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10 Best Free Productivity Apps for macOS 10.14

Have you ever tried to put in the hours at work but nothing seems to be working no matter how much you try? We all go through such days in life where distractions seem to overpower productivity. Fortunately, you can triumph over these distractions. The solution lies in some of the best productivity apps for Mac.

With these apps, you can make yourself the most productive worker in the office. The beauty of these apps is everybody (including employers, employees, students, or work-at-home dads and moms) can use them. The apps help you to turn what could have easily been a wasteful day into the most productive one. Below is a review of the best free productivity apps for macOS 10.14.

Best 10 macOS 10.14 Productivity Apps for Developers

1) PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is one of the best productivity apps for Mac for various reasons. One, you can use it for multiple tasks. It not only helps in viewing PDF files but also in editing and manipulating pages. More importantly, it also ranks as one of the best free productivity apps for Mac for the simple reason that it secures and stores data effectively.

pdf editing on mac

PDFelement for Mac is also renowned for its ability to change texts. Users can also use it effectively in filling out PDF forms. It does all these tasks with relative ease. Additionally, it has proved beneficial for users who wish to put their stamps on any PDF file. On top of all that, it remains one of the best tools for sharing files, splitting and merging pages, and more.

Full range of benefits include:

  • Opens PDF files faster
  • It’s ideal for filling and saving PDF forms
  • It edits texts, merges and splits pages, inserts photos and extracts pages all in a single click
  • Allows users to set passwords to protect their PDF files

pdf editor mac

pdf editing on mac


1PASSWORD has a reputation for being one of the best Mac OS apps for developers. Why is this the case? One, it gives you the freedom to set one master password for all the passwords you saved or use on your Mac PC. What does this achieve? Well, in a world where hacking has become the norm, you will make your passwords and files impossible to hack.


1PASSWORD also saves you from exhausting your mind by trying to memorize all passwords. After all, you only need the master password to gain access to any other password-protected file in your Mac PC or device. 1PASSWORD remains one of the best Mac apps for developers who wish to save and secure their bank and credit card information on Mac gadgets.

The full list of benefits developers enjoy from this app include:

  • Responsive support
  • Encryption-based app
  • Best for sharing and syncing
  • Allows users to use any browser of choice to not only view but also add and edit information
  • Easy to use on multiple devices too

Learn more about 1PASSWORD >>

3) Todoist

You are probably wondering why Todoist is in the list of the best OSX apps for developers yet it costs a yearly fee of $29. Well, maybe you are unaware that it also has a free version. The free version is more powerful than some of the other best free productivity apps for Mac.

First, it works perfectly on all iOS devices. It’s the best app for taking notes and keeping all aspects of your life well organized too. On top of all that, the app allows you to stay on top of all the personal and professional projects you are handling at any given moment.

What other benefits do you derive from using Todoist?

  • Easy to use for managing tasks on computers, tablets and smartphones
  • It’s freemium; that is, it has a free and premium version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide array of classification tools
  • Supports collaboration among different users
  • Offline functionality allows users to work on their projects even when they are not online

Learn more about Todoist >>

4) CloudApp

What makes CloudApp one of the best Mac apps for developers 2016? A lot! How much time do you take in recording and sharing videos? You probably spend hours – if not days and weeks – on this task. Well, CloudApp would help you massively with this task.


The biggest attraction of this app is the help it gives users in saving and uploading files online. Furthermore, it makes this task as easy as a breeze. All you have to do is to drag and drop the files to the right designation.

What are its benefits?

  • Gives users complete control and access to all their files
  • Allows users to personalize their content easily
  • Superb and efficient event-tracking feature
  • Creates GIFs surprisingly well

Learn more about CloudApp >>

5) OmniFocus

Several features and benefits make OmniFocus one of the best mac OS X apps for developers who want to be more productive. First, the app enables developers to manage their tasks more efficiently. It offers some of the best features for simplifying the flow of work.


Its entire range of benefits include:

  • Customizable function
  • Reconstructs core tectonic segments easily and more efficiently
  • Gives developers more control over their projects and tasks
  • It provides users with more options for managing and organizing specific project tasks
  • Its built-in review prospect gives users the freedom to not only monitor but also control all pending tasks and projects
  • It offers wide-ranging automation features

Learn more about OmniFocus >>

6) Otter

Do you know how much time you can save with your typing engagements? Some people take hours to type a one-page document or letter for various reasons. Otter helps you to reduce the hours into minutes. It converts you into a more efficient typist.

Its range of benefits include the following:

  • It’s a voice-recognition software
  • It takes notes
  • It transcribes conversations too
  • It takes notes during meetings
  • Allows users to take contextual notes whenever they want

Learn more about Otter >>

7) F.lux

The blue light that the Mac device you use emits can make you a less productive person. You can change all that by installing one of the best productivity apps for Mac, F.lux. It adjusts the light on your device so you can work and sleep better; hence, boosting your productivity.


Other benefits you can expect to derive from this productivity app include:

  • It adjusts light thus making you feel awake and alert during the daytime when you need to be working
  • Boosts sleep-wake cycle
  • Works unobtrusively thus not interfering with you
  • The lack of controls and interface makes it easy to use since you only set it once without ever touching it again

Learn more about F.lux >>

8) Ulysses

Anybody whose work revolves around writing a ton of texts before editing and exporting them to a different platform knows how stressful such tasks can be. Often, you end up with texts that appear distorted, which then require too much time to reset and make them readable again.


Ulysses can offer all the relief that you need here. With this app, you have a powerful tool in your hands for not only creating but also editing and exporting all texts effortlessly without distorting anything.

The full benefits you gain from this app include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Allows users to export PDF effortlessly and swiftly

Learn more about Ulysses >>

9) Fantastical

Many calendar apps you find in the market will not make you as productive as you would like. Fantastical is of a different caliber entirely. Its voice input features ensure that users can input commands regarding various events they are organizing by voice.


What other benefits can you derive from using Fantastical?

  • Offers the convenient you need to be productive
  • It is compatible with multiple cloud apps thus guaranteeing users the much-needed satisfaction
  • Sets reminders
  • Uses multiple calendars simultaneously
  • Perfect for creating and editing events

Learn more about Fantastical >>

10) Franz

Franz makes the list of the best apps for developers Mac because it enables users to take charge of their chats on different platforms. It saves you from wasting time moving from one chat service to the next. It offers you access to all social messaging services in a single platform.

The range of benefits that the productivity app guarantees you include:

  • It loads fast
  • Setup is simple and straightforward
  • Supports multiple messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Inbox, Gmail, and Slack thus reducing the hassle

As reviewed above, you have no shortage of the best productivity apps for Mac to choose from. What makes them better is the fact they all cost nothing. Granted, you will have to pay a small fee to access the premium versions of one of these apps but the rest are absolutely free!

Learn more about Franz >>

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