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How to Create PDF in Preview

Some Mac users are used to the macOS PDF software, Preview, since it is free and common. It enables them to create PDF in Preview at their comfort. Unfortunately, it has very few features, which makes it inconvenient most of the times.

It is not compulsory to create PDF with Preview if you are not satisfied with its services. You can seek another alternative and hence create PDF without Preview. This article has the perfect Mac software that you can use.

How to Create PDF without Preview

The perfect Mac software and best alternative for Preview is PDFelement for Mac. This PDF creation Preview alternative is used in the management of PDF files, since it is a robust application. It comes at an affordable price, despite that it offers the best solution through great features. Therefore, both students and professionals can afford it to manage their PDF studies and work.

create PDF without Preview

Additionally, it is very easy to use since it has quite an intuitive interface that improves your experience even as it advances. So, it is the best choice to use to create PDF without preview. The following are the PDFelement features;

create PDF without Preview

  • Electronic signatures- with this PDF creation Preview alternative, you can add signatures to your to PDFs without printing the documents. This takes place electronically. If there are other signers, you may send the document through Dropbox for them to electronically sign at their convenience as well.
  • Numerous text and image editing tools- if you are unsatisfied with the texts, font and images, you can change them by deleting, adding or altering. For images, you may also crop, rotate or extract.
  • Password encryption- since you may be dealing with personal or sensitive data, the application offers passwords for encryption. The passwords allow only the authorized persons to view or change PDF contents.
  • Annotation- the application comes with standard annotation tools, which allow you to highlight information or make notes or comments.
  • Conversion of file formats- it supports multiple file formats. So, it can convert and reverse back the process just to ensure you are comfortable while studying or reading.
create PDF without Preview

With the following procedure, you can create PDF without Preview;

Step 1: Use Existing File to Create PDF

There are multiple ways to a create PDF preview with PDFelement for Mac, and among them is using the existing files. For this process, begin by launching PDFelement for Mac, the PDF creation Preview alternative.

Go to File and then choose Create. Proceed to select PDF from File. At this point, choose a PDF file and upload it by clicking on Open. If needed, edit the PDF file and then choose the File button and the click on Save as.

create PDF without Preview

Step 2: Create PDF from Blank Document

The PDF creation Preview alternative also lets you create a PDF from a blank document. To do so, access File, go to Create and then click on Blank Document. The program will bring forth a blank document.

create PDF without Preview

To begin typing content on the page, go to Text and then choose the Add Text button.

How to Create PDF with Preview

As mentioned earlier, Preview is macOS software that enables Mac users to view images and PDF files. It has various capabilities, which include creating PDF preview. Therefore, you can rely on it to create PDF preview, despite that PDFelement for Mac is much better.

This macOS program does not have many advantages or features. Nevertheless, some people still prefer to use it because of the following features;

  • It protects sensitive information through the use of passwords
  • It allows the filling and signing of forms.
  • It can combine PDF documents as well as transfer some PDF pages, thus making information more presentable.
  • It converts image files, since it supports such as PNG, JPEG and TIFF.

If you prefer using Preview to create PDF, these steps indicate the procedure of how to create a PDF with Preview.

Step 1: Upload Files

On your computer, open Preview. Load the necessary files in whichever format you like, such as Word, HTML, or PowerPoint. Proceed to clicking on File and selecting Open.

create PDF without Preview

Step 2: Select Thumbnails

Choose the thumbnails (click on View and then choose Thumbnails) and go to File and then Print. A pop-up window should appear.

create PDF without Preview

So, click on the bottom right icon, to access the option Save as PDF.

Step 3: Save, Rename and Identify Location

Ensure that you save the document. You can also rename it while renaming the saving location. After, the PDF document should be ready for use.

In conclusion, creating PDF preview with PDFelement for Mac is much better than using Preview. The PDF creation Preview alternative has different ways of creating PDF, which favors people that want different types of PDFs or have diverse wants. By creating from existing files, you can easily create PDFs with the information you have, which is editable. Creation by black document also promotes authenticity. On the other hand, Preview limits these two factors leaving you with one choice only, which is unsatisfactory.

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