Top 10 Tips for PowerPoint on macOS 10.14

The macOS 10.14 has made a lot of the Mac users happy because they have the privilege to do great things and among them is making PowerPoint presentations through the PowerPoint for Mac. If you use your Mac for work purposes, you need to learn how to function with PowerPoint Mac since it is great at work projects. In this article, you will acquire several tips for PowerPoint on macOS 10.14 so that you can have an easier time with the PowerPoint for Mac and not get stuck in the middle of important projects or matters. These tips have fixing solutions for multiple problems.

10 Common Issues and Fixes for PowerPoint

1. Unable to Download PowerPoint on MacOS 10.14

At times, you may be unable to download PowerPoint for Mac. This is an issue caused by the failure of Mac’s Safari in handling download. There is a solution to this and you can actually get PowerPoint for Mac free.

How to Fix

Recent Safari plug-ins could be interfering with the download and so it is important to remove them. You can also use another web browser like Firefox or Chrome and ensure the download process isn’t terminated or paused inadvertently.

  • Click “Show Download”
  • Click “Resume” under the PowerPoint button in case download is paused.

2. Unable to Run Newly Downloaded PowerPoint App

Failure to use the proper account credentials while logging in into the app store can also cause affect the running of a newly downloaded PowerPoint for Mac free. The error message claims that the app comes from an unidentified developer. In other instances, the reason could be that the app came in a zip pack or compressed archive.

How to Fix

  • You can fix the login issue by altering the Security and Privacy preference settings.
  • By decompressing the downloaded PowerPoint item using the iZip app, you may be able to run the newly downloaded PowerPoint app.

3. Unable to Open PowerPoint so as to Make a Presentation

When opening PowerPoint for Mac, you may face some challenges. The error messages may fail to appear to explain the sudden problem and thus makes how to open PowerPoint on Mac more troublesome. The possible reason for this behavior is that there is a bug in the older PowerPoint for macOS 10.14 version. This will definitely affect the process of how to make a PowerPoint on Mac.

How to Fix

  • Enquire if there are some outstanding updates that are necessary. Download them and install
  • If the problem stays unresolved;

    In Safe Mode, start the Mac; this determines whether there is an incompatible app forestalling PowerPoint’s smooth operations. In the popup dialog box, choose “Start in Safe Mode.”
  • If the problem continues to persist;

    Go to “Containers folder” and clear out the directories of Office 2016.
  • Let the application to rebuild itself when running next time.

4. Unable to Save PowerPoint in PDF Version on macOS 10.14

How to save PowerPoint as PDF on Mac may at times become tricky. You may end up saving the entire file all together, a step that could cause exportation of the slides because you will have saved a PowerPoint file with notes that are in PDF format.

How to Fix

  • You need to change the layout i.e. slides to notes; therefore, open “Layout” drop down menu
  • Export the selected file; use the option “Print” instead of the “Save As” in the file’s menu. Click the button “PDF”; in the popup dialog box, choose “Save as PDF”
  • Another option is using Google slides to convert PowerPoint file to PDF.

    On your Mac, open;

    Use a Google account to log in

    On the screen’s lower-right section, click on the symbol “+”

    On the screen’s upper left, select the file and open it.

    On the next menu, select “Upload”, then the PowerPoint presentation that needs conversion

    The upper left corner has a file, tap on it. Choose “Download As”; select “PDF document”. Choose a name for the document and save it

    You can obtain the file as a PDF file on the Google Slides.

5. Unable to Export PowerPoint in Video Version on mac OS 10.14

As you export PowerPoint to video Mac 2016, there are a lot of processes involved, including the conversion of small-sized, compressed and low-quality PowerPoint files, which could end up being problematic. In most cases, the PowerPoint update issues are behind the problems that hinder exportation of PowerPoint files to MP4 or MOV file formats, such as crashing.

How to Fix

  • For you to efficiently export PowerPoint to video Mac 2016, check that all pending updates are as expected; downloaded and installed.
  • Access App Store to check for PowerPoint’s updates; download outstanding updates.


    Open “Office” application; launch “AutoUpdate” app through the Help menu where you select “Check for Updates” option; install updates; restart your Mac

  • Another way to fix this PowerPoint for Mac problem is recording the presentation using screen capture apps like Camtasia and QuickTime. However, you must minimize the recording size.

