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Best Alternative to Preview for Mac

Acquiring a better view of a PDF is among the reasons why you would consider converting PDF to image in Preview. The PDF application in Mac, Preview, can make this possible, since it supports multiple image formats.

However, it does not contain many conversion tools like the best Preview alternative, PDFelement for Mac. This article will educate you on this alternative and how to use it to convert. It also has details on how to convert PDF to image with Preview.

best Preview alternative

Convert PDF to Image with Preview Alternative

PDFelement for Mac is considered an exclusive PDF reader, since it allows users to do a lot of activities with their PDF documents, efficiently. These activities include viewing, updating and editing. The editing functions entail diverse tools that are quite useful in changing and improving the PDF forms and files.

best Preview alternative

As the easy interface and reliability assist in the above named activities, they also make converting PDF to image or other formats a smooth process. PDFelement for Mac converts PDF to many other files, especially those which are editable. So, it can convert PDF to image preview in seconds, making it more convenient for office work.

What’s more, batch processing is not a problem. Therefore, you can upload as many PDF files as you want and the application will convert to the require image output format in the shortest time. Some of the supported formats include TIFF, JPEG, BMP, BIF and PNG.

The following are the rest of the PDFelement for Mac features:

  • Digital signatures- users can sign PDF files with digital signatures regardless of their locations since files can be shared through Dropbox.
  • High PDF security- you may use permission and passwords to restrict viewing and editing of PDF content.
  • Adjustable page boxes
  • PDF editing- you can make PDFs more presentable by changing and adjusting various aspects and components.
  • Comments and annotation- you can enhance collaboration and memorization when dealing with facts by using sticky notes, comments and personalized drawings, among others.
  • PDF creation- it provides multiple ways to create PDFs.
  • PDF form conversion
  • Addition of headers, watermarks and footers- your PDFs can appear authentic with watermarks, while the headers and footers provide guidance on the PDF content.
best Preview alternative

With the following steps, you can easily convert PDF to image preview using the Preview alternative.

Step 1: Upload your PDF File

Ensure that you open PDFelement for Mac to begin uploading your PDF file. Your first view will be the Home window, which will contain different features. Simply go to Open File and upload the relevant PDF file.

best Preview alternative

Step 2: Convert PDF to an Image Format of your Choosing

With the desired image format in mind, access File and go to Export To. Choose the Image option, which will lead you to the output format options. Go ahead and choose a supported format like JPEG.

best Preview alternative

Since saving is important, define the saving location or create one. Select the Save button and your PDF will be converted to an image format.

How to Convert PDF to Image in Preview

Preview for macOS has some few features and among them is converting PDF to image in Preview. This application is known to support multiple types of image files, and thus can convert one file to another. This feature comes in handy even when you cannot open a photo.

Although it does not have many conversion tools, Preview can manage to convert PDF to image preview within the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, it does not support as many formats as PDFelement for Mac. Nevertheless, it has the commonly used and hence could be convenient for its users.

The process to convert PDF to image in Preview is very easy since it involves brief steps. They include the following;

Step 1: Confirm and Upload the PDF File

Access Preview application to open it. Go to File and then Open. Choose the relevant PDF file that should be converted to image. Ensure that you view it to confirm that it is the right one.

Step 2: Choose the Image Output Format

Since you must specify the output format of the resulting image, move the cursor to the main menu and select File. In the drop menu, select Export.

best Preview alternative

Then, choose the image output format from the list, which may include TIFF, JPEG or PNG, and others.

Step 3: Set Output Parameters and Convert

Setting the output parameters is necessary. They are namely, adding tags, Quartz filter . To save these settings changes made, click on Save, which should also authorize the conversion. Your PDF file will automatically be saved as an image.

In conclusion, you can easily convert PDF to image in Preview, the PDF application for macOS. However, using PDFelement for Mac to convert PDF to image preview is a better idea since this application is more advanced and thus supports more image formats than Preview. It gives you the freedom to convert to many other formats instead of a few. Therefore, PDFelement for Mac is undeniably the best alternative for Preview.

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