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Top 10 Mail Problems and Solutions on macOS 10.14

If you are encountering Mail issues after recently upgrading your mac, you are not alone. If your mail keeps crashing on MacOS 10.14, you are not alone too. Also, if your Mac Mail is extremely slow, other users could be experiencing that too. All these are mail problems on MacOS 10.14. To troubleshoot email problems on MacOS 10.14 is not easy but resolving mail problems after MacOS 10.14 update is still possible. The solutions to these mail problems are there and are also dependent on the problem itself. Therefore, use this article to fix these issues, among others since they are trusted tips.

Best Solutions for Fixing Mail Problems on MacOS 10.14

The following are multiple problems that are all related to your email, as well as the solutions to fix MacOS 10.14 mail problems. These solutions are definitely efficient and effective tips and so you just have to analyze which problem you are experiencing and thus use the tips to resolve.

1. Crashing of Mail on MacOS 10.14

If your mail keeps crashing on MacOS 10.14, then there could be something wrong with the preference list files in your mail app. These files are also called .plist files. Fix MacOS 10.14 mail problems such as these by;

  • Locating the “PLIST” files
  • Delete them; helps you know if the problem is addressed
  • Restart your MacBook through these steps;
  • Close the Mail application if it is still running in MacOs 10.14; force-quit it if frozen or non-responsive
  • Access the Mail app preference files; if corrupted get rid of them by transferring to trash or isolate in desktop if not sure about complete deletion
  • Restart your device
  • Open Mac and verify if the problem is sorted

After resolving mail problems after MacOS 10.14 update, you may delete the isolated files in the desktop.

2. Delay of the Email Arrival as per the Expected Time

It is possible to experience delays while receiving emails in your Mac. Normally, the delivery of emails is under your email service provider schedule. The time taken in incoming emails arrival is dependent on your internet service provider. Therefore, if the delays seem to happen frequently, you can fix MacOS 10.14 mail problems by calling your email and internet providers. You can as well try reaching them via other means. In case the problem takes place during communication with a specific person, it could be the email problems are coming from their end and so should fix MacOS 10.14 mail problems the same way.

3. Extremely Slow Mail after MacOS 10.14 Upgrade

Mail app performance issues after updating your MacOS are an indication that the Mail action are slow or too much time is taken in looking for a specific mail. Resolving mail problems after MacOS 10.14 update such as these require the rebuilding of the Mailbox. Next action after that is performing a reindex procedure, which expedites the app’s performance. If you fix email problems on your mac for MacOS 10.14 with these, you may get positive results.

4. Failure of Mail to Open on Mac

After the successful installation of MacOS 10.14 update, it is highly possible that you can have problems in the opening of your mail. If this happens, fix email problems on your mac for macos 10.14 with the following solution;

  • On “Finder”, open a window; click “Applications”
  • From there, double click on “Mail” to open the app

This procedure will fix macos 10.14 mail problems like this one because it ensures that you open the correct version.

5. Failure to Auto-complete Email Address

The autocomplete function of Mail app may fail to work whenever you are busy using the app. In the occurrence of such an issue;

  • Cancel the Mail app or quit it
  • Launch it afresh

This simple procedure can fix email problems on your mac for macos 10.14 because the normal performance of the Mail software is restored upon restarting.

6. Failure to Receive or Send Email on Your Mac

Among the problems you will experience with Mac after the MacOS 10.14 update is the failure to receive or send email on your Mac. This may be due to the lack of syncing of the IMAP.

Resolving mail problems after macos 10.14 update such as these, carry out this steps;

  • Shut down the Mail Application
  • Got to “/Users/your_profile/Library/Mail/IMAP-account_concerned/”
  • Ensure to delete .OfflineCache which is  hidden folder
  • Launch again, the Mail app

The execution of the above steps will fix email problems on your mac for MacOS 10.14. At the same time, it will create another OfflineCache folder. While doing all these activities, you can be sure that none of your messages will get deleted.

7. Failure to Verify Certificate

Whenever the mail states that it cannot verify certificate, it must be that you are trying to utilize a secure SSL connection, despite that employing such a connection is one of the informed choices. For you to use the SSL connection with the Grid, it is highly advisable that you combine the Outgoing Mail Server and Incoming Mail server to be your access domain. In case you do not wish to do this, you can as well continue and thus ignore the warning. Unfortunately this message will constantly show up in the future.

8. Frequent Requesting of Your Email Password by the Mail App

If the Mail app is frequently asking for your email passwords, it could be due to various issues. Luckily you can fix MacOS 10.14 mail problems such as these easily. Resolving mail problems after MacOS 10.14 update like this one, verify the Mac settings. If you are still not successful in fixing the problem do the following;

  • Access the “AccountCenter”
  • Reset the email address password
  • Set a new password

9. Mac Mail Failure to Show New Messages in Inbox

If your Mac Mail is failing to show the new messages in the inbox, there is a high probability that the cause is triggering of the spam filter by a new message. The solution to troubleshoot email problems on MacOS 10.14 like this one requires you to conduct the following steps:

  • Access Mail app; check Spam folder; this should be to check is you have done the subscription of your Spam folder locally.
  • Reach out to the original sender; confirm if they received any bounce back
  • If a bounce back happened, troubleshoot to clear issues regarding the receiving and sending of emails as stated above.
  • If the new email still does not pop up, fix MacOS 10.14 mail problems by checking the mail log(s) as this may give you more insight.

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mail problems and solutions on mac

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mail problems and solutions on mac

mail problems and solutions on mac
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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