Open “Slide Show” menu

Choose browsing using an individual window before you can proceed with the screen capturing.

6. Crashing of PowerPoint for Mac during Editing of the Japanese Characters

If you are editing characters in other languages like Japanese, you may experience crashing of your PowerPoint. This problem could be due to wrong installation of the app. You longer have to worry about how to do PowerPoint on Mac if this happens because there is a solution.

How to Fix

  • This issue is fixable through the latest PowerPoint for Mac version.
  • Get the latest update by opening the PowerPoint for Mac; access “Help”; go to “Check for Updates” menu.
  • Follow the necessary steps in the Microsoft AutoUpdate app.

7. PowerPoint for Mac Fonts Issues

There is a chance that you may encounter some problems with fronts in the PowerPoint for Mac. This is noticeable through garbled appearance of texts, unavailability of the font picker, substitution of fonts with others and missing of others. These issues arise probably due to improper installation of the app fonts or presence of multiple versions, thus causing confusion.

How to Fix

  • Check the installed font versions. In case there are several versions, ensure that the latest is the active one.
  • If you only have one font version, check the type. In case the font type display states “PostScript-Type1,” it is highly recommendable that you upgrade to "OpenType," which is a newer font version.
  • In case your PowerPoint for Mac has large font numbers installed you will definitely have these font loading issues. Therefore, remove or disable the unnecessary fonts.

8. Slide Show Presentation Problems in PowerPoint for Mac

As you conduct a slide show presentation using the PowerPoint Mac, there is a possibility of experiencing issues like closing of the application unexpectedly or the screen turning black. The possible reason for this behavior could be that the PowerPoint Mac version in use is outdated and thus need updating. There could also be issues with your screen resolution.

How to Fix

  • Resolve this problem by downloading and installing the most recent PowerPoint Mac updates

    If the problem persists, it could the second cause; you need to adjust the monitor settings

  • Select ”Apple”
  • Choose “System Preferences”
  • Open “Display”
  • Reduce to a lower screen resolution like 1920*1080.
  • Close window.

9. Can’t Read Text on PowerPoint for Mac

When making presentations, the audience may be unable to read text after projecting it on the screen. It appears to be completely legible in the Mac, but not on the screen. The reason could be the differences in the brightness, contrast and shade between PowerPoint for Mac and projector.

How to Fix

The best way to fix this is avoiding subtle color differences as you choose the background and font colors. Avoid making texts in colors like yellow when the background is blue. It may be pleasing to see but not quite readable. Black and white, on the other hand are readable.

10. Startup Error in PowerPoint for Mac

As you maneuver on how to do PowerPoint on Mac, you begin by starting PowerPoint for Mac. Unfortunately you may receive an error message stating that Microsoft is encountering a problem and must close. The possible causes could be corruption of the PowerPoint preferences, user account profile or application files, or interference by background programs.

How to Fix

  • Step 1; You may have to quit all applications by closing their windows.

    Click “Force Quit” on Apple menu

    Select the “Force Quit Applications” window

    Choose “Force Quit”

    Repeat these steps until all apps have closed

    If problem persists try step 2:

  • Step 2; Remove the PowerPoint preferences

    Quit all application of Microsoft Office for Mac

    Click “Home” on the Go menu

    Open “Library”; access “Preferences” folder; seek ”” file and transfer it to desktop. Start PowerPoint for Mac to see response. If a positive response is noted, delete this file.

    If negative result s are noted, repeat step 2 and this time look for “” file. Transfer to desktop. Start PowerPoint for Mac; If positive result is noted delete this file

    If problem persists try step 3

  • Step 3; Compose a new user account. to find out if corruption of the user account profile is corrupt, log on to your Mac using a new user account; test the PowerPoint for Mac. If the problem disappears, the user’s home folder has issues, so continue using the new user account.

    If the problem is not sorted, try step 4:

  • Step 4; Put “Repair Disk Permissions” option to use

    Click “Utilities” on go menu

    Start the program “Disk Utility”

    Select the primary hard drive in your Mac

    Choose “First Aid” tab

    Click “Repair Disk Permissions”

Best macOS 10.14 Free PowerPoint Converter.

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  • Incorporation of a password for protection after conversion
  • Addition of graphical elements

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