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5 Best Russian OCR Software

There are multiple programs for Russian OCR on Mac that you can use. However, you need the best so that you can get the expectations that you desire. Among them is PDFelement Pro for Mac, since it generates that best outcome with perfection and care. It is also capable of applying OCR Russia and its rulers, while others handle OCR Russian PDF on Mac. This article will enlighten you on details about the best Russian OCR software for your macOS 10.15.

Top 5 Russian OCR Software on Mac

1. PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac has all the qualities that make it perfect for Russian OCR on Mac since it has all the features required to carry out the process in a perfect and careful manner. It is the most amazing tool that you can use to manage your PDF files, especially those that may land in Russian. These features also help in manipulating PDF files and do so smoothly without problems. PDFelement Pro for Mac presents you the best outcome and thus makes you forget about any online OCR Russian on Mac.

russian ocr software on mac

russian ocr software

Since it overcomes all PDF challenges it is quite trusted and the quality continues to grow while under a great art team of developers.

Key Features

  • Adjustable page boxes
  • Optical character recognition to enable editing of texts
  • Addition of headers and footers, which is quite important in academic learning, as well as input of watermarks and backgrounds to keep PDF files authentic
  • Conversion of PDF forms and documents into other usable formats like Word
  • Usage of annotations, whereby you add comments and sticky notes to the PDF forms.
  • Creation and editing of PDF files
  • Protection of PDF files through redaction of sensitive information and passwords.
  • Batch processing of files without problems.


  • Offers a free version for testing before purchasing
  • Ensures documents stay secured using password protection
  • It is easily usable through the friendly user interface
  • The lack of glitches during batch processing makes it both reliable and time saving


  • Despite the provision of a free trial to potential buyers, it has limited features.
russian ocr software on mac

2. FineReader

Fine Reader is considered to be among the best Russian OCR software since it perms Russian OCR on Mac for macOS 10.14 easily and perfectly. It is quite a fast program and thus saves you a lot of time.

ocr software

Key Features

  • Image processing
  • Support batch processing of documents
  • Conducts quick exportation to other formats like Outlook, Excel and Word
  • Has unsurpassed accuracy
  • Full HTML support
  • Editing of PDF files with multiple Multilanguage fonts
  • Layout retention after editing


  • It has an easily understandable and usable interface
  • Compared to other Russian OCR software, FineReader is quit fast


  • As it runs, it may slow down the functioning of the macOS 10.14.
  • Offering OCR in other language seems to be challenging

Learn more about FineReader >>

3. Paper Port

With Paper Port, the performance of OCR Russian PDF on Mac is quiet easy since it is a great program.

highlight pdf mac

Key features

  • Scanning of paper and creation of PDF files
  • Management of documents across the network
  • Conversion of paper to text
  • Protection of sensitive documents
  • Editing and conversion of PDF files
  • Collaboration with any scanner


  • This program is highly recommended because it performs Russian OCR on Mac very easily
  • It is fast in the performance of OCR Russian PDF on Mac since it captures information on the go


  • When OCR begins, the overall program efficiency may deteriorate
  • It takes up too much hard drive space

Learn more about Paper Port >>

4. i2OCR

i2OCR is an online OCR program that you can rely on to perform Russian OCR on Mac. Using the OCR function, this program extracts text from scanned documents. Therefore, it can work with Russian sales receipts, bank statements, contracts and manual, among others. i2OCR is considered as an online OCR Russian on Mac because you can use it online and thus do not have to download it into your mac device. Instead, all you need is a web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

highlight pdf mac

Key Features

  • The program recognizes multiple languages and Russian seems to head this list.
  • Multi-column document analysis, whereby the program can analyze document layout and extract texts from various columns.
  • Flexible image upload
  • It has rich post-processing operations
  • Respect of user privacy, whereby it ensures that input or output files cannot be shared. Within a short period, maybe an hour, the program automatically deletes generated texts and input images.
  • Side by side views


  • It is a free Russian OCR software
  • It is easy to use because the only steps involved are 3, upload, selection of language and conversion
  • It supports multiple input mage formats and output files formats
  • Works with multiple languages
  • Does not use up hard drive space because it works online
  • Can work with files from the local hard drive or from a direct link


  • Does not allow multiple file uploads
  • Does not recognize the handwritten texts and thus only works with type written texts
  • It may not preserve the document original format.

Learn more about i2OCR >>

5. Text Scanner Russian (OCR)

With the Text Scanner Russian OCR program, you have the capability to convert Russian image to Russian text. It is also a program that you can rely on to perform the PDF OCR Russian.

highlight pdf mac

Key Features

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Russian documents translation
  • Image to text conversion


  • It is free to download and use
  • It enables students to do their homework better
  • You can copy to text from the Russian documents and send


  • Seems to have a limitation of languages
  • Does not have many enjoyable features like the others Russian OCR software.

Learn more about Text Scanner Russian >>

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