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Top 10 Problems of mac OS 10.14 and How to Fix

The latest macOS Mojave was released in September and it came along with mouth-watering new features. But as we must all know, there’s no thing as perfect especially when it comes to software. There are reported macOS 10.14 known issues that may hinder your work from getting done smoothly. We have therefore sampled out common Mojave 10.14 problems and solutions to each problem to help you enjoy this latest change in technology. This guide will help you fix Mac problems waiting for updates.

top 10 problems of macos

Top 10 Problems of macOS 10.14 and Solutions

1. Can’t Download macOS Mojave

While this isn’t a widely reported error Mac problem anymore since most people have already upgraded, it will better to be prepared to fix it. Some users were greeted with “macOS Mojave download has failed” or “Installation of macOS could not continue” while trying to download this operating system. The Mac problems could be as a result of low space or many people trying to download it from the server at the same time. So, it will be wise of you to free storage space or try downloading the software later respectively to fix this problem.

There was also a couple of reports from users who failed to download because installation wasn’t completed at once or because the Wi-Fi was disconnected. To manage such macOS 10.14 install problems, try downloading macOS from another Mac device and copy to your USB from where you can have it installed. You can also try moving closer or plugging into your router. If there is still issues, open the App Store then visit ‘View My Account’ to check if there are unfinished downloads, or to even restart the download again.

2. Fix mac OS Mojave Install Problems

“An error occurred validating installer data. The download is either damaged or incomplete. Redownload the installer and try again” is the message that will let you know things went south while installing the mac OS 10.14. The first step when trying to fix mac OS 10.14 install problems is to ensure the device you’re using is compatible with this mac OS. If it’s compatible and you’ve already downloaded but there’s no installation prompt, search for ‘Install macOS 10.14’ from Mac’s application folder then double click. Free some storage space also if there’s issues with space. If theirs is still issues, create an external Mac startup disc.

3. Slow Performance

Though this issue is not reported by all users, but it has affected a couple of users to be concerned. Users with such mac 10.14 issues should know that after upgrading to Mojave 10.14, slow performance should is normal for a day or two till you have all the applications updated. If this condition persists, have macOS Mojave install cleaned-up.

4. Failing to Log in after Installing mac OS 10.14

One of the mac OS 10.14 problems experienced by users is failing to their Mac after installing mac OS 10.14 Mojave. Other users also reported getting logged out whenever they managed to log in. To fix this, restart you device and press + S command without letting go. The boot up will take you to enter a command prompt. Enter /sbin/mount -uw / then press enter in your device and input rm /var/db/ .applesetupdon. After doing this, press enter to restart your device. From there, you will be requested to create a new admin account. Don’t worry as your precious files is not going to get deleted.

5. Issues with Chrome Functionality.

There are reports that some devices could not open up new websites after some time, and the web pages that are opened are blank as if one’s device is not connected to the internet. When faced with such error Mac, uninstall chrome then re-install it yet again. All your login details will be kept provided you are connected to the internet. Just to ensure that you indeed have no problem with internet connection, try browsing with a different browser like Safari.

6. Failure to Connect to the App Store.

Some users have also reported facing problems accessing apps in the App Store after installing macOS 10.14 Mojave. If you are also faced with such a dilemma, consider following this steps to have the problem fixed.

  • Open Keychain Access application and then click on System Roots.
  • Double-click on DigiCert High Assurance EV root CA that pops-up and expand on Trust entry.
  • When here, shift from Use System Defaults to Never Trust
  • Restart your device and go back to Keychain Access to where you changed Use System Defaults to Never Trust.
  • Change from Never Trust to Use System Default.
  • Enjoy Mac App Store.

7. Mac Battery Problems after Installing mac OS Mojave.

Do you feel that the life of your battery’s Mac device has depreciated ever since installing mac OS 10.14 Mojave? To check what is causing this mac OS 10.14 problems visit energy found in the Activity Monitor of tour PC. To get to the activity monitor, open finder then go to utilities and later applications. The energy section will let you know applications that are consuming more energy than necessary. You may then consider disabling or uninstalling some applications.

8. Troubles with iCloud.

Some iClouds have reportedly failed to sync after installing mac OS 10.14 Mojave. One option that can help fix this problem is to log out of iCloud and then signing back to see if the problem is rectified. If this step does not work, then the other option that can help you fix this problem is to delete the Cloud Docs Folder. Once you delete this folder, your Mac device will be forced to connect again and redownload again. You can also check to see if there are any updates by Apple you have not made that has pushed out functionality of your PC.

9. Bluetooth Problems.

Bluetooth problems is one of the mac OS 10.14 problems that has caused a big headache to users. The first wise thing to do when faced with such an issue is to try un-pairing and un-pairing your device. If this fails, then try deleting plist Bluetooth file. Visit system configuration folder and delete a group of files then restart your Mac device.

10. Apps still Showing in the Dock even after You’ve Quit Them.

The new Mac OS 10.14 Mojave has got a new feature with how the dock functions making it to be more like iOS. Many users however still find this improvement a problem since the apps may still show even after quitting them in the dock. To manage this situation go to system preferences and then open dock options. From there, uncheck the show recent applications in dock option. This will take you way back to how things functioned in High Sierra and also remove the new section.

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top 10 problems on macos 10.14

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top 10 problems on macos 10.14

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top 10 problems on macos 10.14
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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