How to Password Protect PDF on Mac

PDF file is a great file format that you can use it for personal use or for business purposes. With PDF files, you will be able to protect them with passwords, which restricts one from accessing your PDF information. Moreover, you can also add restrictions, which limits one from copying, editing or formatting your PDF file. To protect PDF files, you need to look for now. Continue reading this guide as it shows you how to password protect PDF on Mac.

How to Add Password to PDF on Mac

Wondershare PDFelement for Mac allows you to protect your PDFs with open password and permission password. Open Password restricts unauthorized person from viewing your PDF file whereas the Permission Password also known as user password allows you control how to edit, copy, paste and print PDF files. Therefore, with this software you can opt to encrypt your PDF file with open password, permission password or both. Without further ado now let us see how to protect files using PDFelement.

STEP 1. Import PDF Files to Protect

password protect pdf mac

Launch PDFelement. Import a PDF by clicking on "File" and then click on "Open" to choose the files from your Mac. You can also navigate the cursor to the bottom and click on "Open File" button and that will enable you to select and upload the PDF file that you want to protect.

STEP 2. Protect PDF from Opening on Mac

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On the new window that has the PDF opened, move to the right side of the program and click on the "Protection" option. This may appear last on the list of items displayed. Now click on the "Encrypt with Password" button. On the security settings, mark on "Require a password to Open Document". Next click on "Open Password field and enter the password". Re-enter the password under confirm password and then click on "Done".

After this you have to enter the password you provided to view the PDF file.

STEP 3. Protect PDF from Editing on Mac

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You can also enter permission password that restricts one from printing, editing and altering your PDF. To do so, click on "Protection". Next, click on the "Encrypt with Password" option. On the security setting window that appears go to "Permissions". Mark on "Restrict editing and printing of the document... in order to change these permission settings" The fields will now be editable. Enter permission password and then confirm by re-entering it. Under changes allowed, mark on the preferred changes that can be allowed.

Also ensure you uncheck the "Enable copying of texts, images and other content". From there you can now protect the file by clicking on "OK" button. Remember to provide a password that you can easily remember since you will be required to enter it when you want to edit, copy or modify your PDF.

STEP 4. Batch Password Protect PDF Files

how to add password to pdf mac

You can also protect multiple files simultaneously. To do so, click on the "Protection" button. After that, you can now click on "Batch Process". Next you need to provide open password under "Document Open" option. Enter an open password and then confirm the password.

From there, move to "Permission" under that mark on "Restrict editing and printing of documents". Below it, enter permission password and confirm it again. Under Printing allowed, mark on "None". For changes allowed you can specify what can be changed or mark on "None" if you do not want any changes to be made. Also, ensure that you uncheck on "Enable copying of texts, images and other content" option. You can then click on "Next".

A new window will then appear that allows you to load PDF files that you want to protect. Click on "Add Files" and choose the files from your Mac folders. The files uploaded will be displayed on the program. You can now click on "OK" button and the program will batch protect all the files in a few seconds.