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How to Secure Your Mac on macOS 10.14

With the release of macOS Mojave, the patronage for the Apple brand is going higher with time. Unfortunately, this is attracting hackers who will do anything in their power to attack the Mac devices. Apple tries to protect its users from these malicious hackers. However, the bigger percentage of protecting your Mac devices lies on your shoulders, as a Mac user. So you have to find means to secure your MacBook in macOS 10.14. This article is quite informative on the security tips to protect your privacy on macOS 10.14 to keep your Mac safe from malicious hackers and creepy work colleagues, among others.

Securing your Office Document on macOS 10.14

There are multiple reasons why you should secure your Mac. Your Mac could hold a lot of information, both personal and corporate. Anybody that wishes you harm like creepy work colleagues or malicious hackers will work towards finding as much as possible about you, to have something to use against you. If Your Mac is easily accessible, that information will be easily obtained and the next actions could destroy your reputation or work ethics and performance. You need to utilize the best macOS 10.14 security settings to ensure that no unauthorized people access your information.

For example, personal information can be used to track your location and moves. If you are a target, thieves can know how to use your credentials to commit crime. When the authorities begin searching for perpetrators, you will be the suspect while there will be no trace of the actual perpetrators. How do you escape that? In another instance, you could be making great moves at work and some colleagues could get jealous especially when promotions start coming your way. The creepy ones that see you as competition instead of inspiration could work towards bringing you down. They can access the corporate work in your Mac to alter it and thus make you seem like a fraud. Secure your MacBook in macOS 10.14 to stay safe.

Ways to Make Mac Secure

1. Activate Firewall

The activation of firewall is significant in the efforts to set up your mac on macOS 10.14 to be secure. It is quite effective in repelling unauthorized access to the software and applications in your Mac. However, you must be aware it can be deactivated by default. For you to secure your mac on macOS 10.14 through the activation of the firewall, carry out the following steps.

  • In the Apple Menu, access “System Preferences”
  • Choose “Security & Privacy”
  • Select the “Firewall” button.

A prompt will appear requesting for your Admin login credentials. To gives you access to multiple firewall security settings, which you can also refer to as among the best macOS 10.14 security settings. They will affect various applications. The settings options range from several that act on channel traffic from apps to those that are responsible for the regulation of your Mac’s responses to attempts to connect.  <

2. Aside from the Admin Account, use a separate Standard Account

As you set up your Mac for the first time, you will realize that getting the admin privileges requires you to create certain credentials, which include a username and password. According to the security tips to protect your privacy on macOS 10.14, it is not advisable to use these account credentials for all purposes. They should not allow you to execute ends and odds functions on your Mac and still enable access to crucial admin privileges. Instead, a separate account credential should cater for the execution of former purposes, which include browsing the web and making or creating files, among others.  

3. Deactivate Automatic Login

As you set up your mac on macOS 10.14 to be secure, you need to do away with the automatic login, which is a default setting that accompanies the new macOS. It provides you with password-free access to you OS so that you can have an easy time accessing the new system. Unfortunately, there is a likelihood that your system might land into the wrong hands. Hence, having the password-free access puts the integrity of your sensitive files in jeopardy. So if you are in the process of installing the new macOS update, deactivating the automatic login is important to secure your MacBook in macOS 10.14.

To do so;

  • Go to Apple Menu; access “System Preferences”
  • Choose “User & Groups”

This where you find options that let certain users to automatically log in. there are also the options to set the system to ask for a password in each log in attempt.

4. Deploy Password Manager Apps for Different Complex Account Passwords

To fully secure your MacBook in macOS 10.14, each user account requires a different set of complex password. Despite that this move can cause password management challenges, you don’t have to worry because password manager apps can help. With different complex passwords matching to the respective user accounts, you are better off in security terms than matching all accounts to a collective password. A sufficiently strong password requires having about 10 to 12 characters, which are a mixture of lower case and upper case letters, special characters and numerals.

The password manager apps come in to help to secure your mac on macOS 10.14, through the management of the numerous passwords. Therefore, you should not get discouraged to use complex passwords in the efforts to secure your MacBook in macOS 10.14. The deployment of the password manager minimizes the stress of having to recollect and memorize several complicated passwords. If you look at the varieties of password manager apps in your App store or vendors for thirty party sites, you will definitely find the best app for your MacBook.

5. Turn Off Spotlight Suggestions

Among the security tips to protect your privacy on macOS 10.14 is turning off the Spotlight Suggestions. The MacOS Mojave Spotlight is accompanied by functionalities that allow access of your system information so that they can assemble multiple streamed internet suggestions. The access of personal data, which is stored locally, is risky since the information reaches Apple and malicious third parties. Disabling the Spotlight suggestion functionalities is the only way to prevent apps from being data collection apparatus for anybody seeking such information. The regulation options for Spotlight’s suggestion functionalities can be accessed through the following steps;

  • Go to “System Preferences”
  • Access “Spotlight”

The next page brings multiple options that you can use to control Spotlight’s automated file sharing functions. Aside from this action to secure your MacBook in macOS 10.14, you also need to limit the functionalities’ interference with Safari’s operations, since it is Mac’s inbuilt browser.

To do so;

  • Open Safari
  • Access the pane “Preferences”
  • Choose “Search”
  • Deactivate the option “Include Spotlight Suggestions.”

Securing Your Office Document on macOS 10.14

PDFelement for Mac has gained a worldwide recognition since it is an all-rounder file management tool. Its large customer base refers to it as a power-packed file converter and editor. The PDFelement for Mac can furnish you with supercharged functionalities that you can use for editing while creating files, which are not only in one format but also in a range of formats. As a user of this trustworthy and reliable editing tool you can create as many files as you wish from scratch to completion and also reproduce these files in multiple formats that suit your various purposes.

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PDFelement for is Mac meant for not only converting and editing files but also offering protection. Therefore, with PDFelement for Mac, you can easily make your files secure with password protection. This kind of protection keeps you at ease since you remain rest assured that your files are well safeguarded from unwanted attempts, such as printing, editing and copying.

secure your mac on macos 10.14

As a PDFelement user, you also have the capability to prevent the execution of certain functions, including form-filling on the protected files without password requirements. The best part about all this is that deactivation of the password protection is as easy as the activation process. Additionally, you have the ability to conduct password activation for multiple files using the function for batch password protection. You can find these powerful password protection features on an intuitive interface and you can activate them by making a few clicks.

PDFelement for Mac Key Features

  • Multifunctional editor- creates and manipulates files
  • Batch processing functionalities- simultaneously effects changes to multiple identical files
  • Express file converter- converts files into various formats as desired
  • Text redaction functions- conceals the sensitive portions of files from the unauthorized parties
  • OCR functionality- replicates data from scanned documents and makes it into editable file formats.  
best macos.14 securoty settings
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