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Top 20 Useful Tips about macOS 10.14 Pages

Pages Mac gives you access to the best word processor that also works effectively as a page layout app. With this app, you can do several things. First, you can create documents. Two, it also enables you to edit documents. It comes with several themes and templates thus presenting you with the best opportunity for designing the types of documents that you wish.

In this article, you will learn everything about Pages Mac, including how to download Pages for Mac. The lessons you learn here will help you to tackle issues that could crop up with your version of the app. Most importantly, you will be more knowledgeable on issues regarding Pages for Mac free.

20 Tips about Pages for macOS 10.14

1) What is it?

What is Pages on Mac? In simple terms, it is one of the most powerful word processors. It offers users an opportunity for creating exceptional documents. More importantly, it allows users to explore their creativity and boost their productivity. It has all the tools and features needed for customizing documents.

2) How to download it

Would you like to download Pages for Mac? If your answer is yes, you will not have to search for too long! First, remember that it costs you nothing to download Pages for Mac free. The first port of call should be the Mac App Store. There, you will download it at no cost. You can find more information at iTunes.

3) How to update Pages

It is important to learn how to update Pages on Mac. The process is quite simple. First, you have to understand why you need to update the Pages. Updates are crucial for keeping pace with the changes and improvements that have taken place over the years. What should you do? Log in to the Mac App Store then update the Pages Mac from the app to your device.

4) How to use it

The next tip seeks to teach you how to open Pages on Mac and use it for your work. The fact that the app is compatible with Microsoft Word means you will not struggle using it even if it’s your first time. Anyone who knows how to use Pages on Mac will have an easier time. The process includes:

  • Launching Pages from the application folder of Pages Mac
  • Clicking Documents folder and checking the document before clicking Open

If all is well, a window will appear with explanation regarding any changes that took place.

5) Using bullets and lists for organizing reports

Bullets and lists are essential for organizing thoughts that you want to present concisely and to put across as fast as possible. Pages Mac allows you to do that. It has all the features you need for making your thoughts more organized. Furthermore, bullets and lists allow you to keep your ideas simple. They make your work less complicated and more readable.

6) Importing graphics

It’s possible for use Pages for Mac free to import graphics from other sources or apps. In fact, you can import any graphic that pleases you from webpages easily. How do you do that? Simply click Insert and choose from the dropdown menu that appears. Explore your Pages Mac by learning how to use Pages on Mac for importing or exporting images.

7) Importing texts from webpages without formatting

Do you need to format texts before importing them from webpages? The answer is no. You can do all that from this app. In this regard, the app allows you to import texts as they are from any webpage of your choice. This feature is essential for users who wish to include statements or quotes on their texts exactly as they are without changing anything.

8) Activating vertical ruler

It’s important to understand this tip before proceeding to download Pages for Mac. Know what a Vertical Ruler is, especially if you love designing pages. You can activate this ruler via Command+R. This way, you can keep your pages well organized. While activating it, remember to set the units as Points, Inches or Centimeters.

9) Using Pages Style effectively

How your document looks at the end of your work depends on your ability to use Pages Style effectively. For this reason, it’s important for you to learn how to use Pages on Mac. The first lesson should be on how to open Pages on Mac. Once you are through with these lessons, improve your skills on the two traits of styles, which are visual and structural styles.

10) When to reduce file size

The file size can be too big at times. For this reason, you should learn when and how to reduce it on Pages Mac. The best time for this is when the files take too much space. When you notice this happening, you should select the file before clicking “Advanced” and then following it up with “Reduce File Size.” It’s important to note that doing this reduces the file’s resolution too.

11) Eliminating Snap Guides

Snap Guides are crucial for one very important reason; lining up various elements of the Pages for Mac free. However, there are moments when you might feel that the Snap Guides are not helping you at all. In such cases, you would be justified in removing them. To do this, you simply have to start by pressing the Command button down while moving the item in question around.

12) Retaining style while pasting

Pasting can often cause a lot of problems in your Pages Mac files. However, you can retain their style while proceeding to copy and paste any content that pleases you. When copying and pasting content from webpages, you should use the web style. This way, you lose nothing while keeping everything within your preferred style.

