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How to Extract Text from Image on Mac

Simple Steps to Extract Text from Image on Mac

1. Free Download PDFelement Pro for Mac

2. Load an Image

3. Extract Text from Image

extract text from picture on mac

If you would like to extract text from picture on Mac, PDFelement Pro for Mac is the best extract text from image software on Mac for your macOS 10.15. This program is amazing at the management of PDF files and so can definitely carry out this function for you whenever you need it done. PDFelement Pro for Mac has multiple features and the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature is the one responsible for the extraction of text from the pictures in your macOS 10.15.

extract text from image online on mac

As a Mac user that constantly needs to manipulate PDF files, you should give PDFelement Pro for Mac a chance to cater to your needs. This program has an amazing interface that makes it possible for beginners to confidently rely it despite not having any experience with the multiple tools that it hosts. Additionally, the performance of its functionalities is accurate, easy and straightforward.

For example, as you use the PDFelement Pro for Mac in your Mac as the extract text from photo on Mac, the OCR feature comes to play so long as you use the right procedure of how to extract text from image on mac. The PDFelement Pro for Mac performs the OCR on a picture to enable you to extract text from jpeg on mac. The best thing about all this is that you get perfect results including advanced outcomes, since the program itself is advanced. PDFelement Pro for Mac has no limitations and so can also extract text from image online on mac, simply through this same feature, the OCR.

Therefore, this program that has these amazing capabilities is the best PDF tool for all the needs you may have in Mac.

extract text from image online on mac

Key Features

OCR feature is not the only one in PDFelement Pro for mac. The following is a list of the key features that are beneficial to your macOS 10.15:

  • PDF file manipulation through its graphical elements. PDFelement Pro for Mac allows you to re-size, add, move, rotate and remove the graphical elements that are within your PDF.
  • PDF editing and performance of basic functions like saving, printing, opening and marking up.
  • New PDF file creation such as the fillable forms that contain some kinds of control
  • PDF file conversion to various file formats like Word
  • Addition of comments and annotations, including sticky notes
  • Input of footers and headers, especially in your academic papers
  • Incorporation of backgrounds and watermarks, which prevent the illegal duplication of your company forms and documents.
  • PDF file high security, whose protection comes in the form of strong passwords or sensitive information redaction. This feature gives you a chance to be worry free because no unauthorized users can manipulate the information in the PDF forms and documents without your consent
  • PDF file signing digitally. This feature saves you the time and energy involved in manual document signing.

How to Extract Text from Image on Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac enables you to extract text from JPG on Mac using the following process;

Step 1: Download the Software

If you do not have the extraction software, go to Mac App Store and download PDFelement Pro for Mac. Follow the onscreen instructions to install it and then click on its icon to open it.

extract text form image on mac

Step 2: Open the File on PDFelement Pro

In the PDFelement Pro interface, click on Create PDF from File to open the image in the software.

extract text form image

Step 3: Perform OCR

As soon as the image opens, the application will provide the option to perform OCR. So, go ahead and click on Perform OCR. In the new window that appears, you may alter the language if you wish. Then, click on Perform OCR after selecting Editable Text. This process makes the text editable and hence extractable.

extract text form image

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