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Remove and Rearrange Menu Bar Icons on macOS 10.14

The macOS 10.14 menu bar displays the range of system tools in your Mac, including the third party apps. Unfortunately, installing more apps for various purposes just makes this fascinating place over crowded, since each software icon is scrambling for space. This makes organizing your mac’s menu bar on macOS 10.14 very important to avoid the overcrowding and disorganized look. This article contains some ways that you can use to rearrange and remove your mac’s menu bar icons, to suit the look that you want. It is time to declutter the menu bar and make it look as organized as possible.

Top Way to Remove and Rearrange Menu Bar Icons on mac OS 10.14

1. Make Your Volume Icon Silent

The volume icon in your MacBook is the key to changing the audio output. By deactivating this icon from the menu bar, you are reducing the items causing overcrowding. To do so;

  • Access the "System Preferences"
  • Click on "Sound"
  • Un-tick the "Show volume in menu bar" box option.

After removing the volume icon, rearrange the menu bar icons in the macOS 10.14 menu bar to see if you to remove other icons to create better space for organizing your mac’s menu bar on macOS 10.14.

2. Remove or Rearrange Using Command Drag

The command-drag comes in handy when you want to remove and rearrange macOS 10.14 menu bar icons. On the right side of the Menu Bar, there are icons like Wi-Fi, battery life left and Bluetooth indicators. The fastest way to remove the unwanted icons involves holding down the Command button and dragging them off. If you want to rearrange the menu bar icons in the macOS 10.14 menu bar, hold the Command button and drag the icons to a different menu bar location. You can do this as much as you need until you are satisfied with the appearance in the menu bar. 

3. Use the Feature of the Battery Icon

The battery icon feature can be a way to organize the menu bar for Mac. This battery icon lets you know when you need to charge your Mac. You can survive without the icon on the menu bar and thus can hide it. If you utilize the battery icon feature, you will still stay informed on the percentage of battery life left. Rearrange the menu bar icons in the macOS 10.14 menu bar by hiding the battery icon;

  • Go to the icon; select "Open Energy Saver Preferences"
  • Un-tick the box indicating "Show battery status in menu bar".

4. Utilize the Fast Options of the User Switching Icon

The Faster User Switching Icon has three options of showing on the menu bar. To rearrange the menu bar icons in the macOS 10.14 menu bar using this icon, carry out the following;

  • Click on the Faster User Switching Icon.
  • On the dropdown menu’s bottom section, choose "+"
  • Make the changes
  • On the "Users & Groups" window lower-left corner, click the lock to enter your password.
  • Click "Login Options," which is in the left panel
  • On the right side of the "Show fast user switching menu as" there is pull down menu, where you specify your preferences.
  • You can remove the icon from the menu bar by un-ticking its box.

5. Utilize the Time and Data Options

When your menu bar is crowded, utilize the menu bar for organizing your mac’s menu bar on macOS 10.14. Adopt the analog style where time shows through a tiny functional clock icon as the date hides.

  • Press time
  • Choose "Open Date & Time Preferences." Make your selection. You can choose to have the 12-hour digital clock displaying AM/PM signifiers or seconds as well.

These ways ensure that your menu bar looks perfect.

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remove and rearrange menu bar icons on mac

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remove and rearrange menu bar icons on mac

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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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