13) Keeping Pages Theme Intact Using Styles

You can organize each page of the Pages Mac to have a specific theme. If that happens, you will be able to keep everything intact with the help of Styles. To do that, you will have to go to the Styles menu first and use it to format texts automatically. Start with Format then proceed to Text before settling on your current style. All themes have an effect on styles.

14) Rotating Grouped Items Around a Point

Different items on your Pages for Mac free can work together seamlessly. You simply have to know what to do. First, select several items at once. Next, click on Format before choosing Arrange. Finish by selecting Group and optimizing the rotate tool so that it can rotate all the items you just selected.

15) Working at Night with Dark Mode

As you learn how to use Pages on Mac, you will realize how easy it is for you to work at night or in places with dim lighting. What you need for all that to happen is the Dark Mode. It’s responsible for adding dark color scheme to your work. The dark color scheme is not just aesthetically pleasing but also perfect for enabling you to focus on your work.

16) Working Faster in Finder with Quick Actions

For years, macOS has blessed its users with Finder. With this tool, you can work faster to find whatever you need from the ton of files that are in the system. A manual search could take you ages. For this reason, Finder is a time-saver. More importantly, Finder also offers you information about the file before opening.

17) Screenshots are Easier

Do you love taking screenshots? Apple has improved the whole experience in macOS 10.14. Download Pages for Mac and start learning how to take screenshots on this system. In fact, there are several shortcuts on the keyboard worth using to make this experience easier and faster for you.

18) Using Website Icons to Monitor Open Tabs

The moment you download Pages for Mac free, you will notice that its latest browser is Safari 12. The browser comes with a world of features that never existed in the previous versions. The features make your work easier on many fronts. For example, you can now use website icons to keep track of any open tabs.

19) Using Stronger Passwords

The web browser on Pages Mac – Safari 12 – enables users to set and use stronger passwords. In fact, it does better than that. It suggests much stronger passwords worth considering to keep your information locked, secure and safe. More importantly, Safari 12 alerts you in case you use one password on more than one website or online.

20) Continuity Camera

The Continuity Camera is a powerful feature on macOS 10.14. For this reason, it’s important to learn about it. Why? First, it takes the place of scanners thus saving you money and allowing you to work on a more organized, comfortable and spacious workspace. To use it, however, you will need your iPhone.

You Must-Have PDF Editor for Word/Excel/PPT on macOS 10.14

Now that you understand all that about Pages Mac, the next issue to tackle is that of PDF Editors for Word/Excel/PPT on macOS 10.14. In this regard, there is only one name worth mentioning – PDFelement for Mac. This editor helps users to not only create but also edit, markup and convert PDF files.

pdf editing on mac

You can use PDFelement for Mac to create PDF forms and files from multiple other documents. This feature makes it a bit special compared to other similar apps. Furthermore, PDFelement for Mac is capable of editing large texts. It has no difficulty in converting PDFs to Word or Excel formats either.

pages mac

In addition to all that, PDFelement for Mac splits and merges documents that you produced using Pages for Mac free. It also shares all types and formats of files regardless of size; thus making it a powerful tool for collaboration between different members of the same team. The app also allows users to fill PDF forms before saving them on the cloud.

pages mac

PDFelement for Mac is able to do this because of its incredible features, which include:

  • Adds sticky notes easily
  • Supports comments
  • Supports stamps
  • Allows easy memorization
  • Allows easy collaboration
  • Creates fillable PDF forms fast and easily
  • Capable of exporting Form data to Excel instantly without any further delay
  • Navigates between different documents easily
  • Has spell checks that can resolve typos fast
  • Its intelligent paragraph technology adds and tweaks texts while preserving the original layout
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simplified toolbar enables quick navigation

Therefore, go ahead and download Pages for Mac as well as PDFelement for Mac. You will enjoy using apps and features that make you a more productive person in all that you do with your macOS 10.14 device. As shown here, Pages Mac has several amazing features that you should spend time learning how to use.

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