Top 10 macOS 10.14 Software

MacOS 10.14 has continually generated vast excitement among its users and as a Mac user; you can attest that it is great. It has software that you can use to make your Mac experience even better. Any of the Mac software is an os program that can help you do multiple things. This article will enlighten you on the top 10 Mac software that you should not miss out on and the download sites for each. Any os program for Mac works with a certain system and so you need to be keen with this information before downloading into your Mac.

Ten of the Best macOS 10.14 Software

1. PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is a Wondershare product that is spectacular due to its amazing PDF file management features. This Mac program performs operations such as editing and manipulating of pages, viewing PDFs and storing of important information.


  • Has extensive fronts
  • Quick PDF conversion
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Advanced OCR technology
  • File storage under strong security
  • Straightforward.

PDFelement hardly has cons. The free version comes with basic features, while the premium goes for $59.95. It supports MacOS 10.10 and the versions produced after. It is ready available at

2. 1Password

With 1Password, you have all the security you require. This is a versatile password manager that ensures you have the best security, whether offline or online. You can trust this app because it is cryptographically secured, generates a password vault and stays protected with just one Master Password.


  • The OS program creates strong passwords
  • Its subscription gives access to apps across diverse platforms.
  • Gives assistance in filling passwords through plug-ns for browsers
  • It gives notifications regarding password breaches and weaknesses
  • You can drag and drop passwords into other OS programs.


  • It comes at a high stand-alone application cost

1Passwords costs from $14.99. You can download it at if your device is Mac OS X 10.10 or above to match its system support.

3. Amphetamine

Amphetamine is among the best Mac programs because it lets you continue using your MacBook regardless of the closure of the lid. In short, it prevents your Mac from sleeping and lets other Mac tools to stay alert.


  • It’s UI features are powerful
  • Supports deactivation reminders and hotkey commands
  • It perfectly fits in with remaining parts of the Menu Bar items of your device


  • This OS program is disappointingly clunk

The Mac software download sites for Amphetamine include, where you can get it for free. The system support for this Mac program includes MacOS 10.10 and later versions.

4. Bear

Bear is the ideal Mac software, if you want to indulge more into Prose and notes, rather than syntax highlighting and software development. It has a versatile markup editor featuring more than 20 programming languages highlights.


  • Pro account comes at a cheap price
  • It supports Markdown
  • Software imports notes from services like Evernote
  • It offers impressive exporting options


  • It only supports iOS and Mac
  • It has extremely light features.

For this Mac software download, you can access, despite that it features are free on iOS and Mac, the Premium plan costs $1.49 monthly or 14.99 annually. The system support includes MacOS 10.10 and above.

5. Duet

Duet is a Mac program that sorts your problem if you want to work with multiple screens. It allows you to drag apps and windows too onto your iPad’s screen. If your iPad has the recent Retina display, you are in for a treat due to the attractive pixels.


  • Duet is highly responsive
  • It’s blisteringly fast


  • It affects Mac’s battery performance and life eventually, due to its high CPU sage.

This OS program is available for download at, and goes for about $20. Its support system includes OS X 10.9 or above.

6. Evernote

The powerful note-taking Mac software, Evernote, helps you in typing up your notes, and organizing them using tags and folder integration. You are allowed to embed G-Drive documents, which you can access with a single click.


  • It has creative and simple design
  • It offers effortless syncing and note taking


  • The Evernote free version has a lot of restrictions

This OS program’s basic plan is free. However, the Plus, Premium and Business plans go for $34.99 annually, $64.99 yearly and $12 per person monthly, respectively. is among the Mac software download sites to use, if your system support is OS X 10.10 or above.

7. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is widely used in the world since it is a web browser that is undoubtedly perfect. You can get it for free. Google Chrome is not only fast but also supportive of the recent web technologies, with its vast extension library.


  • The app features an intuitive design that is also simple
  • One enjoys navigating the web with this browser.


  • It is not fast enough

The Mac software download sites like have Google Chrome. This OS program supports any device that is running on MacOS 10.10.

8. Pixelmator

If you are seeking drawing programs for Mac, you should try Pixelmator. This OS program has innovative features that come in handy for multiple capabilities like photo-editing. Despite that it is not among the free drawing programs for Mac, it is still affordable and thus can substitute software like Adobe photoshop.


  • This Mac software has a clean interface
  • Its raw later support hardly requires a separate rendering step


  • Pixelmators’ thumbnails view seems confusing

Mac software download sites like can lead you direct to Pixelmator. It costs about $29.99 and perfectly supports Mac OS X 10.11 or above devices.

9. Skype

Skype is an OS program that is way better than FaceTime, since it can work with your Windows PC. It not only allows you to make HD video calls, but also comes with an attractive interface and offers Facebook integration.


  • Comes with Facebook integration
  • Even with poor connection, this Mac software still provides great call quality
  • It supports HD video calls
  • Has a low rate for international and domestic calls.


  • It does not receive SMS
  • Has not 911 service

Skype is a free OS program that you can download at It supports any Mac devices with Mac OS X 10.9 and Mac OS X 10.10 or above.

10. Spotify

Spotify is Considered to be among the best Mac tools because it allows you to listen to favorite music for hundreds of hours on your Mac, especially as you work.


  • This OS program features collaborative playlists
  • The music catalog is quite deep


  • It does not have lyrics

You can download the free version or $9.99 premium plan at Its support system is OS X or later.

Best macOS 10.14 Free PDF Editor

The best macOS 10.14 free PDF editor is PDFelement for Mac, since it is a complete and powerful PDF solution. It has a set of tools that come in handy when you are creating PDFs of high quality, converting, editing and signing documents. It is the best macOS 10.14 free PDF editor because of multiple reasons, including that it is an upgrade from the PDFelement for Mac software. Additionally, it has great editing functions like editing of the headers and footers, text, links, pages, forms and watermarks. What’s more, the PDFelement for Mac has great key features that make the manipulation of PDF files a very easy task.

mac software

The following is a list of the key features of this Mac program:

  • Batch processing of files, to convert, watermark, extract data and carry out bates numbering.
  • Creation of interactive form field and recognition of this form field automatically
  • Conversion of PDF files into various other formats like HTML
  • Security of PDF files, through password protection
  • Extraction of data from PDF forms that are interactive
  • Exportation of PDF files to CSV format
  • Re-sizing, adding, rotating, moving and removing graphical elements within your PDF files
  • Insertion of page elements, page numbers and bates numbering

mac software

mac software
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