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How to Scan to PDF on Mac

Simple Steps to Scan to PDF on Mac

1. Free Download PDFelement Pro for Mac

2. Connect with Your Scanner

3. Scan to PDF File

how to scan to pdf on mac

As technology advances, macOS 10.15 users continue to desire using more of the digital documents and less of the paper-based documents. This means that the digital documents such as PDFs are the best to use in your work and studies because they are convenient and versatile. So PDFelement Pro for Mac is the tool that is best at PDF file management. It has multiple amazing features that keep the PDFs in check. This program also comes in handy when you have paper based documents that you want to scan to PDF on macOS 10.15.

scan to pdf macos 10.15

The macOS 10.15 scan to PDF is reliant on PDFelement Pro for Mac since it has some specialty in converting papers to soft copy materials. It basically turns the physical documents into virtual documents that you can present better and also protect from unwanted access. This article has the guidance on how to scan to PDF macOS 10.15 using PDFelement Pro for Mac, the trustworthy PDF management tool.

The PDFelement Pro for Mac should be your first choice when you need to scan paper to PDF. This program does the scanning process and the conversion to PDF quite smoothly, especially, when the right steps are followed as described below. To create PDF from scanner, the PDFelement Pro for Mac incorporates the Optical Character Recognition functionality, since it is greatly involved in the transformation of a scan copy to PDF. The best part is that it is a scan documents to PDF free process since all you require are the PDFelement Pro for Mac in your macOS 10.15 and a scanner.

The PDFelement Pro for Mac ensures that the scanned documents are of great quality, such that the contents of appear better in the PDF files. With the following features of this program, you can make the PDF file look better for presentation.

Key features

  • Adjustable page boxes- this features enables you to adjust page boxes.
  • Signing of PDF files digitally saves time and ensures the documents appear professional.
  • Protection of sensitive PDF files through permissions and passwords. So this feature ensure that your information stays safe since without protection, documents are vulnerable to editing and copying, as well exposure of information to the people.
  • Headers and footers addition- pages seem to have more value when carrying headers or footers. This PDF element feature helps in the process of adding them
  • Annotations editing- you can have easy memorization of information through easy addition of text boxes, sticky notes and personalized drawing tools.
  • PDF file format conversion- there no limitations to the formats you can use. So this feature helps you convert the PDFs to other formats and vice versa.
  • New PDF file creation- you have the chance to create PDF forms and documents that are personalized.
  • PDF file editing- you can edit text with single line editing modes while you also adjust font style, size and type. You can also edit pages and images through cropping, replacing, extraction and insertion of elements.
how to scan to pdf on mac

How to Scan to PDF on Mac

Since the invention of the PDFelement Pro for Mac, it has been the best PDF tool for mac that can scan paper to PDF. Therefore, if you desire to create PDF from scanner perfectly and do not know how to scan PDF file, you need to try PDFelement Pro for Mac. It is easy and so being a beginner should not scare you from achieving your goals. This program will enable you to win scan to PDF, so that you can have better documents.

The detailed steps in this article will come in handy if you have no idea on how to scan in PDF format.

Step 1. Launch PDFelement Pro for Mac

To acquire PDFelement Pro for Mac in macOS 10.14, visit Mac App Store and download the application. The installation process is easy if you follow the instructions on your screen. Launch the program immediately the acquisition process is complete and access PDFelement Pro main window by clicking on Arrow on the top left corner.

Step 2: Scanner and program connection

Proceed to connect the program and scanner. Access File, then select the scanner you prefer to use. You are free to utilize the multiple settings available for scanning so that the process can be appropriate.

scan to pdf macos 10.14

Step 3. Scan and Create

Choose Scan to begin the scanning process. The procedure starts with one page, and then the program will enquire about scanning of multiple pages in the pop-up. Note that additional scanned pages will still be added to the PDF file. Make your selection quickly to continue with scanning PDF free.

Step 4: Save the new PDF file

The above three steps should help create PDF from scanner. After the scanning process, the scanned file will automatically open as PDF file in the program. Edit if you wish to and then ensure that you save the PDF accordingly in your macOS 10.15 computer.

scan to pdf macos 10.14

how to scan to pdf on mac
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