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Top Way to Merge/Remove Duplicate Contacts on Mac

Buying the Mac devices now and then is not a wonder because you might just want to have a taste of all of them. As you do the exchange, you must maintain and migrate your contacts multiple times, which brings about duplication of contacts. Additionally, the first setting up of iCloud contacts on Mac can lead you to this issue, which is frustrating. The best solution is to remove and merge duplicate contacts. This article aims at helping you with the steps to remove duplicate contacts on your mac for macOS 10.14 perfectly and to merge those that need to.

Best Way to Merge and Remove Duplicate Contacts on Mac

Currently, there is no specific technique that allows you select multiple iOS contacts. However, there is still a top way to merge/remove duplicate contacts on macOS 10.14. Before you decide to remove duplicate contacts on your mac for macOS 10.14, ensure there is a backup plan. For this purpose, you can use an external hard drive to store the copy of contacts.

There are three different approaches towards dealing with duplicate contacts. You can either remove them, merge them or link them together.

Merge duplicate contacts on your mac using the flowing steps;

  • On your Mac, open the Contacts app; go to “Applications” and access “Contacts”
  • On the left, go to “Groups” pane; select “All Contacts” at the list top. Just in case you do not see “Groups” it is hidden. Unhide it through the menu bar option, click “View” go to “Show Groups.”
  • Go to the menu bar and select “Card” the choose “Look for Duplicates.”
  • Lastly, the drop-down dialog showing up reveals the duplicate card numbers bearing same name and information or same name different information. Click on the “Merge” button so that they the duplicate cards can combine.  

Remove duplicate contacts on your mac for macOS 10.14 by the help of iCloud, through the following steps. This method is helpful when you are accessing your Mac remotely.

  • On your Mac, access your web browser
  • Go to icloud.com
  • Use your account details to login
  • Access “Contacts”
  • Select “All Contacts” that you see displayed in your screen’s upper left corner.
  • Hold the command button and manually select the duplicate cards you want to delete.
  • On your lower left corner, select the cog icon; select “Delete” on the pop up. This will ensure the removal of the selected contacts.

Link the Duplicate Contacts Across the Accounts

The above steps will help to merge and remove duplicate contacts in macOS 10.14. However, what happens if you have duplicated contacts in multiple accounts like in Google and iCloud accounts? The best way to handle this situation is to link the duplicate contacts. As soon as you click “All Contacts,” you will view each duplicated contact twice.

Deleting the duplicate contacts is not wise since they may have valuable information that you can lose. So linking is the best way since they will appear as one card in the “All Contacts” list. Use this procedure;

  • Select “All Contacts”
  • Choose each card from the two accounts; access the Menu Bar and choose “Card”. Click “Link Selected Cards.” You can do this using the keyboard’s “Shift-Command-L” shortcut.

After this procedure is done, all you will see in the “All Contacts” is a single card. The original information will be present in the both accounts though.

In case you still have an issue with the duplicate contacts in your multiple accounts, first clean and merge these contact cards in the singles accounts first. Then you can go ahead and link contacts between accounts using the respective technique. Eventually, your Mac will have a unified and clean contacts database.

Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.14 - PDFelement for Mac

Many Mac users experience some PDF merging issues, which is completely normal. PDFelement for Mac is best free app that will do perfect merging of multiple PDF files, thus forming a single document. Aside from merging PDF files, this editor has multiple functions including the manipulation of data and file aspects. Therefore, as soon as you merge the PDF files together, you can link them to have a great flow of information through editing. Additionally, PDFelement can keep your new file safe using the password protections feature.

merge and remove duplicate contacts on mac

This PDF editor is the easiest to use in the market and has a topnotch user interface that makes things flow properly. It is the best merger to join PDF files because it is powerful and hosts several features that make it the perfect app to deal with PDF files. You can rely on the app because it will merge your files without altering information. To merge the PDF files using the PDFelement for Mac, use the following information.

merge and remove duplicate contacts on mac

Follow these steps to merge your PDF files using this amazing PDF editor.

Step 1;

  • Launch the PDFelement software. For the best results, use the latest program version, the PDFelement 6.   
  • After launching, press “Combine Files,” which is on display on the home window.
  • Choose the files you need to merge.

Step 2;

  • Combination of the PDF files takes place here. You must add all the PDF documents that need merging into one single file.
  • Chose “Add Files” button
  • After choosing the files you want added, go ahead and press ”Combine” button.

Step 3;

  • This involves saving the merged file
  • Save by clicking “File”, then select “Save as.”

Using these easy steps, you can merge the various PDF files distributed allover your Mac and form a single file.

merge and remove duplicate contacts on mac
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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