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10 Useful Tips for Desktop Stacks for macOS 10.14

The macOS 10.14 device you use is the equivalent of a one-stop solution for most of the tasks you wish to perform using it. The OS offers you a chance to save files that you can then retrieve fast and efficiently whenever you need them.

However, you can face problems doing this, especially if your storage is a bit knackered.

For this reason, you would need to rely on Desktop Stacks that Apple created to make some of your tasks much easier. The Desktop Stacks give you the power to organize your files more systematically. Therefore, learn how to set up and customize Stacks in OS 10.14.

Below you will learn how to do all that – including how to use Stacks on your macOS 10.14 too!

Best 10 Tips for Desktop Stacks for macOS 10.14

As previously indicated, one’s desktop can be full of all manner of clutter thus making it look disorderly. The Desktop Stacks is Apple’s solution to this problem. Consequently, you can now use our macOS 10.14 device without worrying about the desktop’s appearance.

With that said, it’s important to understand a few useful tips regarding Desktop Stacks for macOS 10.14 first. These tips will help you appreciate the Stacks more. Most importantly, they will help you to organize your desktop with Stacks on macOS Mojave more efficiently.

The tips will help you to use Stacks more efficiently. What tips are we talking about?

Increased Automation

Desktop Stacks offers a higher level of automation than the previous similar tools that Apple released in some of the earlier versions of macOS. Users may be familiar with a similar feature – OS X Dock Stack – that was in the past macOS versions.

However, OS X Dock Stack’s level of automation is nowhere near that of Desktop Stacks.

Improved Customization

You will love the fact that Desktop Stacks is readily available for use by anyone who needs to be more productive. The fact that it comes with improved customization should make you happier. What is more, not only can you customize but also scroll through your documents easily.

Naming the Stacks

Although you can customizing the Stacks based on Kind, it’s good to note that you have the option of naming it according to your liking. Normally, macOS 10.14 will give the Stacks predetermined names if you go with this option.

You make your work easier hence improving your productivity by naming them correctly.

Sorting Stacks

What is more, it’s also now much easier to sort macOS 10.14 Mojave Desktop Stacks according to your preferred category. Here, your options include by Name, Kind, Date Last Opened, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Created, Size, and Tags. Do this to simplify your work.

Grouping Stacks

In addition to all that, you can also increase your productivity by grouping the stacks. Again, this task is quite simple. The groups that are available to you include Kind, Date Last Opened, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Created and Tags.

Avoid Folders

Today, it’s possible to avoid using folders on your computer. How do you do that? Desktop Stacks is your answer! Stacks saves you from filling your desktop with tons of folders, which require constant clicking to open in order to access the content.

It’s crucial to reiterate the fact that Stacks don’t work with folders.

Enabling Stacks

Before you start to organize your macOS 10.14 desktop with Stacks, you first need to learn how to enable and disable it. The process, which is quite straightforward, involves going to your desktop, selecting “View” and clicking “Use Stacks.”

Alternatively, simply right-click on the desktop and choose “Stacks.”

Accessing Stacks’ Files

It’s easy to access files in Stacks. To do this, you would have to click on the name of the Stacks in question. This action would cause the Stack name to not only expand but also list the files. What is more, it’s possible to open all the stacks simultaneously.

Patience to Learn How to Use it

You will not require a long time to learn how to use Stacks on your macOS 10.14. In fact, it’s pretty easy to set up and customize Stacks in OS 10.14, as you’re aware by now. Nonetheless, exercise a bit of patience in learning to use it. Don’t be in a rush!

Cleaning Individual Stacks

Yes, it helps you to organize your desktop with Stacks on macOS Mojave. However, it might only be hiding the mess and clutter that you’re trying to avoid looking at whenever you turn your macOS 10.14 device on. Therefore, open each Stack to clean it up and remove the clutter.

In short, as you set up and customize Stacks in OS 10.14, you will be enjoying the following:

  • Organizing messiest desktops as you arrange different files into the relevant stacks
  • Grouping images, PDFs, spreadsheets and different types of documents by kind
  • Stacking files based on crucial qualities such as tags and dates among others
  • Dragging files out of one Stack before dropping them into a document, and vice versa
  • Scrubbing through all the data contained in any single Stack with ease

More importantly, you will realize that Stacks does all the organization automatically. Because of this, you don’t have to stress yourself by trying to find ways of organizing all that, which can be a lot of work. The result is you become better organized and more productive too!

What is more, it’s possible to click on any Stack to see its contents. You can then opt to clear that particular Stack of its contents, or organize them better to avoid any confusion that might arise the next time you need those files.

What Is Desktop Stacks?

Desktop Stacks is a feature appearing on macOS 10.14 to help you make your desktop look more organized. It does this job automatically thus saving you from spending countless hours going through each file on your desktop to find what you need.

How to Use It

First, install the appropriate Update before enabling macOS 10.14 Mojave Desktop Stacks. It’s worth pointing out that macOS Mojave comes with Dock Stack feature, which is different from Desktop Stacks. To enable, set up and customize Stacks in OS 10.14, you have to:

  • Right-click on the desktop
  • Open the context menu
  • Click the icon that asks you to enable Stacks

How to Change Stacks Sorting on macOS Mojave

First, set the stacking sort option you prefer. Open the context menu and click “Group Stacks By.” Change the sorting according to what you prefer from the dropdown menu.

How to Create Desktop Stacks

The process is quite similar to the one on enabling the Stacks. To do this better, you would have to launch Finder. Afterward, select View. Then choose Use Stacks. That’s it!

How to Open a File using Stacks

Click on the Stack to open it automatically. Double-click your file to open it on the relevant app. Remember to close the open Stack manually.

How to Scrub a Stack and Open a File

Let your cursor hover on top of the Stack in question. Slide two fingers left or right if you have MacBooks with Touchpad to scrub it. To do the same with Macs with Magic Mouse, you would have to slide a finger.

Best PDF Editor for macOS 10.14 - PDFelement for Mac

Now that you have learned how to set up and customize Stacks in OS 10.14, your next task is to familiarize yourself with PDFelement for Mac. Why? Because it is the best free desktop PDF Editor for macOS 10.14.

useful tips for desktop stacks for macOS

After all, you would want to create, edit and read different PDF documents, right? If that’s the case, you would have to improve your knowledge of PDFelement for Mac, which is capable of making you more productive whenever you want to convert files into PDFs and vice versa.

What is more, PDFelement for Mac allows you to take better advantage of the Desktop Stacks. How? The app is one of the best file management tools you can install on your macOS 0.14 system. With this app, you can merge documents before stacking them.

Below are some of its most impressive features.

  • Highly intuitive thus easily navigable
  • Wide-ranging tools that you can access without any fuss
  • Versatile file converter that changes files into multiple formats while retaining their original layout
  • Its form creator function makes it easy to create and fill digital forms
  • Its OCR technology replicates the content in scanned documents into something you can edit easily

So, how do you convert PDF to Kindle with PDFelement for Mac on mac?

PDFelement for Mac is one of the most popular and effective PDF to Kindle Converters in the market today. It features a multitude of impressive file conversion functions. In fact, it also converts without losing the original formatting and quality of the eBook.

useful tips for desktop stacks for macOS

Therefore, embrace Desktop Stacks and PDFelement for Mac to make yourself more productive.

useful tips for desktop stacks for macOS
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