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How to Get Text from Image on Mac

Simple Steps to Get Text from Image by Editing on Mac

1. Free Download PDFelement Pro for Mac

2. Load an Image

3. Enable OCR to Get Text from Image

get text from image on mac

As you work or study using your macOS 10.15, a moment may come whereby you need to get text from image on mac. When that time comes, use PDFelement Pro for Mac as the number one program or software to get text from picture on mac for your macOS 10.15. The PDFelement Pro for Mac is a program that is designed to manage PDF files and so the process of getting text from photo on Mac is among the functions that this program can do.

This article will direct you on how to get text from image on mac through the Optical Character Recognition feature, since it is the one capable of carrying out this process for your macOS 10.15. OCR feature is among the best features in this program if you want to get text from images on Mac.

pdf editor mac

Whether working or studying, a mac user needs to change some elements or aspects in PDF files now and then. The PDFelement Pro for Mac should be your first choice because it will definitely let you manipulate the files as much as you want. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or pro in this area because the user interface of this program is friendly enough to suite whoever that it interested. The performance is spectacular since you will hardly have errors in your PDF files.

As you work with PDFelement Pro for Mac to get text from photo on mac, you have to trust that the OCR feature will do a perfect job for your macOS 10.15. For you to get text out of image on mac, the PDFelement Pro for Mac conducts a picture OCR. The process is not complicated at all and the results you get are advanced outcomes that are perfect. If you want to get text from image online on mac, the OCR feature in PDFelement Pro for Mac is still the best option for your macOS 10.14. If you take a chance, you will realize that PDFelement Pro for Mac is actually the best PDF tool.

Key features

  • Digital signature- this feature lets you sign your PDF files digitally. No more manual signing
  • High security- this feature uses both passwords and redaction to protect sensitive information from reaching persons that are not authorized
  • Watermarks and backgrounds- this features enable you to mark your PDF files to make them unique and protect them from fraudsters that like to copy work.
  • Addition of footers and headers- this enables you to make your office or academic files reach the standards required
  • PDF file format conversions-this feature enable format conversions and so you can use the PDF files in other file formats
  • Creation of new PDF files- this feature lets you create new files like fillable forms especially form scanned documents. You have control over fillable forms, which means that you can manipulate their contents.
  • PDF editing-you can do whichever editing you wish on PDF files.
get text from image on mac

How to Get Text from Image on Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac allows you to quickly get text from an image on Mac. These instructions are important to carry out the process.

Step 1: Install the most Recommended Software

First download and install the most recommended application for this process, PDFelement Pro for Mac. It is free and always available at Mac App Store. When it is fully installed, click on its icon and launch it.

get text from image

Step 2: Add the Relevant Image to the Application

To add the respective image to PDFelement Pro, go to the program interface and click on Create PDF from File. The function will allow you to directly upload the image.

get text from image

Step 3: Get Text from Image

Getting the text from image requires making it editable. Therefore, access the tool bar at the top and select "OCR Text Recognization". This will bring forth a menu, which includes the OCR function where you should choose Editable Text. You may change language if you wish to use a different language. When done, choose Perform OCR.

get text from image

The image become editable shortly and so you may get the text that you need.

how to scan to pdf on mac
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