How to Convert Image to PPT

Simple Steps to Convert Image to PPT on Mac

1. Download PDFelement Pro for Mac Free

2. Load an Image

3. Perform OCR

4. Convert Image to PPT

convert on mac

It is easier to learn to use image to PPT converter on Mac. Such a tool could prove beneficial as you attempt to convert image to PPT fast. In this article, you will learn all that including the best image to PPT on Mac converter - PDFelement Pro for Mac.

convert on mac

As earlier stated, it’s possible to convert image to PPT. In fact, as you will see below, the steps are straightforward and don’t require too much thinking or work on your part. One of the best tools for this type of work is PDFelement Pro for Mac Free. With it, you can convert on Mac efficiently.

Let’s say you have a PPT image that you wish to edit in Mac. The image is probably scanned; hence a bit difficult to edit, as you would like. In such a scenario, your best bet would be to convert image to PPT slide on Mac. In fact, the best image to PowerPoint converter on Mac to use would be PDFelement Pro for Mac.

When looking for the best image to PPT converter on Mac, you shouldn’t look beyond PDFelement Pro for Mac. It’s the leading app for this kind of projects for many reasons. First, as you probably already read above, the software comes with OCR technology that allows users to edit, annotate, print, share and read PDFs easily.

convert on mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac has several amazing features that include:

  • Fills PDF forms
  • Supports easy signing of contracts
  • Fully compatible with macOS
  • Fast and easy editing and annotation of PDFs
  • Allows users to crop images or replace, extract, rotate, remove, copy and paste, and add content
  • Allows users to add page labels or adjust page boxes
  • Perfect collaborative tool for teams
  • Has comprehensive set of PDF tools
  • Keeps the content safe through advanced security features
  • Creates personalized forms

How to Convert Image to PPT on Mac

Do you wish to create awesome presentations? You should use PowerPoint. But what do you do if some of the material you want to add to the presentation is in the form of an image or PDF? Simple. Just get PDFelement Pro for Mac. With this tool, you can add more graphics as well as animation and all sorts of data to your presentation.

convert on mac

As you keep using PDFelement Pro for Mac, you will discover why it is the best image to PowerPoint converter on Mac. This app helps you to convert the image to PPT. Do you want to familiarize yourself with the entire process from start to finish? Then continue reading the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Opening PDF File

First, make sure that the PDF file is opened. Before doing that, you may want to launch PDFelement Pro for Mac. Then, click “Open File”. Alternatively, you will be able to achieve the same goal by dragging and dropping the appropriate file into the app to open it.

image to ppt

Step 2: Editing PDF File

This step is highly recommended despite being optional. However, in case you opt to edit the file, you would need to click the button labelled “Edit” and then "Perform OCR. This way, you would then be able to edit any of the texts or images that appear on your file. Nevertheless, you would be missing nothing in case you decide to ignore this step.

 image to ppt converter on mac

Step 3: Converting Image/PDF to PowerPoint

If everything else looks fine, you may proceed to click “Convert” followed by “To PowerPoint.” While doing that, keep an eye on what appears on the right side of the window. Why? It offers you access to several conversion options worth putting to the test. When you’ve finished, save the file after clicking “Convert.” That is everything you need to know about this image to PPT converter on Mac.

 image to ppt converter on mac

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