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How to Scan Picture to Text on Mac

Simple Steps to Scan Picture to Text on Mac

1. Free Download PDFelement Pro for Mac

2. Connect a Scanner

3. Scan Pictures to Text

 scan text recognition on mac

The PDF files in your macOS 10.15 may include work documents, motivational books, studies, reports or novels. The majority of these have pictures, which also have some texts. Some of these texts could be so important that you would like to retrieve them for future reference and leaving them in the hundreds of pages only to keep looking for them over and over again causes inconvenience. The copy and paste function is not helpful at this point because the texts are inside the pictures. 

So eventually you need a program that can let you scan and copy text on Mac. PDFelement Pro for Mac is the tool to rely on for this function. It is the best solution to your dilemma since it can effectively get the text from scan to word on Mac. This article contains the steps to carry out in scan text recognition on Mac with the help of PDFelement Pro for Mac.

scan image convert to text on mac

With PDFelement Pro for Mac, you have top-notch file management software that allows you to create and save, open and edit and include annotations in PDFs. When you prefer PDF documents in other formats, PDFelement Pro for Mac does the conversion for you so that you can enjoy the files in Excel, HTML, Word, JPEG and PowerPoint, among others. This software is nothing close to complexity since it has a friendly user interface that encourages beginners to join in. OCR is among its outstanding features, as it ensure that you acquire accurate outcomes as you transform the scanned work into editable work. Therefore, it plays a crucial and significant role when you need to scan words from image on mac since it is the center of scan and copy text on mac.

While performing OCR, you have the liberty to format text as you search, resize and edit files. Generally, PDFelement Pro for Mac is multilingual since it supports German, English, French and Spanish, among other languages that you choose from during OCR.

Key Features

  • Detection of text in mages, whereby you can later scan words from image on mac through the Optical Character Recognition.
  • Approval of PDF files using digital signatures- this feature makes approval of multiple PDF forms and documents easier.
  • Graphical elements manipulation- you can add, rotate or remove the graphical elements in the PDF documents as you wish
  • PDF protection- this feature entails the incorporation of strong passwords and information redaction to ensure high security is maintained. No unauthorized access to PDF files can take place.
  • Format conversion alongside PDF creation- this feature enable you create PDF forms and document according to your requirements. They can be from scanned documents as well. You can later change the file format to others.
  • PDF annotation- PDF files that have studies need memorization, so annotation enables you to make sticky notes or comments
  • Safe PDF editing, whereby you can change paragraph and line modes, and page elements such as footers and headers.
 scan picture to text on mac

How to Scan Picture to Text on Mac

Experience PDFelement Pro for Mac uniqueness in scanning picture to text on Mac through the following procedure;

Step 1: Open PDFelement Pro for Mac

You need to download and install PDFelement Pro for Mac for you to scan image convert to text on Mac. The program is available at Mac App Store for free. After installation, open the software to start on picture to text conversion.

convert picture to text on mac

Step 2: Save picture as PDF File

Since PDFelement Pro for Mac works perfectly with PDF files, it is advisable to save the picture as PDF. Do so by accessing the File option at the tool bar and selecting Export as PDF.

convert picture to text on mac

Step 3: Commence Picture to Text Conversion

With the picture in PDF file, you can commence the picture to text conversion process by accessing "Tool" from the left section options. Choose the PDF Converter function, which will bring forth a window. To upload the PDF file, click on the Add Files button at the bottom. Choose the To Text format and then click on Apply at the bottom to complete the process to convert picture to text.

 convert picture to text on mac

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