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How to Use Image Text Recognition on Mac

Simple Steps to Use Image Text Recognition

1. Free Download PDFelement Pro for Mac

2. Open an Image

3. Enable OCR for Image Text Recognition

image recognition online

As technology continually advances, it makes multiple technologies to go to higher levels where customers can get the quality service they need. Image text recognition on Mac is among these technologies, which requires a reliable program that can handle it and give great results. PDFelement Pro for Mac qualifies as the best program that can handle image text recognition. This program ensures that a macOS 10.15 user easily extracts the data needed from an image and the end result is great outcome.

PDFelement Pro for Mac is also powerful enough to handle the recognition of image online since it has the feature to carry out this task that other programs fail at. Discover more about this below as this article has information on how to use image text recognition with the most reliable program, PDFelement Pro for Mac.

image recognition online

PDFelement Pro for Mac is quite a handy PDF tool because it can handle a lot of tasks, which explain why it is often recommended to be the only PDF management tool in any macOS 10.15. When you need to conduct image recognition, and even Chinese character recognition from image, you should definitely consider this program because it does a lot more than you expect. Using its great and unique feature, the Optical Character Recognition, PDFelement Pro for Mac does image recognition online, optical image recognition and character recognition from image.

The interface is friendly such that people that are new to matters regarding picture text recognition can easily use it and also get quality results. Therefore, PDFelement Pro for Mac is the perfect program to use for OCR image recognition. This program is unique because it works to deliver perfection. Aside from OCR, PDFelement Pro for Mac hosts other key features that you need for full manipulation of PDF documents. You are likely to make changes in your files and some changes are impossible to make without the right set of tools.

For instance, if you need to convert a PDF to HTML or Word format, you need a tool that can deliver, without layout interference.

Key Features

  • PDF digital signature, whereby you can professional approve documents such as contracts by simply signing digitally.
  • Format conversion, which involves changing formats for files in your macOS 10.14 to or from PDF format. Hence it enable you view and use PDF files in other formats such as image files and HTML, among others.
  • Annotation- this feature makes it possible to easily segregate files.
  • Editing of PDF documents- whereby you add or remove or change the paragraph and line modes as you manipulate other file contexts like text.
  • Changing of graphical elements, whereby you can resize, rotate, add or change such elements that are present in the PDF files
  • PDF file security- this feature relies on information redaction or passwords to keep information safe from enemies or people without the right to have access.
  • Processing of batch files- this feature ensures accuracy regardless of the number of files being processed at once.
image text recognition

How to Use Image Text Recognition on Mac

The following steps will help you with how to use image text recognition in PDFelement Pro for Mac.

Step 1: Acquire PDFelement Pro for Mac

You can find PDFelement Pro for Mac in Mac App Store. Ensure that you download and install it since it is free. When this process completes successfully, open the software to start on image text recognition.

use image text recognition

Step 2: Open the Image

The image text recognition process requires opening the image in the software. So, go to PDFelement Pro interface and click on Create PDF from File. This function will help you access and open the image from its location in the PC.

use image text recognition

Step 3: Use the Image Text Recognition Function

The image text recognition function is known as Optical Character Recognition. To access it, go to the Perform OCR option. The options Searchable Text Image and Editable Text recognize text and can search. The Document Language function helps you choose the most preferable language since PDFelement Pro supports several. Click Apply when done.

use image text recognition

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