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Comparison Review: macOS 10.14 VS macOS 10.13

You may want to update high sierra to macos 10.14 but find it difficult to make the decision because macOS 10.13 accommodates all of your software needs well. Understanding the differences between the two versions deeply will definitely play a huge role in helping you decide whether to stick to the original version or whether to upgrade. Below is a detailed description of the differences between macos 10.14 vs 10.13 that will help you when coming up with a decision.

Also, the new features incorporated in the newer versions is discussed in detail to enable you get the comparison between high sierra and 10.14 well.

the differences between macos 10.14 vs 10.13

MacOS 10.14 vs High Sierra: Interface.

When it comes to user interface, it will be fair to say that the changes incorporated in macOS 10.14 Mojave version the biggest ever since Yosemite was released in 2014. Back then, Apple made the graphic design to be flat and the screen be partially translucent. This made Mac interface almost same as interfaces in iPad and iPhone.

In this newer version, dark mode introduced in 2015’s El Capitan version has been improved and it’s amazing like never before. The Dark Mode in High Sierra only provides a setting for the user to change the colors in the docks and menu bar whereby the transparency in the dock determines that of the menu bar. High Sierra also requires all the applications to come with an option for the user to turn the dark mode on or off depending on their own liking, with some applications not supporting this mode. This mode however still had the transparency in the apps and docks different. When it now comes to macOS 10.14 Mojave dark mode version, the darkness is everywhere if that is what the user opts for. Also, users don’t have to turn on the dark mode setting in every app since they can apply the change for all apps once.

As attested in mac 10.14 review, dark mode provides a contusive environment for users performing tasks late at night without having to strain their eyes. This improvement greatly went well with the software developers during the World Wide Developers Conference earlier this year. Developers do most of their task on personal computer devices on full-time basis and having a good-night environment for their work was a big boost. Also, designers and photographers can now concentrate on their screens without any distractions.

High Siera vs 10.14: Features

1. Desktop Stacks

Things can get messier a times especially when files are spread all over the desktop and it becomes necessary to organize the file structure. High Sierra’s launch in 2016 provided a means for users to sync all their files via cloud to provide its access to all of their Mac devices such that users could access their desktop wherever they were. During the launch of High Sierra, this feature was the bomb. macOS 10.14 has gone a step further in trying to get your files organized. Immediately you put any file, photo, or folder into the desktop, it will be stored automatically into stacks such that when you receive an image it will stored directly in the Image Stack.

2. Screenshot

Changes with the way screenshot is taken has not considerably changed since the launch OS X in the early 2000s. Users were able to take screenshot in high sierra by pressing Command +Shift + 4 to capture part of the screen, and Command + Shift+ 3 to screenshot the whole screen. When it comes to macOS 10.14, when one takes a screenshot, a thumbnail will appear on the rights sides of the screen. If a user chooses to select the thumbnail, they will be provided with an access range of features that entails cropping, rotating, and much more. This screenshot comparison in macOS 10.14 vs high sierra puts macOS 10.14 at a greater position as users do not need now to visit Photoshop again to have your picture edited. Also, Mojave enables you video record the screen by pressing Command + Shift + 5 then choosing to either record the whole screen or the selected portion. You won’t have to go all the way to open the QuickTime app as previously required in order to just video record the screen.


Apple File System (APFS) was first introduced with high sierra but it failed to work. This was because the then released file system was not compatible with traditional hard drives and Fusion drives. This was yet another moment where Apple failed its users by announcing something that kept users at the edge of their seats and then failing to honor their promise according to promised deadline. The new Apple File System feature will be incorporated to replace hierarchical file system used since the year 1998. This new file organizing structure has already been used with Apple’s iOS 10 devices, and it has proved to avail more space to users than it previously had.

10.14 vs. HIGH SIERA: APPS

1. Safari Browser

When Safari 11, high sierra review received much acclamation and praise due to Safari’s high browsing speed, stopping auto play videos, preventing bad advertising strategies, and limiting the cookies tracking users when conducting their activities online. In Mojave, no big change has been made in its Safari 11 update. It however makes browsing experience more enjoyable to the users. Users are now able to block social media add-ons. The browser also has stopped to use of cookies to enable users protect their privacy. Also, digital fingerprinting has been prohibited to prevent digital companies from out the users.

2. App Store

mac OS is now trying to make user experience in Mac App Store easier. In fact, Apple claimed that its Mac App Store has been redesigned from scratch. Users initially had lots of trouble looking for an app from the store despite the app being present there. This made users carry the huge task of downloading those applications straight from the application’s website or through third-party vendors online. The updated version of Mac App Store has been made easier to navigate making it easier for users to find application of their liking. Also, a mechanism has been built whereby users can now test an app before purchasing it. By users having to test the apps first, developers will be hopeful of more purchases since users won’t avoid purchasing affordable apps that delights them. And since also apps in iOS will be compatible with Mac devices, developers will not have the trouble of developing separate application for users. One development cycle will be enough to benefit both Mac and iOS users.

Should We Update macOS 10.14

As you may have probably noticed from the above details on macOS 10.14 vs high sierra, there is no huge improvements on Mojave other than improvements on functionality. Those small improvements however will have a positive impact on the user experience. For example, desktop stack will help you have your files arranged properly. Dark mode will help protect your health by providing a healthy environment for vision at night. Also, users will get better concentration while on their activities because of the narrowed focus only to mention a few of macOS 10.14 benefits.

There are a few things you should however do first when you are ready to upgrade the version of your operating system. Ensure that you have backed up the most important files in your Mac. The user should also update all of the applications present in their personal computer. Also, it will be wise for the user to eliminate all the junk files present in the computer. The best way to do this is to use an app called CleanMyMac X. Lastly but not least, it is recommended that the user deletes any unwanted files in their PC especially old and large files to free up some spaces and provide room for the upgrade.

Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.14 – PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is a program like no other that macOS 10.14 users can rely on for better PDF experience. It is intuitively designed so that it can be suitable for anybody that wishes to use it, including beginners. This Mac program is considered as macOS 10.14’s best and most reliable PDF editor because it contains a complete set of tools that one can use to handle PDF documents. Therefore, PDFelement for Mac can do multiple tasks for Mac users such as creating, converting and signing of PDFs. It enables you to create PDF forms that are fillable from scratch an also from other applications. So if you have non-fillable form in excel or word, PDFelement for Mac can transform them into fillable PDF forms that are also interactive.

the differences between macos 10.14 vs 10.13

Key Features

PDFelement for Mac has special key features that make it fabulous and they include the following;

  • Conversion of PDF files
  • Creation and editing of PDF files
  • Digital signature for verification purposes
  • Addition of comments and annotation
  • Securing of PDF files from unwanted access
  • Multiple PDF template access
  • Addition of backgrounds and watermarks, as well as footers and headers
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Batch PDF files processing
  • Redaction
  • Data extraction
  • Automatic form recognition.
the differences between macos 10.14 vs 10.13
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