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Microsoft Office 2019 for macOS 10.14 Preview

Anyone who loves using macOS 10.14 will be pleased to note that Microsoft previews best features of Office 2019. Yes, a preview of this application is now available. In it, users will learn more about not only the features, but also the release date and issues regarding its requirements and download.

Furthermore, through this preview, users will learn about the qualities that make Office 2019 for macOS 10.14 a must-have! In this article, we will break down everything that is worth learning about this software and the multitude of solutions that it also offers. It’s worth mentioning that Office 2019 has succeeded Office 2016 as Microsoft Office’s latest version.

Release Date, Features, Update and Compatibility

It’s worth noting that Office 2019 for macOS 10.14 comes with improved features, as you will see below. Additionally, it’s important to go through Microsoft previews best features of Office 2019 to understand it more. This way, you will know what it can and cannot do for you. More importantly, the knowledge you obtain helps you to be more productive.

Below are a few more details regarding when Microsoft releases Office 2019 preview on macOS 10.14, it’s most important features, and more information regarding its update and compatibility (of lack thereof) it might have. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with the qualities that justify your decision to download Microsoft Office 2019 for macOS 10.14.

1. Release Date

Generally, Microsoft releases the latest version of its Office a few months prior to the turn of the year. In this case, the announcement that Microsoft releases Office 2019 preview on macOS 10.14 was to take place towards the end of 2018. Initially, the new release was for commercial users. The rest would have to wait a bit for confirmation of the exact release date.

September 24, 2018 marked the program’s official release date. As previously stated, commercial users were the first to enjoy as Microsoft previews Office 2019 for macOS 10.14. They enjoyed the previews earlier even before Microsoft announced when it would release the program officially. Those are just but a few of the perks that volume-license customers enjoy.

2. Features

For a long time, Mac users have waited for new updates Microsoft Office for Mac to determine if it’s all right to download Microsoft Office 2019 for macOS 10.14. The update is finally here and Office 2019 for macOS 10.14 has several amazing features. What is more, the features are a huge improvement from what users grew accustomed to under Office 2016.

The Microsoft previews best features of Office 2019 include:

  • Improved support for users who are interested in using digital ink
  • Excel has fresh charts and formulas
  • Word now comes with a translator
  • PowerPoint users can now morph and zoom per their wish
  • A highly Focused Inbox on Outlook
  • Roaming pencil case
  • In-click sequence
  • 4k video export
  • Ribbon customizations
  • Word comes with a highly Focused Mode
  • Massive features and fresh improvements for subscriptions
  • Fresh data analysis features in Excel
  • Outlook comes with Send Later option
  • OneNote for Windows

3. Download and Update

Would you like to download Microsoft Office 2019 for macOS 10.14’s commercial version? Then you must open a Microsoft Collaborate account to do that. Once you sign up, you would be able to download and enjoy all the amazing updates that are presented to registered users. Make sure you go to the member’s area of your account to download or update it.

In addition to all that, your access to the full version of the program is only accessible via Volume License Service Center (VLSC). Don’t forget that Microsoft announced it would be pushing mainstream updates of Office 2019 for macOS over the next five years. Nevertheless, it clarified that it will only offer extended support for two rather than the stipulated five years.

4. Compatibility

Is Microsoft Office 2019 compatible with macOS 10.14? Yes, it is. More importantly, it’s worth mentioning that every time a new Microsoft Office for Mac enters the market, it always stays compatible with the current and the most immediate macOS version. In this case, it’s compatibility with Mac OS High Sierra and Mac OS Mojave is not in doubt!

Now that you have all this information, feel free to download Office 2019 for Mac!

Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.14 - PDFelement for Mac

The fact that Microsoft previews best features of Office 2019 is purely to give users an easier time working. On top of that, the program is designed to make users more efficient in what they do. Nevertheless, the program isn’t enough. You need more to do other stuff too. For example, you still require the help of PDFelement for Mac as your all-in-one Office PDF Editor.

microsoft office for mac

Why PDFelement for Mac, though? Because Office 2019 for Mac lacks some of the functionalities that you find in PDFelement for Mac. For example, users would struggle converting Word files to other formats with the apps and features that come with Microsoft Office 2019 for macOS 10.14.

PDFelement for Mac is an essential tool within the office. You also need it for your personal tasks at home, especially when sending documents to friends and colleagues who prefer formats other than Word or Excel. PDFelement for Mac is all-inclusive. More than that, this excellent file management tool complements all the utilities found in Office 2019 for Mac

microsoft office for mac

PDFelement for Mac has several amazing features that make it a must-have in the office. For starters, its highly intuitive interface is likely to be more attractive to users. With such an interface, you can navigate through the software more efficiently. More importantly, users can create, combine, edit and convert their files easily.

In addition to all that, it’s worth pointing out that PDFelement for Mac is not for businesses alone. To reiterate, it’s just as perfect for individuals too. This is possible through the program’s batch processing functionalities that support several tasks you may be required to perform. Moreover, these functionalities allow you to work on multiple files simultaneously.

PDFelement for Mac has signature functionalities and features a battalion of editor functions. It also comes with file security features, which include text redaction and password protection. On top of that, you can also use its array of file conversion tools plus the form creator to make yourself more productive in all your office-related or personal work.

microsoft office for mac
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