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Top Way to Read Kindle Books Free on macos 10.14

Do you have an e-book that you have been wondering how to read on your macOS 10.14 device? If that’s the case, you should worry no more! Why? You can read it easily and enjoyably on Kindle for macOS 10.14.

In fact, you have several ways to read Kindle books on macOS 10.14. You don’t have to feel limited to a single way only. That’s what we will be talking about on this article. You will learn two things. That is, how to read Kindle books and convert PDF to Kindle.

Therefore, feel free to dive into the points listed below to educate yourself on this issue.

How to Read Kindle Books on macOS 10.14

Do you know that it’s possible to read Kindle books on macOS 10.14? All you need is an Amazon account. Yes, with that account, you can access any Kindle book that pleases you. However, it’s important to know a few things first.

How can you read books Kindle for macOS 10.14? You need to find the apps that you can use to read Kindle books on macOS 10.14. In this article, you will read more about such types of apps. We will look at three of the best Kindle reading app for mac.

1. Free Kindle App for macOS 10.14

Globally, the demand for access to more Kindle eBooks has been rising steadily over the years. It’s for this reason that the need for finding the best Kindle reading app for Mac has increased manifold. That said, this app is one of the best for users.

What makes it an ideal choice?

First, its versatile interoperability is unmatched. What this means is users can use the app for reading Kindle books on multiple devices. What is more, the interoperability enables users to synchronize their reading sessions.

How to use the App to Read Kindle Books

  • Go to Amazon.com and click “Kindle Menu”
  • Look for Free Kindle Reading Apps
  • Follow the prompts to download the app
  • Click “Download Now”
  • Give Finder time to detect the app
  • Launch the app
  • Log in using your Amazon credentials
  • Allow the app time for synchronizing with your Amazon account
  • Open the books you wish to read on macOS 10.14 Kindle

2. PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is an excellent tool for anyone who would like to read kindle books on macOS 10.14. The app comes in handy when the books are in a format other than PDF. You can convert them into PDF first before proceeding to read.

read kindle on mac

More than that, you can also edit and convert files using PDFelement for Mac. Other apps don’t give you this much freedom for editing and converting eBooks. Also, the fact that PDFelement is a free Kindle app for macOS 10.14 should make it worth installing immediately.

How can you read books with PDFelement for Mac?

  • Open the Kindle for Mac app to download the books to macOS 10.14
  • Bring the eBook library up
  • Right-click your preferred book and select “Download”
  • Download the book to your local storage
  • Alternatively, use USB cable to transfer Kindle books to your macOS 10.14 device from Kindle
  • Look for and download Epubor Ultimate on Mac to remove DRM restrictions present on Kindle files
  • Open Epubor before dragging and dropping your eBook in its open window
  • Select “PDF” as your desired format
  • Tap the button labelled “Convert”
  • Open PDFelement for Mac
  • Click “Open File”
  • Choose your converted book and start reading

3. Adobe Digital Editions

The third app worth using to read or download Kindle books to macOS 10.14 is Adobe Digital Editions. First, you would need to convert your eBook into PDF format before reading it on this app for Kindle for macOS 10.14.

After downloading the app, you should follow these steps to read the eBook:

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions
  • Load your preferred eBook on the open app simply by dragging and dropping it
  • Right-click the eBook
  • From the dropdown menu, select “Read”

As shown here, you have several options regarding macOS 10.14 Kindle. Regardless of your choice, you can start reading safe in the knowledge that it will enable you to read eBooks on Kindle for macOS 10.14. What is more, they are all free apps for macOS 10.14 Kindle.

How to Convert PDF to Kindles for macOS 10.14

Now that you have a collection of eBooks, you’re probably wondering how you will be able to convert them all into readable formats. For most people, the format of choice where eBooks are concerned is PDF.

Fortunately, you have a highly effective tool to help you with that – PDFelement for Mac.

read kindle books free on mac

Nevertheless, you have to learn how to use this app to convert PDFs to Kindles for macOS 10.14 first. The process is quite simple and easy to follow, as you will learn below. Before that, it would be important to mention that PDFelement for Mac is a powerful app since it:

  • Allows users to read PDFs
  • Allows users to edit and convert other eBook formats into PDFs
  • Allows users to create PDF files

read kindle books free on mac

So, how do you convert PDF to Kindle with PDFelement for Mac on mac?

PDFelement for Mac is one of the most popular and effective PDF to Kindle Converters in the market today. It features a multitude of impressive file conversion functions. In fact, it also converts without losing the original formatting and quality of the eBook.

Step 1: Launch the App

Double-click PDFelement for Mac on your desktop to launch it. Click “Open File” to open the PDF file (or eBook) you wish to convert before reading.

Step 2: Converting PDF to Kindle

On the “Home” tab, click “Convert to Word” to set the conversion process in motion. Do this after selecting your destination folder where you intend to save the output files. Click “OK” to make this happen.

That is it! Your eBook is now in either PDF or any other format you may prefer. You are now free to open and read it at your pleasure. None of this would have been possible without the help and contribution of PDFelement for Mac.

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