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How to Fill out PDF Forms with Preview on Mac

There are two types of PDF forms; the interactive and the non-interactive. For you to directly fill out a PDF you will have to deal with the first type; the second restricts editing. Interactive forms have form fields that are fillable.

You could fill out PDF form with Preview for Mac since it is the native macOS program. However, using another advanced application could give better results. This article will educate on how to fill out PDF form preview using both macOS programs.

How to Fill out PDF Forms with a Preview Alternative

The more advanced Preview alternative is PDFelement for Mac. This application is compatible with multiple Mac operating systems, from macOS 10.10 to 10.14 Mojave. It comes with an intuitive interface, which presents its capabilities in an organized manner, making it easier for beginners to understand and use it.

Highlight PDF without Preview on Mac

PDFelement for Mac ensures that you have a better user experience as you fill out PDF forms, which is one of its functions. So, it is very easy to learn how to fill out PDF form preview with this Mac application.

best Preview alternative

Other features include;

  • Combining and merging PDF files thus making better documents
  • Creating the fillable forms. If you have the non-fillable forms, the application transforms them to interactive and fillable PDF documents with very few clicks.
  • Converting PDFs to other types of files. So, if you need the fillable and non–fillable forms in other formats, PDFelement for Mac is capable of this conversion. So, you can have them in Microsoft office formats like Excel and PowerPoint, among others.
  • Extracting data to transfer to other files for various reasons. So if you would like to analyze data, you can extract it from different forms and put it in a single excel sheet for easier analysis.
  • Editing PDFs, which ensures that you work is not readable but also understandable and has the right flow.
  • Protecting PDFs- Since some of your PDF files may contain sensitive data, security is essential. PDFelement for Mac provides security in several ways. You may use redaction, if the information should not be accessed in the future. Passwords and permissions secure continually used information.
best Preview alternative

This is how to fill out PDF form preview with the Preview alternative.

Step 1: PDF form Filed Recognition

Launch PDFelement for Mac. Go to Open File and upload the respective form to the software. If you are dealing with interactive forms, directly type texts into them. For the non-interactive forms, go to the Form Field Recognition button to automatically recognize the form fields.

best Preview alternative

Step 2: Filling out PDF Form

After form field recognition, fill out the PDF form directly. You also have an option to fill out the form from the section General.

best Preview alternative

Step 3: Editing of the PDF Form

You are allowed to add new texts fields if required in the form. To do so, access the Form button situated in the toolbar, which will choose the text fields, buttons and boxes depending on your needs. When done, proceed to save the form.

best Preview alternative

How to Fill out a PDF Form with Preview on Mac

Preview for Mac is known as an image and PDF viewer. However, it has other functions that participate in making your PDF forms more useful. Therefore, it is possible to fill out PDF form with Preview. Due to its very simple interface, the process of how to fill out PDF form preview is quite easy.

Preview has multiple other functions as well. It can transform your image files to other supported formats. If you need to sign documents, you must not print the PDF files since it allows electronic signing. Additionally, you can combine PDFs, especially if they contain the same type of information. If you are worried about security matters, Preview provides password to keep the PDF information secure.

The following is how to fill out a PDF form in Preview.

Step 1: Open PDF Form

Run Preview on your computer. To open the PDF form using this Mac application, you may control-click on the document and then choose Open with Preview. Another option is going to Preview main menu and clicking on File, then choosing Open.

best Preview alternative

Step 2: Fill out the PDF Forms

If you have interactive forms, you can fill out PDF forms in Preview. On the other hand, non-interactive forms require more action. So, click on Tool, then go to Annotate and access Text. In the font icon, select the font style and size.

Step 3: Start Typing

To start typing the text, click on the specific field. Changing the text color as well as other aspects is possible. When everything is done, save the form.

best Preview alternative

In conclusion, both Preview and PDFelement for Mac are capable of filling both interactive and non-interactive form fields. However, as you fill out PDF form with Preview, it is impossible to add more text fields. On the other hand, it is possible with the Preview alternative. Such limitations make Preview incompetent to fill out PDF forms. Therefore, the best selection is PDFelement for Mac, due to its diverse capabilities.

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