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How to Convert JPG to PPT with OCR on Mac

Simple Steps to Convert JPG to PPT on Mac

1. Free Download PDFelement Pro for Mac

2. Load a JPG as PDF

3. Convert JPG to PPTX with OCR

convert JPG to PPTX on mac

JPG, which is also JPEG, means Joint Photographic Expert Group. This format is used to store images that are produced through digital photography. So if you take photos using a digital camera, JPG is their storage format, which is also used in displaying them on the internet web pages. As you store and work with these images in your macOS 10.15, it is possible to present them through PowerPoint, the presentation file format. However, you must convert JPG to PPTX to do so.

Best JPG to PPT Converter - PDFelement Pro for Mac

This means that you should use a JPG to PPT converter for Mac that guarantees safety and security. PDFelement Pro for Mac is indeed the best choice for this conversion since it has all that you require to make the conversion successful. In this article you will know the easiest steps about how to convert JPG to PPT. After acquiring the converted PowerPoint file, you have the liberty to edit its contents directly.

The PDF files in your macOS 10.15 need proper management and the best PDF tool for this task is PDFelement Pro for Mac, since it is powerful enough to digitize your paper work and further perform other functions. Among such functions is the digital signing of the paperwork. This macOS 10.15 software is unique as it hosts several features that keep advancing with the frequent technological advances.

convert JPG to PPTX on mac

Therefore, it can handle functions such as conversion of JPG to PPTX on Mac, a task that many other macOS 10.15 may not be in a position to handle. PDFelement Pro for Mac is able to convert JPG to PowerPoint on Mac using its Professional version that has a unique feature known as the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This feature has the capability to transform images to readable text, thus makes PDFelement Pro Pro for Mac the best JPG to PPT converter for Mac. OCR has two modes, and one comes in handy before making the conversion.

Key features

  • PDF graphical elements manipulation
  • Batch processing for tasks such as bate numbering, data extraction, watermarking and conversion
  • High level data security supported by data redaction and password protection
  • Data extraction
  • Continuous annotations
  • Form fields creation- either through scanned documents or from scratch
  • File format conversions, thus allowing you to access and use your PDF files in other formats like Word and HTML, among others,
  • Page editing- you can manipulate pages by cropping, adding headers and footers and incorporating watermarks or backgrounds.
  • Usage of the keyboard for page navigation.
convert JPG to PPTX on mac

How to Convert JPG to PPT with PDFelement Pro for Mac

You do not have to struggle with how to convert JPG to PPT because PDFelement Pro for Mac makes it extremely simple for you. Additionally, you get the readable data you need in one peace, without glitches.

1) Download PDFelement Pro for Mac Free

The PDFelement Pro for Mac version that can easily convert JPG to PPT on Mac is the professional version. So, go ahead to download this version to make it your JPG to PPT converter for Mac. Ensure installation completes well, then launch it begin conversion process.

convert JPG to PPTX on mac

2) Load a JPG

The JPG file that you want converted is most likely saved in your macOS 10.15. It needs to be loaded to the program to open it, which is easily done by ‘Drag and Drop’ action. Or click on "File" and then " Create PDF". Remember to Save JPG file as PDF.

convert JPG to PPTX on mac

3) Perform OCR to Change it to be Editable

Before the conversion of JPG to PPT on Mac takes place, you need to perform OCR, since the file needs to be editable. Simply continue to follow the below easy steps to convert JPG to PPT on Mac.

  • In the toolbar, Go to “Tool” on the left menu
  • Look for the “PDF Convert” button and press it.
  • If you are not using PDFelement Pro professional, this part will raise an alarm that you need to download OCR.
  • Click on "Add File" on the bottom left to open targeted PDF file
  • Select the "Language" option and OCR range
  • Click "Apply" to permit performance of OCR.
  • Click "Open" to open a folder to save converted file

convert JPG to PPTX on mac

Follow the above steps as indicated for smooth conversion of JPG to PowerPoint on Mac using the JPG to PPT converter for Mac, PDFelement Pro Pro for Mac.

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