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Preview for macOS 10.14

There are multiple apps that you can use on your Mac every single day, such as Safari, Finder and Mail. For some Mac apps, you only launch them when a file opens in them such as Mac Preview. It is rare to use the Mac Preview application because it goes into hiding as soon as you are done using it. Well, despite being among the latter class of default programs, Preview macOS is a versatile software piece that is unfortunately underused. Therefore, this article will enlighten you on how to use Preview on Mac any day and find pleasure too.

10 Tips about Preview for macOS 10.14

Tip 1: What is Preview on macOS 10.14

Preview app for Mac is a macOS default application that performs multiple operations of file management, both on image and document files, such as PNG and JPG, among others. In short, Mac Preview provides a smooth and quick means for you to view different photos and documents. Additionally, Preview macOS offers you multiple markup features and impressive editing that you hardly know about.

Tip 2: How to Download Preview App for macOS 10.14

According to Apple, you can download the Preview app whenever you want. However, the Preview app for Mac download, especially the latest version, requires your device to upgrade to macOS 10.14. The developer update version is available for you online and is very effective as you wait for the final release. Therefore, the Mac Preview update really requires the download of macOS 10.14 first. Beware of the risks of downloading both developer and final versions together.

Tip 3: How to Open and Use

By just clicking on the Preview app for Mac, you begin your journey towards how to open Preview on Mac. The application comes with MacBooks and Macs. Opening and how to use Preview on Mac is well explained in the following tips. Eventually, you will be well equipped to not only load the images and documents, but also share and sign in the documents. How to open and use Mac Preview is extremely easy.

Tip 4: Annotation Functions

The Preview macOS provides you with diverse annotations tools, which you can use for different purposes. You can strike or highlight through the individual sentences as well as draw text boxes, shapes and arrows on any document type. To access all the annotation tools, you can click on “Tools” then “Annotate”. Another option is clicking on the annotation icon. You can find it next to the search field and you will be ready to manipulate the documents in your Mac through Preview.

Tip 5: Signing of PDF Files

The Mac Preview also comes with a built-in feature that is significant in the signing of PDFs professionally and quickly. To utilize the signing option, use the following steps.

  • Open the application
  • In the menu bar, head to Preview
  • Select “Preferences”
  • Select the Signature tab
  • Click on the “Create Signature” button

If you wish to sign a PDF document while it is open on Preview;

  • Go to “Tools”
  • Access “Annotate”
  • Click on “Signature” in the menu bar

Tip 6: Opening Several Files in One Preview Window

The Mac Preview cannot stop you from opening several files because it can handle it. There are two ways to do so. You can load and open each file after the other as you create a separate Preview window for each. On the other hand, you can work with the several files in one Preview window. The latter is easier than the former and you can do it by choosing the multiple files in Finder and launching them.

Tip 7: Quick Conversion of Files

Preview macOS comes in handy when you need to convert files into various formats. The application allows you to do certain operations, such as opening an illustrator file and exporting it in the PNG format. This process can take place without using the illustrator software. Mac Preview is also great at converting files to and from the PDF format. You just have to load the file that you would like to convert and choose the menu, “Export from file.” Choose the format and click “Save.”

Tip 8: Cropping of Images and Documents in Preview on Mac

Preview app for Mac does well at editing PDF files and photos. You just have to load the respective file that needs cropping and select the function “Show Markup Toolbar.” As you click hold, you should drag on that file so that you can make you selection. The same takes place to resize the section.

Tip 9: Sharing of Files

Sharing files in Preview is very possible and straightforward. You begin by selecting and opening the file in the software. You should then select the option “Share” as you choose how you would like to share your photo or document. Preview app for Mac makes sharing of files easy and fast.

Tip10: Viewing of Photos and Documents in Preview on Mac

The Preview app for Mac can allow you to view documents as well as photos. If you set it as the default app for this purpose, the process becomes smooth because all you have to do is open the desired files. If it is not the default app with this responsibility you can still re-set to make it the default app by causing come change in Finder. Simply right click and select “Open with” to choose Preview.

Best Free Preview Alternative for macOS 10.14

PDFelement for Mac is without a doubt the best free Preview alternative for macOS 10.14. It has been designed for you so that you can perform your PDF editing in the super simplest way possible. PDFelement for Mac is the best free alterative because it has an array of powerful management solutions for PDF files. They allow you to carry out multiple operations on your Mac effortlessly including changing texts, adding stamps to PDF documents and filling out the forms.

prewiew macos

Other key features include;

  • User friendly interface that gives great experience during functionalities.
  • Enhanced data extraction that allows you to extract information from different PDF file types, even the PDF documents that you are yet to scan.
  • Create PDF from scanners since it has the options to perform OCR. It can also generate PDF/A files.
  • Two OCR modes. When you are performing OCR you can use any of the two modes by selecting “Editable Text” or “Searchable Text Image.”
  • Continuous Annotations thus allowing you to add annotations on a continuous basis with the preference bar for switch to hide.
  • Navigation by keyboard. PDFelement for Mac allows you to navigate through the file pages using the keyboard arrow keys.

prewiew macos

prewiew macos
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