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How to Convert Image to Word on Mac

Simple Steps to Convert Image to Word on Mac

1. Download PDFelement Pro for Mac Free

2. Open the Image

3. Enabling OCR

4. Converting Image Text to Word

best image to word converter on mac

Do you have a JPEG image that you wish to convert from image text to Word? You don’t have to worry yourself sick wondering how you can do that. Instead, read the steps highlighted above to set the ball rolling. As you will realize, the steps are straightforward. What this means is you will be able to use the image to Word converter even without any prior experience or training. Better yet, you will soon be an expert.

This article provides you with tips on identifying and using the best image to Word converter. Furthermore, it also shows how to convert image to Word with PDFelememt Pro for Mac in a few simple steps.

Best Image to Word Converter on Mac

Now that we have established that PDFelement Pro for Mac is a high quality image to Word converter, the next lesson involves learning a few tips for converting image to Word. The lessons you learn will make you an expert in using this image to Word file converter. As you will realize, the steps to follow are quite simple and as uncomplicated as you could ever hope. PDFelement Pro for Mac’s features will do most of the work. Your task is to click the right button and watch magic happen.

best image to word converter on mac

So, let’s assume that you already know how to convert image to Word from the information published above. However, you are unable to settle on a good image to MS Word converter. You have searched, read and watched tons of videos but none of that has helped you overcome your confusion. What do you do? Simple. Look for the most commonly used image to Word file converter; that is, PDFelement Pro for Mac.

best image to word converter on mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac is the best PDF tool for all your needs regarding converting image to Words. It’s available in two versions. One is free trial version. The other is the PDFelement for Mac Pro, which has the OCR features that are mandatory in any image to Word converter that’s worth its weight in gold. Other features that make the converter special include support for multiple languages, and security features such as encryption, password-protection and eSignatures.

best image to word converter on mac

Its Key Features Include:

  • Edits PDFs easily and efficiently
  • Extracts forms and data
  • Creates and combines PDFs
  • Converts and extracts PDFs
  • Protects files
  • Allows users to review and comment

Convert Image to Word with PDFelement Pro for Mac

Below are the steps to follow to convert image text to Word.

Step 1: Download PDFelement Pro for Mac Free

The first step is to download PDFelement Pro for Mac free. Yes, this app costs nothing to either download or use. A professional version of the app exists, which costs some money to install. As is the norm, the professional version has more features and functionality compared to the free trial version. Nevertheless, the latter gets the job done too. Therefore, get it into your macOS 10.14 system as soon as possible.

Step 2: Open the Image

Start by opening the image. You could do this in a variety of ways. However, the most common and highly recommended way is dragging and dropping the image on the image to MS Word converter. Alternatively, you could also go for a different route, which would require you using the “Create PDF” open to load the image. Opening the image is without doubt the easiest step. It’s only when the image is up that you can proceed to the next step.

open the image on mac

Step 3: Enabling OCR

With the image open, you should now strive to enable OCR. Again, this step is quite simple, as you will see. Start by clicking “File.” From the menu that emerges, click the button labelled “Preference.” Under it, you will see several options. At this point, your eyes should only focus on the one marked “OCR.” After clicking this option, do not forget to select your preferred language. Fortunately, the image to Words tool features and supports multiple languages.

convert image text to word on mac

Step 4: Converting Image Text to Word

The last step is to convert the image to Word document. Once more, the process is simple and easy to follow hence no need for panicking. Go to “Home” and click “To Word” once you see this button. Afterward, a popup window will appear with a few options. At this point, what you need is the “Settings” button, which will give you access to “Only Scanned Option.” Click that and the conversion from image text to Word will have started in earnest.

image to word on mac

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