget to choose your device’s main hard drive before selecting the tab named “First Aid.”

Once all that is done, click “Repair Disk Permissions.”

2) Running Clean Start-up on macOS 10.14

First, you would have to log in as an administrator to pull this move. Otherwise, your attempts would amount to nothing and you would still have a problematic Office Suite for Mac to deal with. After logging in, make sure that you run Safe Boot, which you can do simply by restarting the macOS 10.14 machine in Safe Mode.

3) Creating New Mac User Account

The problems you get with Office for Mac after you download Microsoft Office for Mac could all be due to a corrupted user account. Luckily, a simple but effective solution exists. All you have to do is to create a new user account. In fact, the new account is highly recommended for most of the issues the OS experiences after you buy Microsoft Office for Mac.

4) Resetting Microsoft Word

Each component of the Mac Office has individual custom preferences. You can reset them individually thus solving the annoying issue that has made Office for macOS 10.14 to stop working. Teach yourself how to do that by going through the tutorial for Office 2016 Mac download. Be careful to close all the programs and apps before resetting.

5) Reinstalling Office

At times, the problems may persist until you finally reinstall Office for Mac. Therefore, be ready to walk down this path, as it could be the difference between being able to use your Office Mac. You may need the Office Mac 2011 product key for this step though. For this reason, ensure that you have it nearby before uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office for Mac.

6) Updating Office

Additionally, you would need to consider updating your Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. You would be surprised to learn that it’s not hard to update Office. First, open each product individually. Two, select file. Three, select Account. Four, look for Update Information, which you will find under Product Information. Finally, click Update Now.

7) Getting Office macOS 10.14 Product Key

It’s important to learn how to get Office Mac 2011 product key. You can find it in several places. First, check disc sleeve that the software came with. Alternatively, you can find it on the product card. You may also find it from Microsoft Account if you purchased the product online. The sticker on your Microsoft Office for Mac could also contain the product key.

8) Getting macOS 10.14 Crack Version

You also have to know or educate yourself about macOS 10.14 Crack Version, which you can download at 4MacSoft. You may have heard that installing cracked software on your Mac device or OS can lead to more problems. However, that shouldn’t be an issue when you obtain the Crack Version from reputable sources such as the one indicated above.

9) Buying Office for macOS 10.14

It’s also good to buy Microsoft Office for Mac anew if what you have seems to have developed issues that you can’t solve. A completely new product could breathe new life to your system. Be ready to buy and download Microsoft Office for Mac if all other solutions fail. Before doing that, you may need to familiarize yourself with the current prices too.

10) Finding the Best Alternative to Office for Mac

Lastly, you may have to think about finding and using a good alternative to Office for Mac. Currently, one of the best is LibreOffice. The fact that this option is open source should appeal to you too, especially if you’re not too hang up on proprietary software solutions. LibreOffice guarantees you reduced costs, flexibility, freedom, more accountability and security.

Best Office Tool for macOS 10.14 You Must Have

PDFelement for Mac can do a lot for your Office for Mac. In fact, it remains one of the best must-have tools for macOS 10.14. The numerous features the app has makes it ideal for your Mac Office. What it also accomplishes makes it a must-have even for Microsoft Office for Mac student. For example, it can create topnotch PDF files. It also edits and signs the same files.

office for mac

PDFelement for Mac doesn’t stop at that. Instead, it has also proved capable of documents for any app on Microsoft Office. On top of that, many users have benefited from using it to edit large texts. What is more, you can use it for exporting data from Excel to Office Suite for Mac. In short, you can’t lose with this app!

List of Key Features

  • Allows users to add sticky notes
  • Supports comments
  • Supports stamps
  • Supports easy memorization and collaboration or teamwork
  • Creates PDF fillable forms easily
  • Edits and annotates PDFs fast
  • Simplifies the work of users who wish to add watermarks or headers and footers to their documents
  • Provides access to a ton of PDF templates
  • Allows users to protect their files with passwords

Therefore, feel free to use this information to decide that Office for Mac is worth buying.

office for mac

office for mac
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