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How to Convert PNG to Word with OCR on Mac

Simple Steps to Convert PNG to Word on Mac

1. Free Download PDFelement Pro for Mac

2. Import a PNG

3. Use OCR to Convert PNG File to Editable Word

convert png to word on mac

PNG is the raster graphics file format that stands for Portable Network Graphics. Since it became the mostly used image compression format, it replaced the Graphics Interchanged Format (GIF). You can use and manipulate the data for the PNG files for other purposes if they are presented in word. Therefore, you can change PNG to word at any moment that you wish. The PNG to word converter that you can entirely rely on is PDFelement Pro for Mac, since it is the best program for the management of PDF files in your macOS 10.15.

Best PNG to Word Converter - PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac contains the required tools, which are its features. Since it is graphical in nature and easy to understand, beginners can use it without worrying about the learning curve. In this article, you will learn how to convert PNG to Word using PDFelement Pro for Mac as your converter.

macOS 10.15 users may have been exposed to multiple programs that they can use to manage their PDF files. As these programs help users in the manipulation of files, the may fail to perform as expected. At this point, you may be in need of a program that you can work with effectively, without hitches and disappointments. PDFelement Pro for Mac is the only program that can suit tis requirements. It performs multiple functions, among them being to convert PNG to editable text.

convert png to word on mac

The process to change PNG to word document is made possible by the Optical Character Recognition feature, which also comes with two modes. These modes are known as “Searchable Text Image” and ”Editable Text”; the second mode is very crucial in the process to convert PNG file to word. Aside from OCR, PDFelement Pro for Mac also has other key features that make it a spectacular program, which is completely reliable to convert PNG to word document and help manipulate various aspects of PDF files.

convert png to word on mac

Key Features

  • Access to multiple PDF templates
  • Automatic form recognition
  • Bates numbering
  • Continuous annotation addition, thus makes memorization of information better; you may add comments or text markups.
  • Create PDF files from scanners and non-scanners
  • Digital signature- the program can help you verify your PDFs authenticity using digital signatures.
  • Enhanced data extraction- the extraction of data is hardly limited. So you can do so from non-scanned PDF documents.
  • Extended compatibility for multiple file formats
  • File size optimization
  • Page editing by adding headers, watermarks, footers and backgrounds
  • Page navigation by keyboard
  • PDF files batch processing- PDFelement Pro for Mac can process multiple files at a go, including PNG convert to word.
  • Redaction- to protect the confidentiality of PDF file information, redaction blacks out the sensitive images or texts permanently.
  • Secure PDFs using Encryption and customizable permission- you have the liberty to use either passwords or encryption to ensure there no unnecessary editing, viewing or copying of file contents.

How to Convert PNG to Word with PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac is a reliable program and thus the best to convert PNG to editable word. The how to convert PNG to word can be through method 1 or 2. In both methods, the steps are easy and self-explanatory. If you are a beginner, the images can be of great help as they guide you on the exact stages to take action.

1. Download PDFelement Pro for Mac Free

Since the professional version of PDFelement Pro for Mac is the best due to its OCR feature, you need to download and install in your macOS 10.15.

2. Import a PNG

Importing the PNG file into the program opens it and makes it possible to proceed with changing PNG file to word. Then find "Save As" option on the "File" menu to save PNG as PDF file.

how to convert png to word on mac

3. Use OCR to Convert

OCR makes the PNG files translatable to word, so;

  • In the toolbar; Access “Tool”
  • Go to the “PDF Converter” button and then find "Add File" option on the bottom
  • Ensure to customize the OCR settings to make PNG files editable; finally select “Apply”
  • Save the Word file in the location you want

convert png to word on mac

convert png to word on mac
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Published: Sep 13,2016 18:20 pm / Updated: Nov 15,2016 17:54 pm
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