Top 10 OCR Software for Mac

In the current times, you are likely to find more of paperless offices because the norm of copying the printed characters manually is coming to end. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is exactly what you need to join this paperless world where work is done easily and fast. With OCR software on mac you can convert the printed characters into digital. This article will guide you on the best OCR software on mac and the places for OCR software download for macOS 10.14.

Best 10 OCR Software for Mac

1. PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac is the best handwriting OCR software. This OCR software online lets you do multiple things with your PDF files. This OCR software on mac detects if a PDF files is image based or scanned, thus makes corresponding suggestions as it initiates OCR while opening the files. After OCR processes are complete, PDFelement Pro for Mac opens the newly created files automatically. Its keys features include batch processing without hitches, utmost reliability, and conversion of PDF files into multiple formats, PDF editor and password protection.

best OCR software on mac


  • Users have the opportunity to try the free version before buying
  • With its password protection, your documents can be secured
  • It has a friendly user interface and thus usable by both Pros and beginners.


  • The free trial version has limited features.

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2. Adobe Acrobat DC

The Adobe Acrobat DC is a powerful PDF editing tool that contains automatic OCR software for macOS 10.14, which is applied in the manipulation of your documents. The OCR software on mac converts PDF documents into editable copies and turns scanned files into PDFs that are searchable. The key features of Adobe Acrobat DC include digital signature, annotations and PDF reader.

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  • Displays picture and messages in PDF format
  • You can add security to the records


  • It is confounded to edit writings exceptionally
  • It has no free version.

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3. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is among the best OCR software on mac. It can convert any PDF and images including the scanned to ePub, Text, HTML and editable and searchable files. The fey features include batch conversion, high quality OCR recognition and protection of PDFs.


  • This OCR software online supports 49 languages
  • It is comfortable to use at home and in institutions and business.
  • It has easy-to-use interface that makes it handy for users
  • Retains the original format of graphics, images and texts.


  • It may pose issues when it comes to converting multiple files at a go
  • It may not recognize language automatically and therefore, must choose manually.

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4. Readiris Pro 15 Mac

Readiris Pro 15 Mac is quite powerful OCR software for your macOS 10.14 that converts PDF files, images and paper to digital text that you can edit. Additionally, it automatically recreates documents and maintains the document formats while at it. It key features include digital signing, compression of pages, PDF editor, merger and creator.


  • Preservation of document format in excellent quality
  • Contains all features needed for OCR software on mac
  • Easily publishes documents in the web.


  • It is not free OCR software online since only the trial version is free.
  • It contains unnecessary features
  • The accuracy of the text is not much desirable.

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This drag and drop utility converts scanned PDF to searchable PDF files or text. If you use this OCR software on mac, you will note that it will be quite useful in dealing with any PDFs that you create using a scan-to-PDF function in photocopier or scanner. The key features of PDF OCR X include advanced OCR technology, editable text and searchable PDF converter and batch file conversion.


  • PDF OCR X supports more than 60 languages, including French, German, English and Chinese among others.
  • It supports various systems like Mac and Windows
  • It supports multiple input formats such as GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG etc.


  • Many fail to recognize multiple formats despite promising to recognize all
  • The community version, which is free, is also very limited.

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6. ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac

This software is among the best OCR software on mac since it combines several features to transform paper documents and digital text into files that are searchable and editable. Therefore, using ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac, you can edit, copy, share or archive information from any documents for reuse. The key features include batch processing, document conversion, exceptional OCR and intuitive interface.


  • This OCR software on mac also exports to PDF
  • Does not require manual retyping or reformatting and thus saves your time.
  • It entirely reliable


  • The reading process is very slow
  • It experiences formatting issues
  • Only offers a free trial version because it comes at an expense
  • The interface is quite basic

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7. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro is also among the best OCR software on mac. It can perform multiple editing functionalities for your PDF documents. The OCR technology within this software is unique as it converts the scanned PDFs into various formats such as PowerPoint. The key features include interactive annotation tools, creation of PDF forms, conversion and security for the files.


  • it has high security features
  • it is easy to work with
  • it has professional editing tools
  • it makes files interactive.


  • OCR works better with documents without images
  • Bold texts appear as images.

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8. OCR KIT Pro

OCR KIT Pro is the best OCR software for invoices because it uses light and powerful OCR software. It handles the PDF documents that you receive through DTP applications or email such as invoices with ease. Its key features include utmost reliability, PDF convertor, graphic file convertor and automatic file rotation.


  • Through streamlining, it improves your work’s efficiency
  • Supports multiple languages
  • The automatic page rotation feature offered plays a role in determining orientation


  • Prosumes a lot of time during uploading into a drive
  • May not function with images above 2 MB
  • Only the properly oriented documents are recognized.
  • It is hardly known by Google doc users

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9. PDFPen

The PDF Pen is a great PDF tool that is capable of various functionalities, especially through its OCR software on mac. Its features include data extraction, conversion and PDF highlighting.


  • Easy to work with
  • Very affordable
  • Redacts sensitive information securely


  • It may crash
  • The edited texts use the unwanted fonts

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10. DigitEye OCR

DigitEye OCR is free OCR software online that is also lightweight application that easily scans documents. Its key features are document scanning, PDF editing and conversion and recognition of image formats such as BMP and GIF.


  • You can get and use this OCR software on mac for free
  • Converts paper documents into HTML, PDF and other formats
  • Offers easy navigation of software features


  • This free OCR software on mac is extremely slow and must be patient for response
  • The software hardly works until you convert the document
  • Aside from the image formats mentioned above, it does not recognize any others.

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Best OCR Software for Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac is definitely the best OCR Software on Mac for macOS 10.14. Using OCR, your mac detect whether the PDF files are image based or scanned. It then makes the corresponding suggestions about the way forward while initiating OCR and opening the files. Basically, PDFelement Pro for Mac is the best PDF editor for you because you can use its powerful tools to get the PDF services that you need. Aside from the OCR functionality, you can do a lot with the PDFelement Pro for Mac. You can produce PDF forms and documents according to your specific taste. It you need professional documents, you can get exactly that with just a few clicks. The highlights to look out for as a mac user using the PDFelement Pro for Mac include;

  • Password protection for the files that you need to remain confidential for multiple reasons
  • Redaction of the sensitive information since some parts in files may need some secrecy
  • Batch processing of PDF files without issues such as glitches
  • The smart, robust and affordable PDF editor, which lets you edit the PDF forms and documents to the taste that you like or clients like. The elements to
  • edit include texts, headers, footers, links, images and backgrounds. Therefore, the editing of texts and images is not a problem with PDFelement Pro for Mac
  • PDF converter that lets you use your PDF forms and documents in whatever formats you want. You may convert the PDF files into formats like WORD and HTML.
  • Data extraction- using the OCR functionality, you can get the information you need from scanned and digital files.
  • Form filling and digital signing of contracts, which saves you the time involved in printing and scanning to get the signatures in soft copy.
  • Watermarking for the PDF files, which give opportunity to be authentic and unique.
best OCR software on mac
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