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What We Need to Do before Upgrading to macOS 10.14

Another version of macOS is finally here and it is big, light, has amazing new features. And with just a few clicks you can have it installed in your Mac device. But what are the macOS 10.14 requirements? Can your device even allow this latest version to run? Should you upgrade to this newer version? Do you know the steps on how to prepare your Mac for macOS 10.14? To ensure that you secure crucial data in your device, the installation process runs on smoothly and you avoid Mojave OS problems, below are things to do on a macbook before upgrading to macOS 10.14.

things to do before upgrading to macos 10.14 on mac

Things to Do before Upgrading to macOS 10.14

Check Device Compatibility

Apple isn’t making any major shifts from its previous version, macOS 10.13 High Sierra. This new version is however dedicated to bring a better user experience and a more amazing interface with your Mac. The first thing to do before beginning the upgrade process is to confirm whether your device is compatible with this new Operating System or not. If you own an older Mac laptop or desktop released before mid of 2012 then you may be out of luck. Below is a list of devices that are compatible with Mojave;

  • *iMac (latest 2012)
  • *Mac Mini (Latest 2012)
  • *MacBook Pro (latest Mid-2012)
  • *MacBook Air (latest Mid-2012 or new)
  • *MacBook (latest Early-2015)
  • *iMac (2017 or later)
  • *Mac Pro (latest 2013, also mid-2012 models that meets the recommended GPU)

You can run Mojave in Mac Pro made from the middle of 2010 to the middle of 2012 so long as they’ve got the required metal capable graphics. So, this means that if you want to run macOS 10.14 in older devices then you will need to have the required graphics card. If the graphics card you have do not meet this requirement, consider improving it to be able to enjoy this new operating system.

Do You Need to Upgrade or Do a Clean macOS 10.14 Install?

Running macOS Mojave in your device can happen in two ways. The first and most common way is by upgrading from the previous version you had already installed. The update is hereby installed while all the applications and data are still present. The second step involves doing complete clean-up and starting afresh with all the data and applications completely lost. Now, which of the methods mentioned above should you opt for? If you did clean installation for macOS 10.13, or your Mac device is still new, then go ahead with the upgrade. However, if your current High Sierra operating system has a lot of complications, or it has been a long time ever since you did a cleanup, don’t hesitate to clean-install your system. Yes, it is time-consuming, but at the end it will be worth the time.

Now Backup Your Device.

To make sure that your precious images, videos, apps, documents, audios, and other forms of data is not lost, have a full Mac back up. You see, there is a slight chance that the installation process may go south and you will need to restore the backup you will have set. It will be very hurtful to lose all crucial information you’ve been saving all along by merely not just backing up your data. Be wise and have a full Mac device backup on top of iCloud backup, or any other means you may have used to protect your data. Go to Settings menu in your PC, then from there go to Time Machine to confirm you have a current backup.

Remember Your Security Details.

After you’ve installed Mojave to your device, you may also be required to enter your password in order to log in into the cloud services. Also, you may be required to log in again into websites and apps. Having all you details at hand is therefore one of the most crucial macOS 10.14 requirements so that you don’t fail to get crucial Apple services.

Research Time now.

We all have different types of devices and the process of installing Mojave differs from one device to another. You don’t have to worry though as there are lots of resources that will help you go through installation process for your specific device. Look through the social media, You Tube, Google, and many more means to learn on how to go along with your specific device.

Also, research on problems other users encountered while installing this software. Look for solutions and record them so that the moment you experience any of these problems you’ll have its solutions in handy.


This is especially if you use your laptop for work. Ensure your consult the IT departments to avoid running with problems to themafter you’ve installed the operating system. This is because since macOS is the latest version, some software may not be up to date with the macOS 10.14. So ask them first for proper direction before the installation.

Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.14 – PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is a macOS 10.14 program that digitizes paperwork, through its complete PDF solution. With this software in your Mac, you have the capability to not only have digitized paperwork, but also create and sign documents with very few clicks. This program is affordable and very simple and thus usable by anybody that needs to manipulate PDF files. PDFelement for Mac is capable of a lot of things and among them is diverse means to create the professional looking PDFs that you desire. It can create PDFs from text or image formats or directly from scanners, whereby there is option to perform optical character recognition.

what to do before upgrading to macOS 10.14

Additionally, it can speedily create the PDFs by combining many different files into a single PDF. All the above happens in simple steps and few clicks so is not complicated.

what to do before upgrading to macOS 10.14

Key Features of PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac has key features that are namely;

  • Perfect batch processing of PDF files
  • Data extraction
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Digital signature
  • Tough security measures for PDFs
  • Conversion of PDF files to other compatible formats
  • Creation of limitless PDFs
  • Editing of PDF forms
  • Memorization actions such as addition of comments and annotations
  • Input of backgrounds and watermarks
  • Addition of footers and headers.
what to do before upgrading to macOS 10.14
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