10 Best Free Text Editors for macOS 10.14

There are multiple text editors for macOS 10.14 in the market, which are not just about document text. However, you do not need them all since you deserve the best as you enjoy using macOS 10.14. This article will provide you with information on the best text editors for mac. Each text editor mac in this category has code compiling robust features and great capabilities. The difference in these aspects is what differentiates them and shows their true potential. Since you need the best text editors for mac, you should definitely check these out and access the respective places to download them.

Ten Best macOS 10.14 Free Text Editor

1. Atom

Atom is among the free text editors for Mac that fall under the ‘best’ category. It is written in Node.js and embedded in GitControl. You have the liberty to employ this Mac text editor as a source code or plain text editor. The software works perfectly with multiple languages as such as JavaScript, HTML, Python, C#, C/C++, and CSS, among others, so long as you use plug-ins.


  • Atom has a user friendly interface
  • It allows auto-completion, multiple panes and multi-tabbed editing.


  • The startup of Atom is extremely slow
  • It lacks text UI

You can download Atom at wondershare.com

2. Brackets

Brackets is a text editor Mac that is among the best and free open sources. It is maintained by a major company in the industry known as Adobe Systems. Brackets has a beautiful interface and unique Extract offering that allows you to grab gradient measurements and font, among other things, from a PSD file to a clean and ready to use CSS.


  • Brackets contains an extension support with a huge and developing library
  • It also has inline previews and editors


  • It has an updater that is pretty problematic
  • It is quite slow
  • It lacks some necessary elementary text editor commands.

You can find and download Brackets at wondershare.com

3. GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs is great at handling any job using its unique techniques. It uses Emacs-Lisp, a programming language that has the most fundamental editing functions for expanding the program capabilities beyond the humble text-based origin. Examples of these expansions are such as news reader, email client, games and file manager.


  • Emacs is entirely controllable by keyboard
  • It allows you manage, compile and debug files


  • Emacs has an extensibility that could distract your work occasionally
  • It contains a long curve for learnings

GNU Emacs is readily available for you to download at Wondershar.com.

4. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is an open source plain text editor Mac, which is not only free but also offers a powerful user interface. It provides multiple useful tools that come in handy when editing. They include autocomplete, capacity of tracking changes, icon and skin sets and multiple sections.


  • Komodo Edit has an inbuilt FTP
  • It is a comprehensive and professional tool
  • As a free and open source, this software supports a limited Vim mode


  • It unfortunately comprises of project files to project code
  • It is not a lightweight

At wondershare.com, you can download Komodo Edit for free.

5. Sublime Text

Sublime Text can create text file Mac since it is a commercial text editor Mac. It also has an evaluation version that you can utilize for an unlimited period. The app allows multiple languages and features a Python Application Programming Interface. Additionally, you can enhance its capabilities using plugins that are developed by communities and made available through free software licenses.


  • Sublime Text has an interface that is easy to use
  • You can select any of its 22 different themes
  • It contains a distraction free mode


  • It takes long as it loads large files
  • It prohibits printing of files
  • It has inadequate language support

You are free to download Sublime Text at wondershare.com.

6. TextMate

TextMate employs robust UNIX command Console capabilities in a neat and user-friendly GUI. Therefore, as a beginner code user or committed programmer you have the best of the two worlds. TextMate is known to integrate features like dynamic outlines, auto-indention, column selection and search and replace within project, among others.


  • it is an open and free source
  • it features quite an extensive plugins library


  • the TextMate updates are few and seem to be far between

You can access wondershare.com to download TextMate.

7. TextWrangler

TextWrangler is a product of Bare Bones, which seems to be BBEdit’s lightweight version. It contains all features that hardcore developers need to carry out specific CSV or scriptwriting server admin operations.


  • It is robust and starts up fast
  • It offers you basic text manipulations and editing
  • It contains an inbuilt STFP or FTP browser
  • It is an ideal and free alternative to BBEdit


  • It has no maintenance

Wondershare.com is where you can easily get TextWrangler

8. UltraEdit

UltraEdit is a great product of IDM Computer Solutions that works perfectly well with remote files and thus falls in the category of the best text editors for Mac. This program is easy to use and fast. It is known to handle big files like the I GB. UltraEdit has an array of features like sorting of data or file.


  • It is fast and easy to work with
  • Works well with the large files


  • The latest themes in version 20 caused problems for some syntax coloring aspects.

At wondershare.com, you can download UltraEdit for free.

9. Vim

This software is among the most renowned best text editors for Mac, since it is command-line based. Vim does not incorporate a steep learning curve. Instead, it features a documentation stack that assists you in understanding how to use it conveniently. Vim has a 30 minute tutorial that helps you get acquainted fast.


  • Vim is extremely easy to use
  • It has command-based text editing features and capabilities


  • When it comes to external tooling, Vim offers poor support
  • It requires a lot of effort to perform customization

You can download Vim at wondershare.com.

10. Visual Studio Code

The Visual Studio Code is a newcomer text editor Mac as compared to other text editor Mac apps, but still among the best text editors for Mac. It is a lightweight text script editor that comes with a dark theme and multiple other spectacular features. Visual Studio Code is the perfect alternative, if you do not get along with Emacs and Vim.


  • This application offers JavaScript Intelligence support
  • For non-linear and distributed workflows, the software features integrated support, data integrity and Git control.
  • It contains multiple plugins for enhancing functionality.


  • It has a terrible auto import
  • Its code check offerings and autocomplete are not robust enough

You can access Visual Studio Code at wondershare.com for downloading.

Best All-In-One and Free macOS 10.14 PDF Editor

The best all-in-one and free macOS 10.14 PDF Editor, PDFelement for Mac, is a complete PDF solution. Using a set of tools, you can not only create high quality PDFs, but also do more like convert, edit and sign the documents. The editing functions of PDFelement for Mac are powerful, affordable, secure and very quick. These editing functions are such as editing of texts in the PDF documents and forms, links, headers and footers, images, pages and watermarks. The editing functions allow the addition, re-sizing, removal, moving and rotation of graphical elements in your PDF files. PDFelement for Mac also has key features that will benefit you as a Mac user. They include;

text editor for mac
  • Extended compatibility support feature, which is good at working with multiple file formats
  • Batch file processing, and so does not limit you on the PDF documents that you wish to have.
  • PDFelement for Mac also has the bates numbering feature
  • The security is top-notch since you can input passwords in your PDFs for protection. Hence, no unauthorized persons can have access to your information
  • PDFelement for Mac also has the PDF conversion feature, whereby you can have your documents in other formats like HTML and Word.

pdf editor mac

text editor mac
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PDFelement for Mac

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